Dissed: Wendy Williams BLASTS Eden Sassoon After The #RHOBH Star BEGGED To Go On Wendy’s Show!

Posted on Mar 20 2017 - 10:25am by BeachSpin

Be careful what you wish for! Real Housewives of Beverly Hills rookie, Eden Sassoon, dreamed of an exchange with Wendy Williams — but got smacked with a scolding instead! Wendy wagged a finger in Eden’s direction — and Eden’s fangirl shtick was swiftly replaced by a social media tantrum.

Eden has been trying to woo Wendy over to the dark side for months — shamelessly smooching for a daytime invite.

Wendy finally threw Eden a bone — weighing in on a mysterious love interest — a supposed internet dreamboat, named London. Eden revealed on the show that she was funding a boink-fest intro in NYC, and Wendy couldn’t resist throwing into the madness. Wendy nailed Eden for behaving  like a spoiled brat/ dumb slut combo plate — not exactly what Eden had in mind.

“I think that she’s got that growing up rich and entitled thing, where she’s not really on track with what is going on out here,” Wendy snarked during the ‘Hot Topics’ segment. “You can’t carry a crystal to your computer and think that by holding it in your hand tight, you’re gonna meet Mr. Right and invite you to your house. He could be the killer. He could be the STD carrier and I’m not talking about the ones you cure. People get very angry when they realize that they got something that maybe is incurable and they do terrible terrible things.”

Wendy pointed out the obvious — warning Eden that bedding total strangers could come at hefty price. 

“Then he could find out you’re a Sassoon, wait for you to get into the shower, go into your check book, steal a few checks from the bottom,” Wendy warned. “You never steal from the top!

Wendy fired one final shot of advice at Eden.

“Get smart before someone takes from the bottom of your check book. That’s all.”

Eden immediately went off on Twitter — incensed that Wendy would dare question her work ethic, family legacy, or choice of shady lovers.   

Eden was just getting started, rambling on and on — to Wendy’s deaf ears. Eden even used her Thirst Project charity in hopes of dragging a response out of Wendy. It didn’t work.

One onlooker nailed it — but Eden begged to differ, pointing to being “hurt” by Wendy.

Eden protests too much — and her Bravo skin is thinning past the point of no return. Eden pants to share her wonky brand of love — unless her target  dares to tell it to her straight.

Catch Eden in action, on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills — Tuesday nights, on Bravo. 


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  • Ronnie

    Wackadoodle doo!

  • italiano bambino

    She ain’t coming back next season

  • RealitytvJunkie

    Poof be gone, demonic witch. You’ve caused so much issues that even most of your #SassSquad loonies have turned against you.

  • Mental Iceberg 🏇

    For those who, like me, who can’t stand WW – fast forward to the 14:20 mark.

    Other than that? I agree with everything Wendy said, and too bad, so sad that Ms. Sassoon is pissed. WW said nothing but the truth.

  • ALegWithWings

    #Entitled ❤️ #EloiseAtThePILLaza👸🏼 #PILLates💊 #IWillNotBeIgnoredDan!🔪 #5150 #EmptyLoveJar 💫💥 #AloeWater💧#ThirstySoberWoman💦#LetsGiveKimPills #GOALS🥅 #GettingCatfished❤️💔 #LEGACY #RinnaMadeMeDoIt😒 #TRUTH
    #CreepyEdenHug #SoManyJobs👮🏼‍♀️🕵🏼‍♀️👩🏼‍🎨👩🏼‍🔬 #SoldSoManyCOOKIES 🍪#HEALINGFromOpenWounds✨🌟#Don’tCallMeAlpha! 😡🔥🖕🏻#HowAboutIWearAWigForNoReason!💁🏻

    • Deanna777

      I think you’ve covered everything for this loon.

    • Authentic

      This was perfect!

    • Why is this happening to us?

      #ILoveIt! 🙂

  • Karoline

    Eden is pitiful.

  • Bryan


  • Birdie

    Bye Eden–you are literally the worst, and that’s really saying something when talking you’re talking about Housewives.

  • AnEnigmaWrappedIn$nark

    Normally, I would never side with Saloon on anything, but because WW is such a phony expert of nothing, I have to make an exception. At least she’s upgrading from teen boys to more mature internet hookups … baby steps.

  • MsM

    ROFL This literally made my morning!

  • MsM

    ROFL This literally made my morning!

  • JustSayin

    It’s sad, the only thing her appearance on RHOBH has done is forever taint the Sassoon brand. Never really used the products, but the name WAS iconic. Now when I see Sassoon I think SassLoon…her father would probably be pretty disappointed with that.

