Morgan Bredde Rumored To Be Joining #RHOD!

Posted on Nov 13 2017 - 4:27pm by Avigail

Could Morgan Bredde be joining The Real Housewives of Dallas franchise?

The Dallas pageant queen is high on Bravo’s wish list to join the gals of the lone star state edition, sources tell The tabloid speculates, that while the mom of two is not confirmed, “as of now, there is no official word from Bravo about a Season 3 or the addition of Morgan Bredde. In fact, this is an exclusive from our RHOD insider.”

Furthermore adding, “At this point, I would bet she is being added to the cast and will be with Cary and Brandi.”

But will Morgan’s addition mean the dismissal of a long-standing member of the cast?

As reportedLeeAnne Locken announced on Tuesday, Nov 7, that she’s leaving the Bravo reality series, after two seasons.

In Part two of RHOD reunion, Cary and Mark address the rumors about their marriage, while D’Andra and Kameron reveal their biggest regrets about their first season. Meanwhile, Stephanie addresses her concerns regarding a future with Brandi, and LeeAnne makes a big revelation about who will be receiving an invite to her wedding — and who won’t. To get your first look at the two-part reunion, be sure to check out the video above!

Part two of The Real Housewives of Dallas Reunion airs Monday, Nov. 13 at 10:00 p.m. on Bravo.


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  • Simon

    She looks like Kenya! Hopefully not as crazy though… who am I kidding? I hope she’s crazy as hell.

  • we”r”family

    I still think the I am quitting by LeeAnne is a tried and true ploy.

    • NoDuggarSperm

      I think she is angling for the LVP method of getting more money and I think she is trying to get a spinoff. I just do not believe her. I also think the show will end up being fine without her.

      • Ronnie

        Maybe they could spin her off a cliff.

        • NoDuggarSperm

          I would.

          • Ronnie


  • rasta

    Wow! I thought that was Kenya. Hope she’s not as vapid as Potomac chics. Pretty girl.

    • BooBooBaby

      I just can’t get into the Potomac Housewives Show. But I used to feel the same way about the Dallas Housewives too.

  • Misha

    Leeann seems to be acting as though an invitation to her wedding is the social event of the year. Haha so deluded.

    • chacha1

      I believe this show has made her a social outcast .. that is too bad because she was held in high esteem for her charity work

  • Ronnie

    Love her or hate her, LeeAnne is the show, based on Bravo’s established formula for these types of shows.

    • GirlPlz

      If LeeAnn left, I woudnt miss her.

  • JustSayin

    Okay, I’m glad I’m not the only one who did a double take thinking that was Kenya

  • Wicked Cupcake

    Brandi is disgusting. I wish that wormy bitch would leave the show. At least with LeAnne, you know what you get. Brandi is a two faced, conniving, bitch.

    • chacha1

      Just looking at Brandi’s ugly assed Halibut face makes me sick, LeeAnn ruined her reputation in Dallas Society by doing this show ….. and the fact that her finace Rick is now known for him teeny weeny

      • Wicked Cupcake

        Typical dumb comment from women talking about dick size. I bet old crabby Dr.Duber is a pencil dick too.

        LeAnne should never have joined this show.

  • GirlPlz

    LeeAnn can go

  • YouGotTheRightOneNow

    She’s gorgeous and has a beautiful family… I think she would be a good addition to the show. Hopefully they get paid next season lol

  • chacha1

    LeeAnn ruined her reputation with her vicious mouth and also made a fool out of her fiance and a laughing stock when it was revealed by another one of those low life’s on that show that he has a very very small peen ….. I bet all the doors that were opened to her by the social elite of Dallas are now closed to her …. All her good work for Charity is now tarnished by her behavior on this show ….. Also, Mark can protest all he wants but when I see him on the show I think of him at the Round Up in a dark corner getting sucked as LeeAnn said … all those ships have sailed and I will always think of Brandi as being a vicious back stabbing drunken skank ….

  • chacha1

    Mark and Cary are lying junkyard dogs …. Mark does not love his daughter Zuri, he made that very clear on the show …. If Mark’s lips are moving he is lying and Cary deserves all the shit that he dishes out by staying with that cold hearted controlling and trolling pig

    • Nathan Hastings

      Hi LeAnne

      • chacha1

        Hahahaha yeah okay, what rock did you crawl out from under? obviously you have not watched this show …. everything I said is spot on

  • Nathan Hastings

    I hope that she lives in the Highland Park section of Dallas or else she will be considered trash 😒🤔

  • Darris

    Let me find out Bravo realized black people and white people actually hang out and socialize outside of Atlanta. I’m all for diversity on the housewives franchise as long as she has an actually connection to the cast and isn’t some random add on.

    • YouGotTheRightOneNow

      Ok?! I’m still waiting to see a group on tv that reflects my close group of friends… we have every shade and flavor among us and I promise, diverse groups like ours is not that unheard of!