EXCLUSIVE: Bravo Forces Siggy Flicker To Delete Personal Blog That Exposed Sneaky #RHONJ Editing Secrets!

Posted on Nov 15 2017 - 6:05pm by Staff Writer

Apparently, Bravo can’t take the heat and is pulling rank with Real Housewives of New Jersey truth commissioner, Siggy Flicker.

AllAboutTheTea.com has learned exclusively that Bravo urged the relationship expert to delete her self-published personal blog, last week. As reported, Siggy’s personal blog responded to antics on the show and exposed RHONJ producers for using deceptive editing tactics, to paint a flawed narrative of her responses.

Deleted Excerpts Below:

“We are almost half way through the season and all I can say is the Episodes are as surprising to me as they are to you,” Siggy shared. “I wish you had been there to see what was actually said that caused my reactions. I don’t react without reason and I refuse to blame my reactions to my hysterectomy or hormones.”

“Unless you have spotted the disjointed nature of some exchanges, you cannot reconcile my reactions without the nasty underhanded comments that prompt my responses.”

“The camera doesn’t lie. I shimmied (my real boobs); I stuck my tongue out; I teared up; I made faces and I mentioned her cheap knock offs,” Flicker admitted. “Unfortunately, Margaret’s side of the exchange seems to have been lost. Why did I resort to such antics?”

“My reactions are in response to attacks. Attacks on what I hold dear. Attacks on my husband, my friends, my hysterectomy, my profession and my mental state by a person who knows nothing about me and who does not care about the consequences of her reckless attacks. Unless you have spotted the disjointed nature of some exchanges, you cannot reconcile my reactions without the nasty underhanded comments that prompt my responses.”

“Margaret couches her attacks in dismissive language and snarky comments that cut to the bone – always focusing on her targets of choice – whether it be me or Dolores: insane, unhinged, hypocrite, follower, minion, yes girl, soggy. If she were truly joking, she would use the same approach with all of us. She doesn’t. She focuses her special brand of attack on me. As soon as I respond, she immediately hones in on my profession – up until this episode I never mentioned her career or her less than fabulous brand.”

It’s appears that Bravo wants to slant cast blogs to support whatever storyline they are trying to sell.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs Wednesdays at 8:00 p.m. ET, on Bravo.


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  • HearWhatISay

    I believe her.

    • BriannaG

      Me too. Bravo has been exposed for shady doing on many occasions.

      And some scenes did look suspicious to me. The camera showed the chain of Siggy’s reactions and Margaret was just briefly shown when she was quiet.

      • Chickpea16

        Even being provoked, Siggy still overreacts and that is on her.

    • Wishmich

      Ido, too. Marge bugs the heck out of me and I think she’s the type that really goes for the cheap shots.

  • wellWellwell

    Unless.. I find out Siggy & her husband are broke frauds like the rest of the cast, she can scream, act a loon all she wants! I can FF her anytime, no biggie.

  • Trixie

    Soggy (that’s an autocorrect, and it stays) laments over the bad edit. That’s fine. Maybe Marge was nasty. But, Marge wasn’t all amped up and physically animated like Soggy was. She kept a low profile & a more level head. I hate that grown women sometimes get verbally hurt and then their reaction is so much worse than the initial crime, that the initial crime gets swept under the carpet. If Siggy were to stay calm, the audience would quickly see who the ass is. But her reaction is so over the top and ridiculous, it doesn’t matter.

    I want to see the things Marge said that sent her into an unhinged reaction. I do. It’s probably funny.

    • Cassandra Dreme

      Me too. Wouldn’t the other guests have come to her defense if that was true?

  • the underground train

    So what did Margaret say? What were the attacks?

    • Cassandra Dreme

      She said this after the cake throwing episode too. She said that Margaret attacked her husband. So I guess they keep editing out Margaret’s attacks on her husband? I’m starting to think she makes shit up to save face.