  • Deanna777

    Look honey, if you’re so desperate that you want to pay for strangers on the Internet to come and screw you, that’s your business. Just be sure to let your family know where you want to be buried should your hook-up not go as planned.

    • ALegWithWings

      #Eden’sLoveStory 💻🌹♥️⚰️ I’d be more worried about the stranger’s safety than Eden’s!

      • Deanna777

        That guy had better check out her IG before he heads over here. She could be a bunny-boiler.

        • ALegWithWings

          She is Lifetime movie of the week crazy.

  • JustSayin

    And lol, doesn’t throwing a twitter tantrum because Wendy Williams doesn’t return your fake love kind of prove her point about you being entitled? Wendy Williams is a well-known shit talker, Eden thinking she’s somehow above or immune to that because she kissed Wendy’s ass on twitter seems pretty…well, stupid mostly, but also a bit entitled lol

  • Txtea

    How embarrassing 🙈

  • Clutching My Pearls

    I’m so happy Eden is gone after this season. She makes Kim look sane but this Wendy Williams Show stuff is funny. I’m sure she’s mortified.

  • Sugar in my tank

    Chile, Who cares??Wendy doesn’t have the right to disrespect or judge anyone. Wendy’s abusive husband cheated on her multiple times including during her high risk pregnancy where she was bed ridden. Her husband was sued for sexual harassment and the accuser won. Wendy is a recovering crack/cocaine addict who places hypocritical judgment on celebs that she doesn’t own herself. Before Wendy attacks anyone’s integrity, she should check her own. Wendy should be telling her philandering husband about his behavior before commenting on who Eden is sleeping with. Why, why, why does some women resent other women who are not sexually uptight? When a woman is getting the pipe laid correctly, this is never an issue and she’s not complaining…Eden is a single woman who can suck, f*ck anyone until her cooch falls off..I detest self righteous, phony ass people who embodies fakeness for fame and a check..additionally, I detest double standards especially from the likes of Wendy.

    • Clutching My Pearls

      Wendy has the hottest show and SassLoon is a nut.

      • Sugar in my tank

        I wouldn’t give a good damn if her show is scorching hot. She has no right to judge anyone’s character when hers is”DAMAGED AND FLAWED!!

        • Clutching My Pearls

          You judge characters all day, just like the rest of us. The only difference is Wendy Williams gets paid millions, so that people like you can snark. Smh.

          • Sugar in my tank

            No that’s where you are WRONG, I do not judge, I admonish. Now if I have an issue with a b*tch, I will say what I have an issue with and slay them, if I choose. Back to Wendy, she is just like all the other gossip columnists and her salary doesn’t impress me but her hypocrisy is disappointing. Don’t talk the talk if you can’t walk the walk..See I have listened to Wendy for yearzzzz before she hit the big screen so I am neither impressed or shocked by her tongue. She can make her coins and I will pump my fist to her success but when her hypocritical ass gets out of pocket, I will address it.. Since you are a fan, be one and accept those who aren’t.

          • TartLemon

            I listened to Wendy for a long time, too. Had her on auto record until about 2 years ago. Haven’t bothered since.

          • Sugar in my tank

            I liked Wendy when she just was gossiping. When she climbed her ass on that pedestal with the gavel, she was removed from the DVR..I was done when she gave a woman advice about leaving their abusive cheating husband while she remained with hers. She talks about women whose husbands work for them and her husband is doing the same..I bought her autobiography and she autographed it years ago and the chapter where that bum ass husband had a chapter in it left my mouth open. That bum didn’t appear to have a bit of remorse but she called the hotel room (live on the air)where Bobby Brown was with another woman while married to Whitney and went in..see the hypocrisy is utterly pathetic

          • ALegWithWings

            I removed her from my DVR when she said Ke$ha should’ve recorded her sexual assault with a GoPro. Like what kind of regressive victim blaming sh!t is that?

          • Sugar in my tank

            Whoa, really? See that’s not salacious gossip and that’s where she goes too damn far…

          • ALegWithWings

            Yes, really. She even had to apologize for it. I have to say my favorite Wendy guest (for the short time I watched her show) was Alyssa Milano. Wendy (who has giant fake tits) was trying to tell Alyssa that women shouldn’t be allowed to breast feed in public and Alyssa basically schooled her. The audience even started clapping for Alyssa instead of Wendy. 😂 YouTube Alyssa Milano Defends Breastfeeding.

