#TeenMom2 Jenelle Evans’ Plot To Ruin Career Of Ex Nathan Griffith’s Girlfriend EXPOSED!

Posted on Aug 11 2017 - 10:08am by BeachSpin

Jenelle Evans is about to tie the knot, but that isn’t stopping the Teen Mom 2 star from bullying the girlfriend of her ex, Nathan Griffith.

Ashley Lanhardt is a drug counselor at a substance abuse treatment center in Florida — and Jenelle appears to have made it her mission to ruin her professional reputation.

Jenelle phoned Ashley’s Sarasota work place to “report an issue,” then after an alleged heated exchange, blasted the pro via a Google review. Jenelle made it clear that stealing her ex’s heart was a punishable offense — and that Ashley’s livelihood was on the line. Griffith is the father of Jenelle’s 3-year-old son, Kaiser. 

Jenelle accused Ashley of posting “horrible things” about her on social media, and later “cussing her out.” Jenelle also stated that her fiancé, David Eason, phoned Ashley’s boss to deliver his own negative review. Jenelle claims that her shady post was triggered by drug use accusations being floated on social media — but many believe that her Google tantrum was rooted in romantic jealousy. 

Jenelle and Ashley swapped jabs on Twitter, where Ashley laid out her credentials—defending her beau against Jenelle’s claims of alcohol abuse. Jenelle rips Griffith for mistreating his girlfriends — against the backdrop of her looming September wedding.

Jenelle also pointed out that her ex-junkie status gives her more cred than any educated substance abuse expert.

Jenelle is about to walk down the aisle — but will she ever let go of her ex?

Teen Mom 2 airs Monday nights, on MTV.


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  • we”r”family

    I wish someone would just scoop Kaiser up and give him the childhood he deserves! Jenelle has no room to talk about or cause issues with anyone. She is such an immature, hateful, self centered person.

    • motherall

      Kaiser is already a problem child with these two as parents. He’ll be a ticking bomb by kindergarten.

  • Evil Queen

    Jenelle is jelly!

  • shayvoe

    Both of them are wrong. We know Janelle is nuts, but IF this woman has the credentials she claims and is a drug counselor, she needs to refrain from engaging in social media drama with a lunatic. Not professional! I also question how sane she is by getting involved with Nathan, who doesn’t have a great track record with women or alcohol himself. They are just giving Jenelle what she thrives on….DRAMA!!

  • the underground train

    Janelle has 3 children including an infant, a wedding to plan, and a new house but finds time to harass an ex of an ex online. How pathetic.

  • the underground train

    Just looked at the photo above. Not trying to be funny but Nathan almost look like a black man in that pic.

    • theStevieJBus

      LOL, yeah it looks like he has on black face. That is not a good look for him

      • Contessa Bel Raven

        It’s possible there is blk in his family tree so he gets really tanned under the Fl sun. At least he’s not orange lol

    • shayvoe

      I thought the same thing. Had to look at him for a few to realize it was him.

  • ScrappieONE

    You would this this piece of $hit with 3 kids by 3 different fathers wouldn’t have time to create drama and her focus would be on her children. God I wish MTV would can these shows, it’s obvious none of them practice safe sex. It’s a joke at the end of each of these episodes they play the tape about it’s your sex life and preaching about safe sex.

  • theStevieJBus

    Go take care of your kids. If Jannelle were a half way decent mom or hell even half as good as Leah when she was on drugs she wouldn’t have time for petty stuff like this.