Nathan Griffith Calls Jenelle Evans A “LIAR” Over Accusations Nathan’s Girlfriend Attacked Her At #TeenMom2 Reunion!

Posted on Oct 23 2017 - 3:07pm by Staff Writer

Jenelle Evans is fighting back after her ex Nathan Griffith exposed that the Teen Mom 2 suffered a massive meltdown at a recent reunion taping.  

As fans know, a fight broke out at the conclusion of the Season 8 reunion filming in L.A. — involving Nathan Griffith, his new girlfriend Ashley Lanhardt, and Jenelle.

On Sunday, Nathan and Ashley explained their side of the story in a Periscope video — the couple stated that a hug between Jenelle’s mother Barbara Evans, and Ashley  triggered a violent outburst from Jenelle. Watch Nathan spill all the details about the meltdown and expose some reunion tea below.

Jenelle responded to the firestorm and Nathan’s claims during an Instagram Live video on Sunday. A laughing Jenelle begins her rant, “If you haven’t heard, last night there was an article that, of course, comes out after I left, [saying] that they had to shut down production and Jenelle and David were acting crazy,” referring to her husband David Eason, who she married in September. 

My babe was the one and only bartender for the ladies, not to mention the Jenga master. 😜🤙🏼

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According to the mom of three — the argument started when MTV cameras filmed Ashley backstage — although Ashley said she did not want to appear on the show. That cardinal sin — along with Ashley embracing her mother (who Jenelle’s not on speaking terms with), prompted Nathan’s girlfriend to “cuss” her out, — according to Jenelle. “Jenelle, you’re nothing but drama. Why are you jealous of me?” Jenelle recounts. Adding that Ashley allegedly lunged at her and security had to pin Ashley down against a wall.

Press play to watch Jenelle’s entire rant below.

As Nathan mentioned in his video — the situation was total mayhem and fellow Teen Mom 2 co-star, Chelsea Houska kindly stepped in to remove his son Kaiser, from the chaos. Chelsea’s dad, Randy Houska, was in attendance for the drama and chimed in on Twitter — cosigning Nathan’s version of events.

Nathan, later refuted Jennelle’s side of the story in a new video — declaring his ex a liar and revealing Jenelle as the real aggressor. Press play to watch below.

Nathan’s girlfriend Ashley, also tweeted some shade at Jenelle’s version of events. She wrote, “I’m not known for being aggressive, or a liar and I don’t have an extensive arrest history … just saying.”

The backstage reunion antics sounds off the chain! Sound off in the comments and catch the dysfunction on the Teen Mom 2 Mondays at 9:00 p.m. ET, on MTV.


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  • TNC

    Randy is on SM spilling even more tea and I love it!!! This of course is pissing off David and Jenelle and they are going crazy on SM.

    • RealitytvJunkie

      I’ve been following it and it’s so juicy. I love Randy.

      • TNC

        I do too!! I’m sick and tired of MTV covering for those two trash bags and I’m just glad that he’s doing it. #teamrandilicious #notallheroswearcapes!

        • the underground train

          What else did he say?

          • Daisy

            That the pix above is actually David sneaking behind the bar to get a drink (after being cut off) while real bartender was on a break

  • we”r”family

    Jenelle is always pointing fingers at everyone else. Dr. Drew enables her.
    Jenelle thinks she is all that and then some. I wish someone would take her kids and her and hubby are locked up.

  • Chi Town Baby

    Jenelle needs to stop using drugs. She’s now hallucinating and it’s becoming vert uncomfortable to watch. Babs is right Jenelle is being controlled and abused by David. I truly believe that.

  • Wicked Cupcake

    What a shit show Jenelle’s life is. Good Lord!

  • shayvoe

    I guess CPS is waiting for one of the kids to be injured or worse, before they step in and do something about these two pieces of trash. They are both the dregs of society.