PHOTOS — #RHONJ Star Siggy Flicker Overjoyed That Her College Son Is Home For Thanksgiving!

Posted on Nov 22 2017 - 6:11pm by Staff Writer

Siggy Flicker has been counting down the days to Thanksgiving break ever since she moved her son, Josh Flicker, into the Penn State dorms in August. 

So naturally, the Real Housewives of New Jersey mom was a ball of emotion when her son returned home this week. “J-O-S-H-U-A!!!” she wrote. “Love that he is home & love just calling out his name!!!” She posted on Instagram.

is in full blown Thanksgiving mode — she’s preparing to serve 40 people this year! Click through her Instagram post below to view her beautiful festive accoutrements.

No new episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey on tonight (Nov 22) — the show returns on Wednesday, Nov 29. 


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  • Jane_one

    Why is this a story? Kids come home for Thanksgiving all over this country.

    • Aussie_Tea

      Thank you!! I was going to say the exact same thing!!! 😊

    • the underground train

      And he wasn’t that far away either. Pennsylvania, one state away.

  • Bryan

    She needs to cut that messy mop

  • penny 2

    I’d hate to be one of her spawn. She is suffocates a person until they give her what she wants.

  • Liberated

    What is this SNN, Siggy News Network? This isn’t newsworthy. It’s a waste of time for the followers who want an interesting story and a waste of an otherwise good writer. Please do me just one favor. Siggy and her family celebrate both Christmas and Hannukah. Please no stories about how they hung ornaments on the tree and how they lit the menorah. You’re better than this.

    • Betty

      OMG Thank you

    • chacha1

      Or that JOSHUA took a healthy crap !!!

      • Chickpea16


    • NoFixinStupid

      Christmaskuh, perfect time for more soggy IG plug$$$$$$

  • Deanna777

    Good! Maybe he can dole out the many Kleenex she’s going to need when someone throws the turkey at her.

    • chacha1


  • chacha1

    So Howdy Doody is home, Big Wooooo … and doesn’t this loud mouth also have a daughter?

    • we”r”family

      Yes, Who after last season, decided she didn’t want to film. I don’t blame her.
      Soggy is making it sound like he had to make a life decision as to whether he would come home or not for the holiday.

      • Well he probably wasn’t going to then she cried and begged and he said screw it; I’ll stop by.

  • wellWellwell

    JO…SHU….WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA/ Who does it annoy more? us or him..

    • Trixie


    • I think I’m going to add that boy to my prayers.

  • Trixie

    This poor boy. Dude, get your diploma, and move 7000 miles away. And never introduce your future wife to your mom… I have a hunch, she won’t like her. Lol! Seriously? Her photos with her kids look stalker like. The boy looks like he’s handcuffed. Run kids … RUN!!!

  • Chickpea16

    Siggy under the guise of Thanksgiving greeting used her son to shout out “Joshua” and the word “shimmy” around the kitchen to get back at Margaret and posters. Talk about thin skinned! Also why is poor Joshua wearing a suit when this was apparently taken before Thanksgiving. Siggy never thought by appearing on RHONJ that people would see right through her. Here she has so much but just comes across as vapid, sad, needy person.

  • MonaLucy

    Siggy really needs to go. I fast forward through her scenes. She is a loud mouth, vulgar, spoiled middle aged woman in full blown menopause and I have no time for her immature 7 yr. old behavior i.e. sticking her tongue out behind Margaret’s back. Girl bye!

    • I don’t see how her husband can stand her. Maybe he’s hard of hearing or an idiot. He might have lost a bet. Who knows?

      • MonaLucy

        She always refers to him by his first and last name, he must be important 😉

  • I was so glad there wasn’t a video of her being over joyed. No thanks! Just reading JOSHUA about made me barf. She’s so damn annoying.
    I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving 🙂

  • chacha1

    Oh Yeah Joshua, her son who came out of her “COOKIE” such a Hallmark Moment for that boy to have to share with his friends …. bet they all had a great big laugh when she said that on the show … she is a loud mouth MORON !!

  • NoFixinStupid

    GAG ME, this chick can’t even take on 🐖💇 as she spews about knowing your worth…LMAO
    Btw, there were more plug$, than hugs….