#VanderpumpRules Recap: Jax Taylor Cheats On Brittany Cartwright In Season Six Premiere!

Posted on Dec 5 2017 - 10:05am by Dani-K

Welcome to Season 6 of Vanderpump Rules! We begin with lots of drama at Scheana’s birthday party. I mean, does the girl throw any other kind of party? Before anyone has a chance to get trashed, drama ensues when Jax is accused of cheating on his girlfriend, Kentucky Brittany. If this is true, Brittany threatens to move out and take the dogs with her. Ruh-roh!

But let’s back it up a few days, shall we? Jax is happy to have reached the two-year mark with Brittany. He says he’s mostly happy because Brittany has finally gotten her ass off the couch and is hitting the gym. You know, Jax could stand to hit the gym, too. Just saying. Onto Scheana who is in like such a good place, y’all. Like things are like really great with Rob, like now that she’s ditched Shay. Fun fact: Rob is the last guy she slept with and the first guy she slept with before and after Shay. And as soon as the divorce is final, Scheana can like marry and divorce Rob, too.

The biggest thing going on with Ariana is her new, short haircut. Boyfriend Tom Sandoval likes it so much, he’s pleasured himself four or five times now – but most likely he’s thinking of his bestie Tom Schwartz. The two Tom’s are trying to raise $100K each to go into the bar business with Lisa and Ken. The bar will be called Tom-Tom which is kind of dumb-dumb.

Things are not good between Scheana and Katie right now. Just last season, Scheana was in Katie’s wedding, but Scheana has now decided they aren’t friends anymore. While at work, Scheana tells Katie not to come to her birthday party because she’s not invited. So there.

Across the restaurant, Sandoval is having a powwow with Ariana about how he’s going to be Billy-Bad-Ass and stand up to Ken and Lisa. As Ariana cheers Tom on, saying, “Yeah, you’re not an incompetent twit” Ken and Lisa are seated nearby and hear the entire exchange. Do the words hot mic mean anything to you, you incompetent twit?

Next we join Stassi in her new West Hollywood apartment that doesn’t have central air-conditioning. Uh-oh. Will she melt? Nah, she’s too cold. Bestie Katie stops by to put together the portable AC and tells Stassi she wasn’t invited to Scheana’s birthday party. Stassi cackles because she’s not invited either. Stassi shares with Katie that things are better than ever between her and Patrick, and if nothing else, their seven month break made the sex better – and that’s what matters most.

Over at James’ pad, he and his bff Logan are recounting how many times they’ve been banned from Pump. James’ girlfriend Raquel returns from school to spend the summer in LA. The two make out while Logan looks on dreamily and is finally told to beat it get the hell out.

The Tom’s are checking out the new digs for Tom-Tom which looks like the homes in Houston after Hurricane Harvey. Here’s what Sandoval envisions. Comfort-bility. Familiararity. Nostal-gee-a. Jiggered-out drinks. And sexy TV’s. WTF? Thank goodness Lisa has a different plan. She wants romantic industrial which you know will include at least three shades of pink. Sandoval is driving Lisa crazy with his excessive questions while Schwartz plays the role of the silent partner. Lisa brings up the conversation she overheard at SUR and Sandoval accuses Lisa of purposely hiding. Are you kidding me, Tom? And here I thought you were the smart one. Guess I got that wrong. Lisa announces she is now rethinking the entire business deal and walks out. Ken follows, carrying her purse.

Onto Jax and Brittany’s new place, which is conveniently down the hall from Katie and Schwartz. Jax and Brittany have had a tough summer and didn’t exactly Take Kentucky, but Jax promises Brittany there will be no more mess-ups and he loves her big time. I guess he means, starting now.

Stassi is hanging out at Katie and Tom’s place and is surprised to learn Tom’s going to Scheana’s party without Katie. WTF, Tom? How can you pick Scheana’s lame birthday party over your wife? And then I remember he’s married to Katie, and it’s like, oh sure, go have fun. Jax walks in for a beer and asks what Stassi and Katie will be doing since they aren’t invited to Scheana’s party. Their plan is to get wasted.

Scheana’s boyfriend Rob arrives at her apartment before the party. After Scheana kicked out her ex-husband, she turned the master bedroom into her closet and the closet into her bedroom because obviously. She warns Rob to watch out for Lisa’s grilling because she’s soooo protective of her. (Insert eye roll here.)

Drama warning! As Sandoval and Ariana get ready for the party, he tells her that Faith told a friend she’s been sleeping with Jax. Oh, snap! Arianna tells Tom to get to the bottom of it quickly because she’s contractually obligated to tell Brittany. So after the birthday girl makes her entrance at the party, Sandoval has a sit down with Jax about Faith. Jax denies it. No shock there.

On the other side of the bar, James spots a sad and pouty Faith. She tells James “it happened so fast” which is not a compliment. Faith explains that while she was taking care of a 95 year-old woman, (eww) Jax licked her toes, didn’t wear a condom, they did the dirty, and she could be preggers. James is freaking out with this hot tea and dying to tell someone, anyone, even though he told Faith he wouldn’t.

