Kim DePaola Reveals Why She’s Known As “The Godmother” and Spills #RHONJ Tea! (Exclusive)

Posted on Nov 13 2017 - 11:56am by BeachSpin

Kim DePaola may operate mostly in The Real Housewives of New Jersey shadows, but this part-timer never fails to get viewers talking. had the pleasure of speaking to the boutique owner/reality diva to dish some dirt about the show and the Season 8 cast.

Fans know that Kim took some heat when Melissa Gorga’s boutique, ENVY, crashed during the off-season. Melissa’s partner, Jackie Beard Robinson, pulled out of their partnership, eventually stripping the store and liquidating the inventory at Kim’s boutique, Posche.

“I’d rather be the villain than the victim,” Kim snarked, when asked her thoughts about the retail drama. “Melissa Gorga can have the victim role.”

Kim is famous for “running with the big boys” and when asked to clarify the expression, she explained the notorious quip.

“‘Big boys’ come with lots of different titles,” Kim explained. “They can be doctors, politicians, Wall Street bankers or mobsters. I play with them all.”

Kim revealed that there are periods of time when she has “no relationship” with Teresa Giudice. She gives a nod to the cheating scandals that have haunted both the reality mom and her incarcerated husband, Joe Giudice.

Teresa should just keep doing her thing, just like he’s [Joe Giudice] been doing,” Kim said. “Maybe they will make up in the end.”

Controversial comeback cast member, Danielle Staub, has been presenting a reinvented persona — not the “prostitution whore” fans used to love to hate. Does Kim buy it?

“Danielle is pure garbage,” Kim said point blank. “Her return sends a horrible message to the audience.”

“Viewers are absolutely not seeing the real Danielle,Kim added.

While Kim maintains friendships with former cast member, Jacqueline Laurita, Dolores Catania and Siggy Flicker, cast newbie, Margaret Josephs, has failed to impress the colorful fashionista. Kim shaded the rookie for turning her back on Siggy, to side with the cast veterans.

Margaret is the epitome of what a friend is not,” Kim said. “Anyone who can turn on a friend for a group of strangers is just no good.”

Kim has been nicknamed “The Godmother,” and believes the moniker is a reflection of her get-it-done attitude.

“People come to me for advice and favors, and I’m always willing to help,” Kim stated. “I get things done.”

Kim shared that she “loves being on the show,” because the exposure has been “great for business.” Does she have any regrets?

“I wish I could have brought out more truth at the reunion,” Kim revealed. “Other than that, it’s all good…and so much fun!”

Would you like to see more of Kim D. in the Real Housewives of New Jersey future?

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  • Buddy Buddy

    I would love to see Kim D, as well as Kim G on the show each week.

  • MissScarletwithaRevolver

    Ew no. It is plenty awful without another grifter.

  • Evil Queen

    Sorry. Love Kim D.

  • Nancy McConaghy

    Put Kim D. and Kim G. on and get rid of Danielle and Margaret.

    • chacha1

      ITA who wants to see the Real Skanks of NJ, Danielle, Margaret and Treape

      • shayvoe

        He has probably used the same phrase to Tre and her mother on occasion. It probably didn’t phase him in the least when Joe did it.

    • BriannaG

      Exactly. I’ve been saying it for years. Kim D and Kim G are great for reality TV. They say it like it is and won’t back down from a fight. They’ll never play victim.

  • Kelly’s Coven

    Love Kim D because she doesn’t give a shit and speaks her mind.

  • italiano bambino

    Love how she gives No F and is willing to spill the beans with no pay. Bravo and andy are dumb not to make her a regular.

    • BriannaG

      ITA. She is perfect for RHONJ. Danielle and Teresa won’t have a chance against Kim D. I also liked Kim G, she was the perfect pot stirrer)

      • italiano bambino

        Nj storyline are bad and bringing kim G and Kim D is what this show needs

        • Authentic

          Yaaaaasssss! Can’t leave out Kim G. More pole lessons too.

