Little Hypocrite! Terra Jole’s Derogatory Midget Flick Exposed Amid ‘M’ Word Feud With Christy Gibel!

Posted on Jun 18 2017 - 5:02am by Staff Writer

Those who ride the highest horses usually turn out to frequent the lowest gutters! Everyone can be hypocritical on occasion, but for Terra Jolé — hypocrisy and the Little Women LA star go hand in hand.

On the June 24th episode of Little Women LA, tension between Terra and Christy Gibel exploded in Alaska — resulting in the Dancing with the Stars alum suffering a major meltdown. 

Jolé blamed her lunatic outburst on co-star Christy‘s use of the derogatory word, “midget,” in a previous video gig.

“All of these women claim that they hate the word midget and everything that it represents,” Terra said in a talking head confessional. “But when Christy makes a disgusting video celebrating that disgusting word, I’m the bad guy. How about standing up for something you believe in and get pissed at Christy instead of me?”

Check out Christy‘s video below.

Terra‘s disturbing spectacle, worthy of a 5150 psychiatric hold, prompted her co-star, Jasmine Arteaga Sorge, to step in.

Terra is losing her mind right now, and I am trying so hard not to laugh in her face,” says Arteaga Sorge in a talking head confessional. “She is being so ridiculous, it’s almost comical. Terra, calm down and just get over yourself! Lately she has been going out picking fights.”

However, as it turns out, Terra does not practice what she preaches.

Terra, alongside her husband Joe, starred in a 2009 flick called, Midgets Vs Mascots. In the disturbing scene below, “midgets,” engage in a milk drinking contest where they all take turns throwing up. After Terra throws up, she proceeds to expel gas violently into the face of a restaurant patron.

Little Women: LA airs Wednesdays, 9:00 p.m. ET on Lifetime.


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  • lloleary

    I cannot stand this self-righteous shrew..

  • Stephanie

    I really liked Terra and I still do BUT like Christy said she thinks she is the patron saint of LPs. Since she “blew up” in the public she does seem to have superiority complex over the other girls. I know she is a producer of the show along with the other Little women franchises and hosting the reunions plus DWTS…BUT SHES STILL ON THE SAME SHOW AS THE OTHERS! She needs to relax.

    Not to mention how bad did it make her look to BLACKMAIL Christy over the video to sign the release for her book(which she was going to trash Christy in anyway) smart move in Christys part for sure…don’t be a puppet!

    • ALegWithWings

      I used to watch this show religiously, but stopped last season when their problems became of the little celebrity variety as opposed to the little person variety. Anyway, I was channel surfing and caught Terra trying to coerce Christy into signing her book release. When Christy mentioned she wanted Terra to sign her own book release, Terra wouldn’t do it. Christy might be messy, but Terra is a LH. A little hypocrite.

    • chacha1

      I like your comment but beg to differ, I find nothing to like about Terra … past and present …. she is mean

  • Kimmie77

    This article has it wrong. The movie title with the word Midget in it wasn’t the original title. It was changed after production wrapped and Terra and few of the other cast members protested the use of the word “Midget” in the title but at the end of the day there was nothing they could do about it. Unfortunately that’s how the business works.

    • ALegWithWings

      You are correct. The working title was A Tribute To Big Red. I wouldn’t have believed it coming from Terra, but Scottie Pippen who had a cameo in the film confirmed it in a press release back. I still think Terra is a little hypocrite though, just not about this in particular.

  • chacha1

    I agree, Terra is definitely a 5150 case and I was shocked that no one put her in a straight jacket or hosed her down …. Bitch is violent and mean and you can bet she would have never gotten on DWTS if they saw that video or saw the show where she throws a beer bottle at someone’s head in NY and the force of it stuck in the wall….. I will not watch the video above as I abhor seeing people vomit, I hate it in real life and I hate to have to watch it… it seems like everything you watch now a days has a vomit scene …..

  • AnEnigmaWrappedIn$nark

    The M word Gasp~! Only a migget can call another migget a migget.

    • Champagne Hangover

      I’m just going to say it…You are acting like a total midget right now! Only a midget would say such a thing! I blame midget culture and midget music for the decline of decent society today! Why, my neighborhood was all well and fine…until THE MIDGETS started moving in! Now it’s all tiny lawn furniture and step ladders everywhere! 😜
      Sorry, I couldn’t resist..😏

  • SME-AdamsSexySalads

    The terra video was so f*cking gross

  • Esmeralda Herrera

    Omg this video was nothing. Does no one remember Jackass and Jonny Knoxville and then all that followed that fool?? And now with social media things have been 10x as worse. I mean even AFV had ppl throwing up for our entertainment or some other ppl make complete asses of themselves and their own families would send the videos in hoping to cash in. And I can tell most of the s called “vomit” they show at the end was fake. It looked like curdled milk. Even when he picks Terra up so she can “fart” was planned. It was rigged to explode in the ladies face. Its a movie after all. I for one will continue watching the show for what it is a great scripted drama/comedy that is very entertaining. Yes i think at first it was meant to be reality but they saw they could get better ratings and more viewers if they went the way of the other trashy shows. Its not easy to be 7 Little Johnston’s (BT dubs Amber and Trent are relationship worthy envy) I ♥ that FAM. And as well with the Roloffs they were a great one of a kind find. So these Little Women had to go and carve another niche for themselves. I can’t hate on that. U take what u are given and u run with it. And u make it work until it no longer suits you and then u can revamp the franchise. I will stay loyal to these girls till the end.