      • I think Soggy is a crazy ass drama queen.

      • Chickpea16

        When Ziggy said her hubby was a real man, Margaret during TH (talking head) said she didn’t see Michael C. photo when you look up a real man in the dictionary. Big deal.

        Remember Siggy is the most talented person in the world.

        • Cassandra Dreme

          Case in point…this was a ‘talking head’ AFTER filming. Siggy hadn’t seen this yet 😉

  • Marsbars09

    I wonder if Bravo brought Marge on to the show specifically to beef with Sigmund (?). That would be a reason why Bravo made Sigmund delete her comments.

  • BetteDavisEyez1

    I can understand where Siggy is coming from. Large Marge does seem to be a smart ass when interacting with Siggy.
    The ending of this episode, watching her imitation of Siggy & the way she was trying to channel her inner JR when they met up the first time.
    She doesn’t do that to any of the other women. I wonder how hard the felon or her fake SL would have been laughing if someone imitated them?!?

    • the underground train

      Here is the thing I don’t get about Siggy. Even if Marge is “picking on” Siggy, Siggy needs to control her reactions to her. The thing about Siggy that is hard to digest is her interactions with the other ladies (besides Dolores). Siggy was over the top at Boca. She poured wine on the table. What prompted that? Teresa threw the cake. She calls the ladies animals. She doesn’t respond to a text message and misses out on the flower ceremony. She gets upset for no one searching for her and begging her to come to the beach with them. The ladies confront her about lecturing them at her friend’s house so she calls them trashy. She publicly humiliated Melissa about the cake (Even though it was Teresa that threw it). What does any of that behavior have to do with Large Marge being a smart was with her?

      • Wtfmf

        The underground train!!lmao

        • the underground train

          It runs all year long. All 265 days. Choo Choo 🚂

          • Wtfmf

            Toocmuchfun! Lmao!

      • BetteDavisEyez1

        Not a damn thing. LOL!!
        I was just saying that I do see Marge being a smart ass with her but no one else.
        Siggy is over the top with the theatrics. It is exhausting just to watch. They scene she made over the cake in her house was it for me.

        • Chickpea16

          Siggy looked like such a fool. Melissa was too shocked to say anything and Delores was appalled too by the look on her face.

          • BetteDavisEyez1

            Yes!! Definitely a cringeworthy moment. Even the guests were embarrassed.

      • suse

        “Except with Delores??” She screams and acts like she’s her long lost child whenever she sees her!! Other than that, spot on!!!

      • I believe she told Marge to F off too. All loud of course.

      • CB

        Soggy is a professional “victim”.. she’s a hypocrite to the highest degree. Can you imagine if any one of us were sitting at that table.. what we would be doing or thinking? Margaret was right.. she was out of control int he restaurant and at the table…. She pretends “I never said that”.. and Dolores pretends she never heard the trashy comments, her IQ is better than anyone elses… no matter who has been on this show NO ONE has been more crazzzzy than this chick. She looks like she’s having a nervous breakdown in every scene.. how the heck is a man attracted to her?? blows my mind… so NEEDY and Obsessive… she needs meds and fast

  • Wtfmf

    It’s a one hour show where they only air approximately 35 minutes of substance. SAGGY, you knew what you signed up for. The bottom line is if you weren’t so busy overreacting and being so melodramatic, it would be Margaret’s antics we would be dissecting right now. If you really want to empower women, teach them how to not blame others for the behavior they choose as their own. REACTION implies that you are allowing an external force to influence and dictate your course of action. When you react emotionally, you are giving away your power and coming from a place of victimhood. So how can an underpowered person profess to be able to empower others? I’m not sure but that’s what bravo should be called to task on.

    • the underground train

      Well damn! You should be hosting retreats instead of Soggy.

      • Also I believe I did spy some retreat merchandise T shirts that she was trying to hawk that had Soggy across the front. Correct me if I’m wrong. Doesn’t seem to bother her too much. Am I right?

