RECAP: ’90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After’ Anfisa Assaults Jorge & His Sister Goes Off On The Russian Escort!

Posted on Jul 17 2017 - 9:57am by BeachSpin

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After was heavy on the blah-blah  nothingness this week, but drama continued to boil over with our two favorite couples. Their footage was brief, but the tea was hot!

Jorge and Anfisa

We join Jorge on his way to meet Anfisa at a lawyer’s office, to discuss their chronic marital instability. Jorge suddenly decides that he misses his family, and that a phone call to his skeptical sis is long overdue. Jorge and Lourdes set up a dinner date — but the convo is awkward, because the A-word is intentionally left out of the dialogue. Jorge is afraid to tell Anfisa about the plan, because he’s sick of drama, and knows that he would be forbidden to leave her behind. He knows that his TLC shtick has shoved aside his family, but supposedly wants to reconnect, at least for the cameras. Jorge joins Anfisa, hoping that an “Alternative Divorce Solution,” pro will work relationship wonders. Jorge casually drops that a family meeting is on the schedule, and Anfisa flips, lunging at Jorge with her fists flying.

A producer steps in to protect Jorge, before Anfisa cuts the cameras. Jorge admits that he’s scared of his Russian firecracker, because Anfisa explodes regularly, and it tends to be painful. Anfisa says that she doesn’t regret belting her husband, and finally submits to cameras, just in time for the dinner with Lourdes.

The trio meets up in a restaurant, and Lourdes immediately expresses disappointment at the broken family relationship. Lourdes has not seen Jorge in several months, and encourages the couple to mix with the family, so everyone can adjust to the foreign interloper. Anfisa feels judged, and is peeved that Jorge is not defending her honor. Jorge admits to cameras that Anfisa is keeping him isolated from his family, and that he’s afraid to cross his hot Russian thug. Lourdes blasts Anfisa for being disrespectful to her brother, but Anfisa points out that Jorge is a weak pushover, who probably likes it. Lourdes inserts herself into the prenup drama, but Anfisa tells her to mind her biz and butt out of her brother’s financial facade.

Lourdes declines the advice, but Anfisa informs her that her brother is a cash-poor poser and a liar to boot. Lourdes likens Anfisa to a Russian hooker, and Anfisa restrains her fury, but rises to exit. Lourdes promises that she can get down and dirty, while Anfisa continues to plead her case. Jorge is silent, and undoubtedly knows that he’s gonna get it later. The couple leaves, and Lourdes becomes emotional — promising to take down the hooker one way or the other. 

Danielle and Mohamed

We catch up with Danielle, who is being dragged by Beth to see a lawyer. Danielle’s family relationships are on the mend, and she hopes that a legit effort to get Mohamed booted from the country will impress the relatives.  The lawyer walks Danielle through the annulment process, advising her to gather hardcore evidence, because the burden of proof lies in her dodgy story. The lawyer informs her that fraud is hard to prove, and Mohamed’s head space is a confusing mess. Danielle reveals that she and Mohamed did the deed once — sealing the consummation deal for real — blowing her chance to shove Mohamed back to Tunisia. Mohamed is proclaimed a sneaky little devil, and Danielle is dumbfounded by her own desperate foolishness. The pro thinks that there’s potential in Danielle’s case, but believes that the outlook is pretty bleak. Proving her claim will take lots of detective work, but Danielle vows to stop at nothing, as long as it’s not too strenuous.

We abruptly switch gears and drop in on Mohamed, who’s amusingly offering crack commentary on America’s immigration policies. The travel ban has Mohamed spooked, so he meets up with an online green card sister named Olesja, hoping for some freedom reassurance. Mohamed spills an abbreviated description of the Danielle melodrama, which Olesja wisely ignores. Olesja informs him that America is a rough place, because a foreigner can’t even break the teeniest tiniest law and not be kicked out. Mohamed smacks his forehead, insinuating that keeping his nose clean will be one challenging scenario.

Mohamed reiterates that he will not be friends with Danielle, because his social media hot-dogging has canceled out his best faux sweet talk. Mohamed is switching strategies, and wants to broadcast Danielle’s dark past as a credit card thief. Mohamed is getting his own public record ducks in a row — and wants to send them quacking all the way to the judge. Danielle is a shady crook, and Mohamed plans to build a case on her tawdry dirt, to deflect from his own. The court already knows — but Mohamed is determined to expose his wife straight into a divorce. 

