#RHONJ Star Siggy Flicker Calls Out Margaret Josephs For Season-long Attacks On Her Marriage, Religion & Medical Issue!

Posted on Dec 5 2017 - 11:36am by BeachSpin

The Real Housewives of New Jersey is winding down — but Siggy Flicker isn’t going to let Season 8 fade before taking the cast rookie to task.

Siggy has been at odds with Margaret Josephs all season— but summed it all up in one red-hot tweet.

“Pigtails & Pot Puss FRIED her brain! How in the world is it ok to mock my hubby, my medical problem, my career, my name, my son & then let HITLER roll off her tongue in a remark directed at the only Jewish girl at the dinner table discussing a charity event! I’M DONE!” Siggy wrote, in a fiery tweet.

Margaret launched her reality career decidedly allied with Teresa Giudice, Melissa Gorga, and comeback player, Danielle Staub, despite scoring the gig on Siggy’s recommendation. Siggy worked to mend the rift during filming — but as the season played out, so did the relationship expert’s patience. Siggy posted a video series of Margaret’s shadiest moments — and fans sounded off!

Fans watched Margaret mock Siggy’s hormonal upset, shade her husband, tease her parenting, and even fire off a Hitler reference — aimed at the only Jewish woman in the group. 

Viewers rallied to Siggy’s defense — and the reality star even interacted with a few outspoken fans.

Siggy dished a little preview to the upcoming reunion—responding to a sharp fan pointing to a post-season twist. 

What do you think of Siggy’s Twitter spanking? Will Margaret be able to take the reunion heat?

The Real Housewives of New Jersey continues Wednesday, at 9 pm, ET, on Bravo.



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  • we”r”family

    Siggy, if you are reading this, you were no overnight sensation IMO. You were annoying this season, and even more so this season. You couldn’t help a blind person find their chair much less advise anyone. The tears have flowed from last to this. The only thing that has blown up is your EGO.

  • Txtea

    Siggy is the human form of “MOM!! He’s staring at me! He’s touching me!!” But trapped in the car on a family road trip.

  • Shelly Jones

    I have had enough. She has one fight with Margaret and she said that she hates her and wants to destroy her. We saw that on TV. We are seeing proof of that now with all these anti Margaret stories she’s planting (allegedly). Siggy is a poor excuse for a relationship expert. I really wanted to like her. No thanks. She was wacky this season, it’s clear that Margaret and the others were taken aback by it…I certainly was. She’s like a middle school girl.

    • Jennymckitty

      I agree. Who could possibly take advice from this woman. I just wonder if she realizes how childish she looked after watching herself this season. If that is why she is still trying to make much ado out of nothing. Siggy annoys me so much that I can’t concentrate on my dislike of any other cast member.

      • Kissme

        She views herself as being in the right.

        • Jennymckitty

          Siggy is the most intelligent, fascinating person she’s ever met. She is dazzled by her own mediocrity.

          • Kissme

            Yes 😜 very true!

      • Shelly Jones

        I was embarrassed for her.

    • natty smackdown

      Yeah, bravo’s creative editing made Siggy look like a nut so people would keep watching the show. Like when Theresa threw the glass at the restaurant…totally fake, she hesitated. Whateva! What bravo did to Siggy when editing her scenes with pippi uglystocking is very similar to Gaslighting someone..despicable.

      • mytwocents

        How can Bravo edit in her throwing herself on the floor at her party…no MATTER WHAT was said to her? How could an editor splice in her behavior at Gorga’s restaurant tasting? Are you saying she didn’t do those things? Is it CGI?

        • sunkissed748

          Point-Score. 🙂

        • christy flanders

          No, they didn’t show what was said or done to Siggy to make her react that way! If someone slapped you in the face & you slapped them back but all they showed was you just slapping them out of the blue, how would that look?!

          • mytwocents

            Okay. You can be right. However, the viewers know that analogy is not in the realm of possibilities. No one physically assaulted her or it would be in the news. In my world, there is nothing that can be said that would justify those childish tantrums. Nothing. A walk away would about cover it. I think more of myself and my husband than to ever behave like a two year old. Last response I promise. Again, I recognize and acknowledge that you are saying that in your world, that behavior is acceptable or normal. Different strokes for different folks as the old saying goes.

          • christy flanders

            I think that my comment went over your head. I didn’t mean that someone literally slapped Siggy in the face. It was an analogy. In Margaret’s analogy she could have picked several other ppl to make her point but she chose Hitler. Why? Because it was a nasty thing to say & Margaret likes being nasty to Siggy. I’ve heard the old sticks & stones saying myself & if you think that words don’t hurt, talk to any child at school that has been verbally bullied & I think they will disagree with you. In my “realm” good manners are key. I would never destroy & then toss a cake across a restaurant. It doesn’t matter whether they were filming or not. I would never call anyone anything but their real name & I don’t give false apologies. If I apologize & agree to move forward, I won’t continue to talk about you behind your back or repeat the same offenses. THAT’S how I was raised. I can’t speak about your “realm” as I don’t know you. The same way you don’t know me. So let’s just agree to disagree.

      • christy flanders


      • Shelly Jones

        Sounds implausible. we saw Siggy’s rant at the party then she laid on the ground. What was edited out?

        • Trixie

          And Marge wasn’t even there that time…

    • Authentic

      Correct. I want Soggy to go away forever .

  • mytwocents

    Medical Issue? We all hit the age where parts of our body quit the team and our hormones throw a rave. Most don’t act like lunatics.

  • Cassandra Dreme

    Get over yourself Siggy. She really is trying to make things a much bigger deal than they are. Her little sycophants on her twitter feed can have several seats as well!