    • suse

      Yea! What SHE said!!! 😉

    • Did she seriously blame it on kids from her childhood calling her Sigarette? yes…
      She’s convinced me to give her pass after that one. The poor dear. Pfffft

    • CB

      another thing i can’t stand is when someone retells a story, like she did at her party an embarrassing Melissa.. but doesn’t TELL THE TRUTH about the story. She left out all the horrid name calling that she was responsible for and that in fact it wasn’t Melissa who threw the cake at all!! Non stop attention seeking Biatch.. that is what Soggy is.

  • suse

    Obviously, Siggy doesn’t know Margaret well, if at all. That’s obvious, especially after tonight’s episode (the retreat). So, what’s with the screaming “I BROUGHT YOU IN AND YOU . . . (you get it – we don’t need more of that sticking in our brains). Anyway, they were NOT friends . . . Bravo hookups, perhaps?

  • we”r”family

    Okay, so what was last season? Bad editing as well? Soggy cried over the fact her kids didn’t want to spend time with her, cried because she and her parents were not always close, unsuccessfully attempted to make Jac and Tre be friends again. Now, this season she is claiming she brought Margaret on and her career is taking off even more so? No, Bravo brought on Margaret. She has no issue with calling you out.

    • Just don’t blame the hormones!! lol, damn cameras with their trickery….

  • She refuses to blame her reactions on her hormones but has gone the whole season blaming her reactions on her hormones. Even while getting hormone injections in her ass.

    • Jane_one

      Yeah, she is getting her stories mixed up.

    • sunkissed748

      Contradicting herself. Thought that also when first read it.

  • Emilia 221

    I still read about them, but I haven’t actually watched Bravo in over a year. It feels so good. I feel lighter and freer. You all should join me and never look back! We can still read here 🙂

  • Jane_one

    Why do I hear all these violins when I read this?

    Siggy, have you not heard what other HWs have said about editing? They can’t edit what you don’t say. On top of that every HW gets a bad edit at some point. Your behavior is so bizarre and over the top that you made yourself the Bad Edit for this season.

    I think you are beginning to understand that your whacko reactions have made your claim that you are a “relationship expert” a joke. Now you are backtracking because of your very poor judgment on what will advance your “career”.

  • CB

    Sorry.. Siggy.. no matter WHAT THE HECK WAS SAID TO YOU.. your an embarrassment and if you had a license it should be revoked. We all have people attack us.. everyone has had that “person” in our lives.. but your immature reactions,, the hate comments.. are unbelievable to me. If i didn’t know better i would think you truly had a personality disorder. YOUR LOUD AND EMBARRASSING and constantly need ATTENTION.. non stop attention. Your dismissive to anyone’s feelings BUT YOUR OWN.. and your the person people go to for relationship advice?? You talk about your career?? PEOPLE IF YOU SEE THIS WOMAN OUT AND ABOUT I’D SAY RUN FOR YOUR LIFE… i can’t believe the disfunctional people with all these titles trying to tell US how to live a healthy life. THERE IS NOTHING HEALTHY ABOUT YOU SIGGY.. sorry to break the illusion you live in.. but you truly need professional help. Its been so hard to even watch this lady in every episode.. SO SCREWED UP

    • luvmyfrenchie

      Talk about being your own worst enemy..

      • NYUgirl

        She has lost all credibility and has shown herself to be nothing more than a LOUD, obnoxious drama queen.

        • luvmyfrenchie

          Ita & still lol about how she was “teased” as a kid about her name?! Who wasn’t & can’t believe she is about my age…

  • sunkissed748


  • Chickpea16

    Bad behavior, not bad editing. Guess it’s good she thinks so highly of herself, because few do.

  • GirlPlz

    I believe it

  • Dave Wheeler

    I am a long time RHONJ fan. I am not a fan of Siggy. She needs to go. How can she be a relationship expert?