RECAP: ‘Married to Medicine’ Heavenly Starts A Fight With Toya At Jackie’s Fitness Event!

Posted on Nov 17 2017 - 8:19pm by Avigail

Married to Medicine opens with Dr. Contesssa visiting Toya after her birthday cooking event. The girls rehash Heavenly and Contessa’s spat over Heavenly’s rude introduction. Contessa doesn’t understand why her name is Heavenly, when she acts like a “demon.” Contessa says Heavenly’s behavior reminds her a petulant teenager from her military days. Toya runs down Heavenly’s bully resume — “Heavenly is one of them people…if she hits you…you gotta hit her back…she tests you.” Contessa decides she will make an effort to give the cast bully another chance.

Meanwhile, Heavenly seeks advice (on the adult matter) from her 11-year old daughter, Alaura. She wants to know how she should respond to Contessa. The little girl tells her mother that she’s abrasive and seems to have more sense than her mama.

Over at Quad and Dr. G’s house, they talk about Quad’s “stressful” administrative and domestic duties in the home. She’s feeling overwhelmed and he could care less, since he’s the main breadwinner and she’s on her 99999999 non-successful business venture.

We stop by Dr. Jackie’s office and she’s organizing a fitness event to get her mind off her cheating hubby — Curtis. Speaking of Curtis — it’s the couple’s 15-year wedding anniversary and since the affair news dropped, he has been sending her gifts everyday. However, not even Louis Vuitton and Swarovski crystals can heal the public humiliation he’s caused his wife. And she’s taking her time to decide if she’ll choose divorce or reconciliation.

Dr. Simone and her younger son, Michael, go out for yogurt. They discuss his parent’s rocky marriage and the dreaded “D” word, after the couple’s heated fight. Simone explains that marriage is hard work and they’re trying to figure out if they’ll stay together or split. Simone realizes the negative impact divorce will bring and reassures that he and his brother are their priority.

We get a peek inside Contessa’s hectic home life. She has 3 kids and trying to juggle her medical career and being a wife and a mother. We meet her nanny, Ms. Renee. We learn that she’s the ghetto glue that holds their family together.

Meanwhile, at Toya’s house, she’s discussing her non-existent sex life with her daddy. She tells him that Eugene wants to buy her a shower head to masterbate, so she can leave him alone at 4:00 am after working four shifts at the hospital. Awkward father/daughter moment but it also reveals that Toya’s trust issues stem from her “playa from the himalayas” daddy. He cheated on Toya’s mother and had a revolving bedroom door of women.

Simone is hanging alone at her north house when Quad drops in, the women catch each other up on their rocky marriages. Quad thinks Cecil is the man but Simone stops her and describes the Cecil she knows behind closed doors is not the same man Quad knows. Quad describes her struggles with Dr. G. She’s not feeling appreciated for carrying the load of doing all the domestic duties. A frustrated Quad breaks out the waterworks as she rips Dr. G.

Today is Dr. Jackie’s “Fit-Ni” event and the ladies rally around her, with the exception of Simone, who’s on-call at the hospital. The ladies compete in various physical exercises. The vibe is fun but Heavenly complains through the whole event. She says she would rather have liposuction than have her weave pulled out, and get banged and bruised with exercise. But the real fireworks are happening off to the side between Heavenly and Toya. Heavenly wants to give Toya a piece of her mind for bringing Contessa over to her at her birthday cooking event. She accused Toya of being messy for what she perceives as Contessa’s “anger” towards her. But before Toya can explain her side, Heavenly cusses and storms off. The argument continues when Contessa joins but she quickly diffuses Heavenly’s drama by assuming all the blame for the incident.

Over at Dr. Simone and Cecil’s south house, the mood is much calmer, amid their recent explosive fights. They both agree that their rocky marriage needs professional help since it’s starting to affect their kids. They’re doing marriage counseling online to address their blow ups over petty issues. Simone feels unappreciated and the doc says that they both don’t listen to each other. The counselor advises that they have major work to do, if they want to fix their issues.


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  • GirlPlz

    When is she not starting a fight

  • NoFixinStupid


  • mytwocents

    I don’t want to see any more scenes of this childish, horrible woman, Heavenly, dragging her daughter into adult drama. Heaven drags this show into the gutter. Praying for Simone and her husband to work things out. Without Heavenly’s nonsense, this seems like the most real “reality show” out there this season. The subject of marriage issues is a true one that many can relate to. The show has elevated far above Heavenly’s antics.