Meanwhile, Jesse, another SURver, breaks the news to Brittany. She takes a poll and asks those standing near her if they believe Jax slept with Faith. 100% believe it. No shock there. Schwartz tells Brittany he will always cover for Jax, but rest assured, he is not covering for him now – which means we can’t believe a word coming out of his mouth. Jax then confronts Faith and they each say, “Are you serious?” to each other.

Jax finds Brittany to tell her it’s not true. Chaos ensues and Brittany tells Jax if she finds out it is true, be prepared for a Kentucky ass-whooping! Woo-hoo! Can’t wait.

Tune in next week to see if Brittany kicks Jax to the curb and if Scheana will stop throwing parties for herself.


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  • christy flanders

    I really want to believe that Jax did not cheat on Brittany but from past experiences, yes he probably did. Is he an idiot? Brittany is the best thing that ever happened to him. I knew when they were in Kentucky & he told EVERYONE that Brittany had lost her spark (I think he meant sparkle) & had gained a lot of weight, that he was losing interest in her. I guess what they say is true “once a cheater, always a cheater”.

  • Deanna777

    Wasn’t Faith trying to get with Max (Lisa’s son) at one time? I guess Lisa put the kibosh on that. Why would you sleep with Jax without protection? Not having a period is the least of her worries. She needs to worry about all the STDs festering inside of her.

    Anyway, two years ago when everyone was in Hawaii, Jax looked Brittany in the eye and said he did not say he wanted to have sex with Lala, but the flashback proved that he did. Lala tried to warn Brittany, but, she didn’t believe her. Brittany never apologized to Lala for calling her a liar, nor thanked her for trying to warn her about Jax. I have less than zero sympathy for Brittany because she chose to be with the scummiest, sleaziest member of the cast. This is her reward.

    • Dorinda’s Pajamas

      Yes she did date Max and I’m sure Lisa put the Kibbosh on that. Plus, Max last season was dating an older woman in her 30’s and Lisa wasn’t thrilled with that either.

      • Deanna777

        It’s funny, but I don’t remember that woman at all. I guess she didn’t make an lasting impression on me or Lisa.

    • Elizabeth Fisher

      I don’t know if I would call Max and Faith’s relationship “dating.” I always got the impression they were just friends from work. He was involved with that older woman for quite some time.

    • Perturbed

      I fear this pregnancy scare is Faith’s desperate ploy to get more screen time on VPR. Absolutely PATHETIC when considering the possible ramifications.

      • Deanna777

        I completely agree with you. This seems like an act of desperation on Faith’s part.

  • Txtea

    How good does it feel to be stassi and just know you survived that hell that is jax? He’s the kind that will linger around for years bothering you but I’m sure she’s caught somehing from that germ that will linger longer 😷

    • purehockeyfan

      OK, Jax is a POS, but can we not agree that they survived each other?

      • Dorinda’s Pajamas

        ITA both are definitely POS and they survived each other lol! They are both narcissistic sociopaths in their own demented ways.

        • SMDRN66

          Jerx and Aassi are perfect for each other. Both full of themselves and shallow.

      • Txtea

        I suppose you’re right. Maybe if stassi and Patrick’s shit was on display on display 🎤 I would have commented differently

      • Txtea

        But I do feel like jax is the guy that doesn’t go away you know? Those are the worst

  • Dorinda’s Pajamas

    I believe Jax has cheated on Brittany, just not with Faith. I’m sure he’s had hookups with skanks all over the country during his promo jobs at clubs. That episode was so calculated by the producers. Faith first goes up to Jax and Brittany, fake as hell, saying she missed them and if they are going to party after Scheana’s ridiculous masquerade Birthday party, she’s game. Cut to her upset in the corner, where ofcourse right after Jax says in his talking head interview that him and DJ Ratchet Hatched Baby Chic Kennedy are surprisingly getting along, he goes over with his ditz gf and Faith reveals to the biggest gossip on the show not only couldn’t she resist Jax’s sexual charms, but they screwed it infront of her sleeping octogenarian client. Also, without a condom/BC and her periods late. Faith was barely on the VPR and was probably pissed LaLa got a storyline. Now she’s back to get her 15 seconds of Z-list fame. I think Brittany is a nice girl, but deserves what she gets by not leaving him, because she obvious likes being on tv, the perks, etc more than having self-respect. He’s verbally and psychologically abusive due to obviously being on roids, coke and overall being a narcissistic sociopath! He lost his looks a long time ago too!

    • Txtea

      I feel like if it was real, faith wouldn’t have walked away. You’re gonna sit there and tell James but not Brittany? Yeah ok

      • Dorinda’s Pajamas

        Exactly. When she first arrived at the party, Faith bee-lined over to say hellos to Jax and Brittany like nothing hadn’t happened and even wanted to party with them afterwards. It was such BS after that. The guy telling Brit about the rumor simultaneously Tom S1 asking Jax if it was true then inctercutting with a glum Faith spilling the tea to James and Raquel! Laughable.

