PHOTOS — Inside #RHOC Star Tamra Judge’s Newly Purchased Million Dollar Orange County Home!

Posted on Dec 6 2017 - 5:08pm by Staff Writer

Tamra Judge is on the move!

The Real Housewives of Orange County star is in the process of purchasing a new home in the Ladera Ranch community of Orange County, California and has snaps of the new digs. 

Take a peek.

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The property is nearly 4,000-square-feet, has five bedrooms, and five bathrooms. The house, built in 2005, includes a kitchen island with a prep sink and seating, high-end appliances, a living room with plenty of natural light and a guest suite with a separate entrance.

The house was listed at $1.689 million. 

Share your thoughts on Tamra’s new house — sound off in the comments!


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  • ScrappieONE


  • shayvoe

    Gorgeous home.

  • equinox2009

    She should have waited to make sure she still has a job with Bravo The $$$ she is spending on her face is probably paid by Cut. Keep your job Eddie-she’s not going to stop and will end up like the cat lady!

  • the underground train

    I like the kitchen and the pool. However where exactly in California is this located? I am not familiar with the geography of that state but isn’t there wildfires going on now in southern California?

    • Minx

      It is in San Mateo County ( still in the OC) near San Juan Capistrano, Santa Margarita, Mission Viejo and. This specific property over looks the Ocean.
      They have had minor Brush Fires there, (as there are not a lot of Huge Trees, since it is a beach area.) Nothing Major. Helicopters drop water or water they Drop in more exclusive area’s pretty Quickly..
      Most people have great Spinkle Systems, tile Roofs and plant indigenous Plants.
      It is an “Exclusive Gated Community”, Massive.
      These type of Big Bucks Gated Communities, usually have their own small private Fire Fighters on the Premises. I am not saying this one does, but Tamera’s Neighbors are pretty well healed and there are some Celebritys..
      It only Rains about 2 weeks out of the year in Cali, (usually in February.)
      Not many Mud Slides, more so in
      near older homes which were built in Canyons, (like Laguna Beach which were not built with the newer Buliding Codes and are. Wood) also not directly near the Ocean.
      San Diego had major fires (last year? I think?)
      I hope this helps.
      I have friends who live in Corona Del Mar, Laguna and San Juan Capistrano..

      • Jambalaya

        Not even remotely close to San Mateo and certainly does NOT overlook the ocean. Landera is inland and not near the water. Ladera – while nice – is certainly not considered “big bucks” in Orange County – quite the opposite.

        • Minx

          I, stand Corrected..

    • Jambalaya

      It’s inland south Orange County …. no where near the water/ocean. San Mateo is near San Francisco not sure where minx got info but it’s incorrect. There are quite a few trees and it is not a beach area NOr near the beach. The canyon fires – 1 & 2 – were north of ladera.

  • Barb Jean


  • NoFixinStupid

    Beautiful, great view
    Someone really liked Royal Blue:)

  • Marsbars09

    It looks like Trashbox is returning to RHOC next season. Damn!

    • Dorinda’s Pajamas

      I’m so done with OC. I started the summer Bravo aired S1 and said I was gonna quit before S12, but stupidly watched out of my Bravo addiction which I’ve defintely have gon to Bravo Anonymous for help lol. I stopped watching NJ, never watched Potomac, did end up watching Dallas because it got better than OC, but I’m 💯 quitting this shit show! The only RHOC house I want to see is Heather’s and she’s gone so there’s that.

      • Authentic

        Bravo Anonymous, lol!

        • Minx

          “Hi, my Name is 😺 Minx!”
          ” Hi, 😺”
          😺~ ” I am a Bravo-a-Holic”..
          Is, there a 12 Step Program for this Addiction?

          • Authentic

            Ditto! Insert my name instead of Minx . lol!

          • Minx

            I know, right?

      • CB

        i DID QUIT IT.. not alot of housewives shows i watch anymore.. and you know what.. you feel “cleaner”.. lol.. seeing these low life women PAID TO CAUSE DRAMA.. otherwise they lose the check.. and EVIL DOER Andy Cohen must have such a laugh over what people will do for $$.. i bet he can’t stand any of them.. LOL

  • FrozenNorth

    5 Bedrooms??? Do any of the kids live with her? I wonder if this big house and her celebrity status was worth losing her kids.

    • Marsbars09

      Trashbox has 2 minor kids as well as Ryan and his daughter. Trashbox will probably be supporting one if not all of them for the rest of her life.

      • NoFixinStupid

        I thought Cut Nitwit was struggling…
        So many people on the Tamra payroll, Bravo must be compensating quite well.

        • Chickpea16

          On a radio interview Tamra says Cut Fitness rents out their space to personal trainers too and has become very lucrative.

          • CB

            This woman can’t tell the truth about ANYTHING.. I wouldn’;t listen to anything… according to others.. there are not alot of cars in the parking lot.. i think her paycheck from bravo is the reason she could buy it.. not CUT NITWIT.. LOL

        • CB

          Cut Nitwit.. i can’t stop laughing!!

      • Dorinda’s Pajamas

        What was wrong with the
        house she just redocrated the entire kitchen with Eddie? I agree she will probably be supporting meth face son and his daughter Ava the rest of their lives. I’m hoping her two other kids gained some sense of work ethic from Simon and Eddie. I know definitely not from Tamrat!

        • Elizabeth Fisher

          They redecorated that house a couple of years ago. And that house they were in looks like it might be a townhouse (but I wouldn’t swear to it).

  • wellWellwell

    This is fake or a flip. Trailer trash cannot afford this house unless its in nowhere land.
    She is up to her usual “look at me” stunts.. tired, old, & worn out.

    • Excuse me, she owns a very busy gym. lol

      • SassyMcAsspants


      • wellWellwell

        my could I forget that. ha!

    • Jambalaya

      It’s inland OC makes a HUGE difference in the price.

  • Contessa Bel Raven

    Beautiful house. If I ever win the millions and am able to buy a house I want a kitchen similar to that one. My apt kitchen is so tiny I have to leave the room to change my mind lol

  • Nathan Hastings

    Eddie decorated the house. He has fantastic taste 💅

    • CB

      He also knows he’ll inherit the home.. she’s a lot older.. LOL

      • Bluefire

        Only by six years. That’s not a big age gap.

  • Misha

    Those Bravo cheques have certainly come in handy. Nice house though.

  • BeckyGrey

    Nice home

  • Just My Opinion

    The “GUEST SUITE” was mandatory. Eddie needs a place to entertain his male guests! Separate entrance,,good idea

    • RealitytvJunkie


  • Chickpea16

    Love the kitchen. Think it is in the same area as her old house. Smart idea on guest quarters.

    • Elizabeth Fisher

      That kitchen is gorgeous!!!

  • MsM

    Evidently CUT Fitness is doing better than expected….

  • Elizabeth Fisher

    That house is gorgeous. I love love love that kitchen!!! I can’t hate on anyone who is moving on up!!!!

    • rasta

      I LOVE Tamara’s home. I pray it survives Orange County fires going on right now. So far they’ve reported whole communities of gorgeous properties lost. 113 homes there so far.

  • CB

    I love the house.. but she’s such a low life human being.. geeshh what she’s done for $$.. probably one of the top 5 Low Life housewives.. but maybe that’s my list 🙂

  • RealitytvJunkie

    I don’t really care for it too much. Looks small and boxy.