    • Heavenly is terrible. I hoped she was just showing it up for tv, but I think this is how she really is all the time. She has a bad mouth and always wants to go to the gutter for some reason. It would be interesting to talk to some of her patients or staff.

  • christy flanders

    Great recap as usual, Avagail! You always hit the nail on the head. I’ve always thought that Heavenly acted like she was on something. Her drastic mood swings are shocking & a little scary. Simone & Jackies marital issues still have me reeling. I am shocked & can’t quite get past it. I sympathize with Quad. I think she was wise not to jump on the baby train. I’ll be darned if I would stay with a man that constantly told me how HE was the bread winner & took care of me. Call me old fashioned but I think the man should be the bread winner & if the woman wants to work fine but if she doesn’t that’s ok too. I don’t think the woman should sit on her butt all day or go out & spend ungodly amounts of money on clothes & shoes. Quad seems to take care of their home & her hubby quite well. What does everyone think of this new gal Contessa? I get the impression that she might just have a really nasty temper & be the type to get a little violent. Time will tell.

    • The dynamic between her and that nanny is odd.

      • Trippinhhard

        IKR I read somewhere the nanny calls her all types of ugly names.

  • christy flanders

    P.S. I forgot to mention, has no one else noticed how much weight Toya has gained? I almost fell off my chair! I’ve always thought she was a bit lazy & spoiled. God knows that their financial issues stem from her thirst for a champagne lifestyle. I was thinking that Toya should go live with Quad’s hubby for awhile & then maybe he would appreciate Quad a whole lot more! Just a thought.

    • Now that would be hilarious!

    • RRRobin

      Quad needs to get preggers or get out.

  • nutz4reality

    It needs to retitled “Doctors of Divorce” this season. Jackie has the best story line and now they are all jealous of her getting more camera time. I wish “Daddy” would cheat so Heavenly would go postal and be put in jail for beating up his side piece. I blame Heavenly for making her daughter look like a brat on the program and being so disrespectful. How can patients stand to go to her dental office when she talks like she is so uneducated. I feel bad for Jackie but I do fast forward through her fitness boring segments each season. Yea, I’m sure Toya will be getting lipo once she sees herself on the screen this season. Cecil must keep his good side on while on camera because Simone comes off as being the irritating one to me. I cringe when they bring their kids into divorce talk on doesn’t seem healthy to me to do this on camera

    • mgirl1

      I totally agree that these so called intelligent women are riding Jackie’s story line. And what the hell is wrong with Dumbly asking her child for advice. Every time I see that little girl on tv I just cringe. She treats that child as an adult. I can see alot of problems in the future concerning that child.

      • RRRobin

        She’s just attempting to push the kid into a tv J O B.

    • I don’t even think we saw Eugene this week.

      • Trippinhhard

        Eugene is Toya’s husband. He was on for a short period of time. He was very tired and told Toya that he had to get up in 4 hours for work. Toya is sooo self centered it’s pathetic That man is killing hisself to pay that tax bill they owe. The bill is over a million $$$$. I recalled they lost $10K or more on a home they were looking to purchase and didn’t pull out in time to get the deposit back. Toya just act love me it wasn’t nothing.

        • Dodie Russell

          You need to go back to school and get to a grasp of the English language! There is no such word as “hisself”!

        • ScrappieONE

          It was $50K they lost on the house they were trying to buy before they went ahead and rented the mansion that was the beginning of their money problems. Toya is too worried about material possessions even when it could put her husband in an early grave. She is as much selfish as she is stupid.

          • Trippinhhard

            Thank you I would have passed out. Some people don’t make that amount money a year. That’s just darn right wasteful and ignorant in my eyes. She acts like it’s nothing, no big deal. The first big house they rented was too big and to expensive for them. In fact the house they in Now is too much with all the financial problems they have. I hope Eugene is taking good care of his health, heart attack is in his future due to stress and other problems. The own the house they were in when the show first aired. She’s the type to live like the Joneses.

  • Trippinhhard

    Great recap ——what is that knot on Quad’s forehead.
    Jackie has serious martial issues and the rest is just jumping on the bad wagon ride. Toya get your lazy ass to the gym, you are killing Eugene driving 4 hours to a second job. Someone correct me if I’m wrong. That’s too much travel time and he’s already tired. That man don’t have time for sex, he’s too tired.

  • Poo

    This “reality” show has become a highly scripted soap including all of the music. No one, including Jackie, seems real anymore.. ALL of the women are overacting with Heavenly getting the Sour Apple Award for worst child posing as a mother.

  • Educate Don’t Discriminate

    Heavenly is the most hypocritical, vile character on reality TV . I hope it’s an act