    • Dani-K


  • anonymous

    Jax looks like he is around 50 years old. He always looks dirty. For the life of me I can’t understand what anyone men/women see in Jax. He is old and dirty, and probably does not have a dime to his name.

    • Karoline

      Don’t forget dumber than a box of rocks!

    • Rebel1

      First season First episode (first time I laid eyes on him) I turned to my husband and said that guy looks like hes slept with at least a couple hundred women, sure as shit it ended up coming out to right around that number when he was in the therapists office season or two later.

  • MsM

    Excellent recap as always DaniK! Sadly, none of this is a shock…lol I was impressed that Jax and Britt had made it this far but I knew he’d f it up. It’s his MO. Find something good and then shit all over it. Scheana is a twit. No, wait, Sandoval is a bigger twit…Schwartz might be a moron but even he’s not stupid enough to take on Lisa.

    • Dani-K

      Thanks MsM! Jax is an adult child. If it’s true, why did Faith invite him over while taking care of a 95 year-old. Ads to the ick factor.

      • MsM

        Most definitely! Blech!!

  • Evil Queen

    If Tom2 needs make more capital, they should do a porn with Jax & Arianna Know a lot of people who would buy it. Agree. Arianna looked gorgeous!

  • Evil Queen

    Love the name TomTom club! Reminds me of the 80’s.

  • wiseone

    Scheana finally grew some balls and is no longer being Stassi and Katie’s door mat.

    • Dorinda’s Pajamas

      She might have grown balls, but it’s kind of funny and wack to redecorate your entire apartment, claiming to rid it of bad Shaye JuJu, but make into her delusional LVP closet ripoff and keep the cheesy, bedazzled marriage bed lol 😂!

      • SMDRN66

        LOL! She grew balls but didn’t gain taste. Two different animals. She’s still tacky but has balls now.

  • Jennymckitty

    Great recap, Dani. I was excited to see it. Wouldn’t it be funny if Jax was telling the truth this time? I mean, he’s lied so much that who, besides Sandoval, would even believe him. At this point, you could accuse him of just about anything and it would stick. But this story really makes Faith look bad. How disgusting to allow a guy in while you are caring for the elderly then have sex with him right in front of the person. That just makes my skin crawl.

    • Dani-K

      Thanks Jenny! The fact that Faith and Jax (allegedly) did the deed while she was caring for an 80 year-old woman makes this so egregious and disgusting. I simply do not care if Jax did or didn’t cheat because of that fact, but I really hope Faith isn’t lying for a storyline. Not worth it.

      • Jennymckitty

        If it happened, I imagine Faith slept with him solely for more camera time. She has tried to be a bigger part of the show all along. LaLa was thirsty and promiscuous, but even she didn’t sleep with Jax.

    • SMDRN66

      Just like Brooks was the Boy Who Cried Cancer, Jax will always be the Boy Who Cried Faithful.

  • HearWhatISay

    At this point does anyone even care what Jax is doing?

  • loriann760

    I must watch this show to punish myself. All of them annoy the crap out of me but I cant not watch. I don’t believe the whole Faith/Jax thing. If it does turn out to be true then good for Faith, she got herself a real classy 15 mins of fame. Brittney is getting her shot at fame too. Too bad its by looking like a complete fool to everyone. Why else would anyone be with Jax?

    • Dani-K

      I feel the same way – but thanks for watching and coming here so we can lament together.

    • SMDRN66

      Hell, even LVP tried to warn Brittney’s mother. Brittney must have a lifetime membership in the “This won’t happen to me” club.

  • BigBrothersMother

    The only way that Jax isn’t sleeping with other women is if he has ED. As far as Brittany goes, she’s a fame whore just like the rest of them. The reason the shedevils on this show are nice to Brittany is because they don’t view her as a threat. She’s a chubby homely girl with fake floppy boobs.

  • Misha

    The look on James’ face when Faith told him that she hasn’t had her periods since she slept with Jax was hilarious!!! If Faith is pregnant, Kentucky is going to lose her mind! And no, I don’t believe that Jax has been faithful to her.

  • Minx

    I am just watching this episode.
    The Toe Licking sounds familiar, wasn’t this what Kristin said happened when Jax and Her cheated , and Tom, was asleep in the Next Room?
    Brittney, should have stayed in Kentucky. Apparently, she has gotten bitten by the “Bravo-Bug”.
    How any Woman, could possibly believe that they could “change, Jax” is beyond insane. What Woman in her right mind , would even want to try?
    Now, the creep factor is really over-the-top, but I believe that Jax Would have sex with a 95 year old Woman in the next room.
    If, this is True?
    Faith, better dash down to Cedar’s Simi, see the best STD Specialist, STAT!
    Jax, more than likely carries diseases which haven’t been named yet..
    ( Skin Crawling)

  • Rebel1

    Me thinks Logan definitely S’d James D while Raquel was away, you could see the jealousy in Logan’s face 😂 I was dying. Then again I could be wrong, just calling it like I see it