          • Sugar in my tank

            Saw that one but Wendy is typically wrong and schooled..Roland Martin schooled her on her comment about historically black universities which was epic..she invited him on the show to further her education. I do not begrudge her making coins but she’s too hypocritical. She respects no one privacy while wanting hers respected. I just can’t. I do like that “How you doing” catch phrase though.

          • Clutching My Pearls

            Do I need to loan you a dictionary? Seems you’re not clear on the meaning of admonish. Also, this comment of yours is clearly judging Wendy Williams and pretty harshly. I wonder what gives you the right to do so. Oh never mind, I’m sure you’ll have another 100 word response scolding me as to why you’re entitled to “admonish,” but not Wendy Williams. 😂

          • Sugar in my tank

            No dear, you keep it and use it.. I stand by my comment.

          • Sugar in my tank

            Did you “add” more to your original comment? Anywho, I am finished with the Wendy talk since you are a “Super Fan” and all. Love Muffin, you are not relevant enough for me to scold especially since you are a stranger but in the future, think twice before you click “Reply” to one of my posts which was not originally directed at you because you may not like what I give, especially when you get funky.. I hope this was long enough for you..toodles..

    • ALegWithWings
      • Jessica


    • She’s right that Ciara’s best friend shouldn’t be sitting on Russell Wilson’s lap and tweeting about how fine she thinks he is. That’s a hot mess just waiting to boil over. I feel what you’re saying though.

  • Oh Snarky Me

    Holy crap, Sassloon is such a loser! She’s like a spoiled little brat; if she doesn’t get her way then she throws a tantrum. This chick seriously has a screw loose!

  • TartLemon

    Is Eden in the cast for next season?

  • wellWellwell

    WW is right, hate saying that. When BH first started I went on this loons twitter..ugh! I had high hopes for her that hasn’t panned out. Eden using her father as a shield is disgusting. She’s strange and so was some of her followers they would attack if you slighted her art work. It looked like a patient in a psych ward painted the pictures. Some angry as hell..oh well, I’m with WW on this one. She won’t be back Kyle used her as a SL and Rinna was in on it.

  • Girl Please


  • TartLemon

    Eden is way up at the top of the list (at least 1¾ with a bullet) for my least favorite HWs. Taylor is still #1.

  • bellota

    wow, so cringe-worthy, it’s painful!

  • Eden embarrasses herself time and time again. Her poor dead daddy and sister must be turning in their graves at the mockery Eden’s makes of their “legacy.” This is some pathetic ish.

    • MsM

      She’s managing to live on an entirely different planet than the rest of us!! Weirdly enough, it’s not even attentionwhoring that motivates her – it’s that “truth” of hers. She lives and breaths it to the point where she feels that everybody NEEDS to live that truth as well and what better way to share the joy than to go on some talk show and be seen sharing that truth? It’s truly a convoluted mindset – sadly I’ve actually seen it before. It NEVER goes away. She’s going to be like this until she finally drops dead.

    • Faux Gibbler

      Hi Suesseroo is this your website? I am asking because I see AllAboutTheTea_ was suspended and Eden Looon I guess bragged about it. What the heck happened? You all didn’t really interact that much and would just post links to your articles.
      Your articles merely mock how nutty this loon is, it is not like you are wishin her dead or something. I just don’t understand how she got you all suspended?. Is there something we could do for you? I say we boycott her products and make appointments at her salon and not show up.

    • Faux Gibbler

      Oh my GAWD look at this crazy video By Loon Sassoon, she tweeted it to Andy I can’t stop laughing https://twitter.com/sasseden/status/808048785301479424

    • Faux Gibbler

      Suess I just commented and gave you a link on a hilarious video of Eden.
      Also check out California business records, Loon’s palaties business was dissolved but she is promoting it. I don’t know if something is there but I think it is worth searching Eden’s name there. 😂

      – Formerly Kjibbers

  • BooBooBaby

    Omg! Lolz!
    I am literally embarrassed for Eden!
    Eden needs to just STOP IT!!!

  • kikid26

    Wendy is a b*tch, but that is nothing new. She rips on everyone, which Eden should know since she was desperately begging for an invite on the show. Know what you’re getting into SoonyLoony!!!

  • beargirl

    Does Eden have full custody of her children? Or, does she have joint custody? Being very serious, it gives one pause as to some of Eden’s comments, especially about ‘London’ and meeting him in NYC and what condition he would find her. Does she do the same stuff at her home in LaLaLand with the kids home? Perhaps she riding on one rail waiting to fall off.