Next week, Diamond labels Danielle a harasser, and Jorge’s heart is “broken into a million pieces.”  Don’t miss the fun!


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  • aemish

    Great recap, Beach! I totally forgot about Danielle’s credit card fraud stuff.. it definitely casts that weird smirk on her face into a darker light. I got used to just thinking she was part-tarded.

    My heart goes out to Lourdes.. I imagine it must feel like she’s lost her brother to heroin..

  • Violet~Princess Pumpernickel

    I think Jorge and Anfisa are well matched. I can’t stand either one of them. Anfisa has never hidden her true intentions. She’s been very upfront about who she is and what she wants right from the start. She’s awful but she’s honest. Jorge is a bold faced liar as well as a coward and a wimp.

    • Happy 2B Me

      Anifisa is abusive!

  • chacha1

    cannot stand Paola, Russ, Danielle, Mohamed, Beth the Hef Danielle’s BFF, even though Beth was first friends with Mohamed but got dumped because she probably smells also (that hair)
    Despise Jorge and Anfishface …… he is a pitiful stupid slug and she is violent, bat chit crazy and as mean as a rattlesnake
    They are all trash and ALL should be deported, we do not need the ‘likes’ of Danielle in our welfare system, she is a thief and a leech
    Mohamed is a disgusting pig flaunting his girl friends all over SM before he is divorced and that whack job Danielle went looking for him to tie him to the bed in her trailer home and beat him with a bat …..
    Lauren and Alexei have nothing so they made up this story line about Tourettes being hereditary like it was all new to them when in fact they knew.
    I like Pedro without Chantel and that creepy River and Annie Oakley her mother

    • SPM

      I would love to see a clip of Danielle screaming “I want my sex tonight” as Mohammed claims she did.

      • chacha1

        and not only did she smell she also peed on him …. these slugs will do anything for the TLC money, they’re all trash …. those poor daughters of Danielle’s had to listen to her scream for sex …. they did not deserve that nightmare that their mother brought into their lives.

        • SPM

          She needs to be spayed. Where is Bob Barker when you need him?

          • chacha1

            IKR? LOL

  • Happy 2B Me

    Paola and Russ are in it for the money and she is hoping to be “discovered” which isn’t going to happen. She’s sadly mistaken if she even thinks she’s a competitor in Fla. & No reputable agent wants to represent a model on a night time soap about how she got here! Maybe her friends aren’t even gay but it’s a great way for her to be with them with-out Russ being concerned! Maybe Russ is and their his friends. Some-thing is very fishy. She’s a snake in the grass, if Russ went back to OK she wouldn’t, until she’s broke. I’m not even sure their a “couple” It’s ridiculous what a push over Russ is for a woman who choses her friends over him! — Jorge and Anifisa are in it 100% for the money. Rumor has it she’s an x porn “star” LOL, that is out of work and he’s in debt up to his eyes. His sister looks like a fool for playing a part in their money scheme, Maybe she needs money too. JORGE can slap her with assault and he has proof, she’s violent and shouldn’t even be on the show. —Lauren and Alexei are FULL OF IT, she told him long before they even got married about her tourettes being hereditary and all the parents knew it is hereditary! Especially hers! It took Alexei 10 seconds to look it up on the net and you know Lauren researched “HERSELF” it looooong ago! I thought she was hiding her stomach last night! COULD SHE BE PREGNANT? I like them, I just wish their story about her tourettes knowledge was believable, cause it aint and it makes them ALL look like like big liars! I think it’s terrible to lie but even worse to ask your family to lie TOO, for money! — Mohammed and Danielle are in it for the cash period I hope he gets deported and she saves her money.

    • chacha1

      Paola will never ever go back to Oklahoma, they’re in it only for the money and will be divorced ASAP

  • aemish

    Please remove Loren, Paola, Chantal from the two-hour Sunday festivities. No one cares.

    Alexei seems to mean well, but Russ is a straight up reject and so is that Dominican dude.

    • SPM

      Alexei just wants the papers for him and his parents. He has no personality and looks like a constantly miserable human being.

      • chacha1

        one year later and he is still harping on a bachelor-ette party that had male strippers, yes, SPM he does appear to be a miserable human being that will never let it go.

      • chacha1

        SPM .when I look at Alexei all I see is that humongous nose … seriously

        • SPM

          Him and Loren add no value to the show. The only entertainment value provided by Alexei is his father’s terrible wig.