        • chacha1

          ITA get rid of Margaret and Danielle

    • chacha1

      she probably won’t kiss Andy’s stank ass like Treape and Danielle do … I still cannot figure out why Danielle is back on that show !!

  • Bryan
    • italiano bambino

      She’s the best 😂

      • Bryan


    • chacha1

      Lizard Face !!

  • Wicked Cupcake

    This woman is a complete scum bag. I don’t give a rat’s ass what this trash has to say about anything. Didn’t even read “her tea”. Bitch needs to worry about how dead, burned, bodies end up in her vehicles.

    • SMDRN66

      She should concentrate on finding a better anti-aging skin care line. She’s looked pretty damn rough.

      • Wicked Cupcake

        She is an old druggie whore bag. Coke and meth do nothing for skin. Lol.

  • Supatall2u

    Nooooo…keep this thirsty THOT off RHONJ. I wonder if her son is still driving the murder car?!? #criminals&murderers

    • Authentic

      ? Still driving murder car?

      • colleen

        Two men/boys/thugs were found murdered and burned in Kim’s son’s car!

      • chacha1

        a car in Kim’s name that was being driven by her son ….. his friends were driving it after they left him off at the airport to go to LA when they were murdered and burned … kind of like that scene from A Bronx Tale

      • Supatall2u

        There were two dead bodies found in her son’s car…

  • Marsbars09

    Serve that tea piping hot Kim! It’s delicious!

  • as seen on TV

    she’s a pig. plain and simple.

  • Just My Opinion

    Kim D is the real deal. She knows where ALL THE SKELETONS are hidden !!! She doesn’t NEED to be a regular on the show to validate her. If she were to write a tell all book you can bet a few more cast members would be in jail !!

    • BetteDavisEyez1

      She sure does. They are in her burned up car.

    • chacha1

      she shouldn’t brag about being mobbed up …. she said she “Ran with the big boys” and we know exactly who she meant and it wasn’t politicians etc….. people who really do run with the big boys keep their mouths shut

  • penny 2

    Apparently running with the big boys gets you a burned car full of dead bodies.

    • Liberated

      Well she does run with the mob. I’m surprised she could include the mob in her list of friends after that crime.

      • Gingertee

        She looks like she’s been mobbed

        • Liberated

          Mobbed up. I can see her taking a package from here to there. I can’t see her in fashion; she has no taste/bad taste in clothes and the fashion show is a source of entertainment not fashion. And please get real models for the fashion show. What HW is going to be strutting down that tacky runway this year?!

          • Gingertee

            Tell me about it. She is like the fashion “don’t section.

  • Liberated

    Does Kim D still wear those 2-for-1 cheap ass extensions she bought with Siggy?

  • Misha

    I’m not a fan of Kim’s but I find it funny how she just doesn’t have a shit about any of those women and gives her opinion on them whenever she’s asked. I wonder if people go to her fashion shows for the ‘entertainment’ rather than seeing any fashion.

  • Shelly Jones

    She looks like she’s 80. Not aging well at all.

  • JustSayin

    People who are legitimately “connected” don’t go around saying so.

    • SMDRN66

      And those who are know the mob hates rats.

  • Gingertee

    Kim D you are not on the show,
    Get a life and let this go
    If Andy wanted you we would know
    You are a very messy desperate old _ _ _

  • TartLemon

    IMO, the only reason KimD has not been made a regular cast member is because she will not play ball with Production. In spite of billing as a REALITY show, the ladies sign on for a certain agenda every season.

    I prefer she does NOT sign on, because I like the hot tea KimD provides. Production has no say except to edit out her portions. Those get picked up by sites like AAtT. WTG!

  • 1finleyboc2

    ewww no

  • SMDRN66

    Hell no. The God Damn Mother is as dumb as a box of rocks if she really believes we can’t see Danielle for what she is. Not only we know her past, we watched her on the show. Kim D is dying to get to be full time on this show. If she wants it that bad, she’s going to have to beg Teresa.