#BasketballWives Star Evelyn Lozada Confirms Split From Carl Crawford Amid Cheating Rumors — Read Statement Here!

Posted on Aug 10 2017 - 5:13pm by Avigail

As reported, Basketball Wives star Evelyn Lozada and fiancé Carl Crawford have called it quits after three years.

After reports of the split surfaced, Evelyn’s rep released a statement to US Weekly — confirming the couple have indeed broken up over infidelity.

“They did break up but it was over infidelity back in February,” a rep for the Basketball Wives star, 41, tells Us Weekly in a statement on Thursday, August 10. “Right now they are focused on being responsible and loving parents to their 3-year-old kid.” The former flames “do remain friends,” but Lozada, who currently resides in Arizona, is not living with the baseball star.

The couple had not been spotted together publicly since March for their son Leo’s birthday party — sparking rumors of a breakup.

Lozada took to Twitter on Thursday to thank a fan offering her support following the split. “Whether or not the tea that’s out there is true prayers with @Evelyn Lozada,” a fan wrote to the reality star with a heart emoji. She retweeted the post alongside a series of red hearts and prayer hands. 

Chatter about Crawford’s cheating with different women have been rampant since he was released from his LA Dodgers job in 2016. Crawford formerly played professional baseball for the LA Dodgers and was cut from his job with the Dodgers in 2016. Reportedly, Crawford’s former teammates’ wives called Evelyn out as a “gold digger.” 


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In addition, it is also rumored that the athlete refused to sign a prenup and openly went out on dates with other women recently. He even reportedly went on a family trip without his reality star fiancé and their son.


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  • Deanna777

    I’m sure the Evelyn Lozado isn’t the only gold digger among the basketball wives. She’d better hurry up and find another professional athlete sugar daddy so she can get knocked up again and get more child support.

    • Koko Banned

      She’s lost a few pregnancies, at her age it’s just reckless to continue to try to get pregnant for a come up. Ugh so over this thot

      • Shelly Jones

        She’s an old school thot…a pro..

    • Champagne Hangover

      Goldgiggers among Basketball wives??? Why surely you jest! 😏

    • the underground train

      Yea maybe she should get a soccer player this time.

    • RHONJ Fan

      Evelyn is close to 50, I’d say she out of the race now.

  • Ronnie

    She has her ATM, I mean kid, to make her happy.

    • jpinphx

      I was going to say cashbox

      • Ronnie

        Funny how our tongues slip. Lol

    • Gingertee

      I just read that He broke up with Ev a long time ago, before they started filming so her entire storyline has been fake, He lives in Texas and she has been staying with their 3 year old son in his AZ home. They started having problems after her miscarriage but he didn’t want anymore children anyway. The article said that he had a child by someone else when Ev was 6 months pregnant and that it was him that called off the 2014 wedding. This article said that he is remaining in TX because their laws about child support are much different and Ev will not win big for her personal pocket. Jackie has problems but Ev purposely put Jackie’s issues out there to divert everyone from the real mess in her own life. This stuff that we are finding out now about the prenup and breakup happened a while back but that’s not how Ev is trying to spin it. Now this guy is pissed because she went on the show giving the impression that they are still an item and trying to conceive that has been history for him.

      • Ronnie

        Thnx for the tea.

  • the underground train

    So Evelyn all up in Jackie’s family business but never mentions that her and Carl broke up on the show? 😒 Maybe Jackie was onto something saying she wants to be a sister wife 🤔

  • Who?Youuuu!

    What? Nooooooo, I’m shocked!

  • JerseyCountess

    Evelyn is such a pig. She’s trash, she’s a vindictive bitch and she’s a psycho. I feel dirty watching her on TV.