    • Authentic

      Really? I might check out her Twitter. I’m sure she does a lot of blocking .

      • Kissme

        She is really annoying on Twitter and she posts an way to often.

      • Cassandra Dreme

        She does. She only keeps people on her twitter that kiss her ass.

  • HearWhatISay

    Siggy makes everyone look better. She is just a complete nut job.

  • Bryan

    Sigmund, just go kick Stinky Pippi in her pigtailed cooch, do it hard and make her collapse in pain

  • Chickpea16

    The deflection for your idiot behavior hasn’t worked Siggy. Get over yourself. You are nothing special.

    • Shelly Jones


  • the underground train

    First I put on a helmet. Next I put on a bullet proof vest. Then grab a shield. Ok I think I am ready. I do not have a problem with Margaret’s Hitler statement. Margaret’s use of that name was to drive home the point that because she has blonde hair and blue eyes Hilter would have treated Margaret nicely and killed Siggy. Margaret was demonstrating how someone can be nice to one person and evil to another person. Now was it extreme? Yes because Kim D is no Hitler. Siggy has such a blind rage and hatred to Margaret that she cannot properly listen to what she said. Margaret could have used another mass killer name like Pol Pott, Idi Amin or Sadam Hussein but the impact would not have been there because Siggy is Jewish. It is more impactful to use Hitler.

    • JustSayin

      I didn’t watch, so I wasn’t sure what the exact exchange was, but your post made me curious. So I checked it out, and I completely agree with you! Margaret was making a point, and so fucking what if Soggy is Jewish? Are we not allowed to mention Hitler in the presence of anyone who is Jewish now? Out of respect for…what someone else went through? O.o

      Seems like she’s trying to make something out of the Hitler reference to avoid admitting Margaret had a point. It’s kinda like when you win an argument online and the person responds correcting your grammar/spelling. Like a typo invalidates your argument 🙄

      • the underground train

        Thank you! So glad you understood what I was saying.

    • Aussie_Tea

      I agree with you!! I knew exactly what Pigs was saying and what was meant and I thought that it was a good analogy for the situation. I don’t for a second think it was a personal attack on Sigs being Jewish. That’s my two cents on it anyway…

    • Jennymckitty

      I totally agree with you. Margaret’s comment wasn’t anti-Semantic. She was trying to make a point that just because someone is nice to you, doesn’t mean they aren’t trying to destroy someone else. Siggy has to be aware that she came off as an overly emotional, childish asshat this season. I think she is trying to make it Margaret’s fault that she has zero control over her emotions.

    • Minx

      Thank you.
      It was an anology. She didn’t say Hitler was a Good Person, the point was quite the opposite.
      Hitler, wasn’t the best choice. Yikes!
      She could of used Ted Bundy, Manson..

  • Just My Opinion

    I hope SICKKY hears about all the NEGATIVE comments and realizes the show watchers really want her GONE !!!

  • christy flanders

    I stand by Siggy on this 100%! Anyone who supports Margaret must be as deranged as she is. Marge is a low class criminal with a nasty mouth who goes after ppl & tries to say it was a joke. There is NOTHING funny about anything she says. She used Hitler as a reference to be intentionally nasty. I didn’t like her the first episode. I’m very happy for those of you who have not been on the hormonal roller coaster. But at least try to understand that it does make you act a little crazy. You’re crying one minute & the next minute you’re taking someone’s head off. Siggy had a right to get upset every time she did but she probably did make a bigger deal out of it than she should have. Margaret came on the show with the intention of being Teresa’s ally no matter what the cost. The cake toss was insensitive & embarrassing! Then to purposely leave Siggy & Delores out of the memorial service was just down right mean. She bashed Siggy every chance she got while saying she wanted to make things right. Siggy had genuinely put everything in the past at the retreat & was willing to start fresh & Margaret just kept bashing her. Siggy was totally right to defend herself. I hear that Siggy & Delores rule the reunion & I can’t wait. Danielle should never have been brought back & is trying to take Tre down but Tre is too stupid to know it. Teresa should have been gone years ago. Melissa’s only goal is to kiss Teresa’s azz to stay on the show so she needs to go. Margaret should never have been cast so get her off there too. They need to keep Siggy, Delores & bring back Caroline, Jacqueline, Kathy & Rosie. Then the show would be entertaining. I only watched this season because I LOVE Siggy & Delores. I fast forwarded thru the rest. #TeamSiggy&Delores

    • Shelly Jones

      Wow…sounds like Jacqueline wrote this post herself. Siggy has embarrassed herself and tarnished her brand with her unstable behavior and inability to let go of feuds. Why would she say that she wanted to destroy Margaret and she hated her, those are not the comments of a woman who is all the way there. If the cake toss was in someone’s regular life then fine…but it was being filmed for a reality show and that’s no reason to call someone trash and stupid. Siggy is full of herself and needs to take it down a peg.

  • Trixie

    I really felt that Siggy didn’t listen to what Marge was saying at all, she heard Hitler and then just shut down. I think, for me at least, the difference between these two ladies is that Marge is funny, quirky and more lighthearted and Siggy comes off as needy and a lot of work. She is emotionally draining to watch, let alone deal with. If Siggy was so hurt by the Soggy comment, why’d she make a t-shirt from it? And yet still continue to Lord it over Marge? Pick a lane. Even Delores was taken aback by some of her antics. Writhing on the floor, sticking her tongue out, telling someone they will destroy them… her reactions have been so over the top and cartoonish that they are worse than whatever was said to make her act that way (which we didn’t see?). So, she shoots herself in the foot every time. Exhausting woman.