#TeenMom2 Twitter Erupts After MTV Mocks Jenelle Evans’ Abuse of Her Toddler Son!

Posted on Oct 11 2017 - 12:21pm by BeachSpin

As reported, during Monday night’s episode of Teen Mom 2, Jenelle Evans and her now husband David Eason, were captured neglecting her screaming toddler.

In the disturbing scene, the couple becomes irate when their hungry screaming 3-year-old interrupts their “save the date” photoshoot. Stepdad David responds by grabbing Kaiser and roughy dragging him away from the camera. Kaiser soon melts down, screaming and crying “feed me!” while David and Jenelle kiss and pose, working to get a perfect shot. Press play to watch the  troubling clip below.

To add insult to injury, a verified Teen Mom 2 Twitter account posted a tweet minimizing the exposed horror. The tweet has since been deleted after getting dragged by outraged viewers.

Twitter erupted after witnessing the utter abuse and neglect of the 3-year-old.

Jenelle’s co-star, Kailyn Lowry, called out MTV for posting the tasteless tweet — and fans slammed the verified account for hours.


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  • MidwestMiddie

    WTH —- Who monitors networks MTV and the other deplorable cable channels? How did Bravo miss out on such a worthwhile show? GAG

    • motherall

      They don’t even monitor supposedly mainstream news channels. In reality, there is not much difference in their programming.

  • JustSayin

    That grouping of pictures captioned “the look of terror” – how heartbreaking! That poor little guy. No child should have to live in fear, especially not from an adult who should be their caretaker and protector.

    I really wish Janelle Evans would just fucking die already. It would be the best thing that ever happened for her children.

  • theStevieJBus

    Let’s be real, MTV does not care about these kids and they know drama like this equals big ratings and big money.

  • Ravello

    The system is failing this beautiful child. Doris please get involved again. I read her husband was seriously ill and the custody case was dropped. Not sure if this is true.
    Beachspin, do you know the status of the custody case?

    • the underground train

      Oh no! That was my one hope for him.

  • ScrappieONE

    How a producer can just stand there and do and say nothing especially after David grabs Kaiser by the arm and pulls him away is beyond me and disgusting. When will people STOP watching this crap for the sake of these exploited children.

    Chelsea seems to be the only decent mother on the show and she even shared her disgust with the producers and how the will spin certain scenes for their benefit but turn their heads when something like this happen. SICK

  • motherall

    But Teen Mom is supposed to be all about being a mom with arrested development who never progressed beyond 16 but keeps having babies she doesn’t mother.

    • Minx

      Brilliant Point!
      She has no concept how to be an, Adult much less a Parent.

  • Robin Napier

    I thought Jenelle was so happy sitting in the grass and calling sweetly to Kaiser to come to her…..But no! He was running so fast to his mommy but she scooped up a Dog instead! Disgusting

    • Robin Napier

      And I love Dogs! But that little boy needs some cuddles!

    • Chickpea16

      Yes, that was heartbreaking. Poor Kaiser had his arms out and then just plopped on the ground looking so defeated.

  • shayvoe

    If someone grabbed my child like that and drug him by the arm, I would flatten them. This child does not have a chance. He has two parents who are worthless. Nathan needs to get his act together, where he can get more than supervised visits with his son and hopefully one day get custody. How can Nathan watch another man abuse his child, without going ballistic? If he was a decent father, and not an alcoholic, I don’t think any judge would refuse him full custody in a custody trial against Janelle, or at the minimum 50/50 where at least this little guy would be safe half of the month.

    • ScrappieONE

      I worry most about their newly installed in-ground pool….

      • shayvoe

        That too….catastrophe waiting to happen.

      • we”r”family

        You know Jenelle hasn’t taken Kaiser to any type of swimming lessons. I started mine at 18 months. When catastrophe does happen she’ll blame the folks who installed the pool.

  • we”r”family

    For the love of all that is good, please CPS, somebody, get these kids away from these two. It breaks my heart. I want to reach through the tv and take them in. She allows whatever flavor of man she is with to treat her children however they please. I mean the abuse, neglect is real. MTV had documented.

    • SaraJ

      It’s absolutely heartbroken how Kaiser and Jace are treated.


    Hell No! No one would ever grab my child like that. I’d cut him.

    • Minx

      Damn Straight!

  • Minx

    I just can’t with Janelle.
    This Girl never learns. She keeps making the same mistake over and over and over, again.
    Why does she have babies with every man she sleeps with and who is in her, life for over a few weeks..
    What does David Do for a living? Anything?
    Yes, she is neglectful.
    Jace, doesn’t want to be there with them. Poor Kid, his Grandmother is just as crazy.
    I don’t remember who said, that she would like to reach into the TV and pick the Kids up, but I cosign on that!

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