    • ZombieVoodooQueen

      Exactly.. it’s totally scripted.. if Terra and Christy weren’t at eachothers throats it would be a snooze fest…

      • chacha1

        Terra was disgusting before the show …

      • MsM

        Scripted or not Terra is still assinine. Juuust sayinnnn….

  • TartLemon

    I don’t care what it was called. When Terra made this film, she KNEW it was derogatory and EXACTLY what it was to portray.

    IMO, Terra’s constant assault on Christy is because as Terra said when she was trying to get her to sign the release, Christy knows all the dirt. Terra is trying to totally discount Christy before it’s spilled. Gonna backfire on Terra.

    • Why is this happening to us?


    • MsM

      Exactly Tart. Christy knows a lot more than she’s letting on – that’s why Terra is so nervous about her. It’s not what the woman has done, it’s what she knows about what Terra has done in the past that could tarnish her “superior” image that Terra likes to portray that can totally derail her career. You can see it very clearly in Terra’s behaviors.

  • TartLemon

    My Grand daughter is 5’2″ in a Family where before that the short women (me) were 5’6″. We’ve always called her “Midge”. Not her real name, but an adoration. At 22, I asked her if it offended her. “No, why?”

    • ZombieVoodooQueen

      You do realize that to be considered a dwarf it’s​ 4’11” and under. 5’2″ is pretty close to average height for a female (5’4″), so why would your granddaughter be offended or not be offended when she’s not a dwarf?

  • Evil Queen

    She looks like Santa’s special elf in that above pic.

    • chacha1

      she reminds me of that scary character from the picture and movie Scream with that big flappy mouth

      • Evil Queen


  • onej creolemamala

    Terra needs to stop hating on Christy. She is not representing little people in a positive manner. What’s the use of breaking down a barrier to be the first little person on DWTS to be seen weekly spewing so much hate. Used to watch the show now it’s just another raunchy reality show going in a very negative direction. No longer a fan.

    • chacha1

      from the beginning of the show Christy was as disgusting as Terra was, she was always going around asking the other female LP’s how big their man’s penises were. I never could figure out why she did that on camera

  • Champagne Hangover

    Political correctness gone mad.

  • Victoria Witherby

    Terra The TERROR! It’s a matter of time before this self absorbed. Witch pays the PIPER. Anything for personal gain this short, squabby all ass and no body will do.

    Kindness is FREE ~

    • chacha1

      Terra looks like a creature from Alice in Wonderland

  • Reality Buffy

    What year was Christy’s video made? You can’t hold 2017 standards to things that happen 15 or even 10. a video that would seem tacky 15 years ago comes off as Sizist? is there a ist term for little people? I am truly not meaning to be offensive.

  • ZombieVoodooQueen

    Terra did mention in the episode that she was in this movie and that the producers told her a different title (that did not include midget) when she filmed it. It wasn’t until after the movie was made that producers decided to use the word midget in the title and Terra did not know and if she did she wouldn’t have filmed the movie. That’s what she claims anyway… either way Christy is a mini fat version of Rosie O’Donnell…

    • Why is this happening to us?

      The movie is still disgusting whether the title had the word midget in it or not. Does Terra think she is more respectable in the LP community than Christy? I would say that the content of Christy’s video is mild in comparison to Terra’s movie, title or not. There is nothing respectable about that role or the many other roles that Terra has taken on over the years. She has made a mockery of LP’s in some of the jobs that she’s chosen, so for her to act like what Christy did is horrifying is completely ridiculous. She needs to take her “holier than thou” attitude down a few notches. Christy said that she did that job because she needed money to feed her family. It’s no different than a woman who works in a strip club or does porn for a living. She doesn’t need to explain herself to Terra anyway.

      • chacha1

        Terra opened that can of worms, seems her and Joe were disgusting before the show and then the show proved they are violent also. It is a shame that Dr. Jen Arnold is shorter than 4 feet because she is the one who should have been on DWTS representing LP’s … she and Bill are educated and classy and they also wrote a book called Life Is Short (no pun intended) I love them !!!

        • Why is this happening to us?

          She really did open that can of worms. She tried to open it on Christy, but it looks like it backfired!
          I like Dr. Jen. I never got to watch much of their show, but what I did see was a great family and a great example for their children. Not like those other animals….

      • MsM

        You said it Why!!!

        • Why is this happening to us?

          Thanks MsM! ☺️

  • Diane Illingworth

    This is so dehumanising I am disgusted by the content although I did not watch it all. What was the purpose of this, people will do anything for their 15 minutes of fame xx

    • Shannon Bocko Mccabe

      She did it years ago as a single mom.

  • Joy Gill

    They changed the name of the movie post production. She was not privi to the knowledge.

    • Shannon Bocko Mccabe

      She knew what the scene was called on Jack ass.

    • Laura

      Even IF that’s true, this whole movie if just so classy-NOT!

  • chacha1

    Terra looks like that character from Scream in that picture above …..

  • Shannon Bocko Mccabe

    She was also on jack ass. & was in a scene called midgitt bar fight a year before she started little women la. Christy did this years ago. Who cares! I used to love Terra but she’s turned into a fame whore.

  • Sheryl Lynn

    Terra you hate Christy you are sending a message that you are NOT a positive person and that you will never be what you claim to be so what you was on DWTS you think you are better than Christy? YOU ARE NOT, you bleed just like everyone else.