#LittleWomenAtlanta Bombshell: Tanya Scott’s Gay Baby Daddy Will Be Exposed On The Show! [Exclusive]

Posted on Mar 19 2017 - 8:03am by Terri L. Austin

Things always seem to be hotter in Atlanta — and this season of Little Women: Atlanta will be no exception.

AllAboutTheTea.com has some EXCLUSIVE tea to spill about Little Women ATL rookie, Tanya Scott. 

Viewers watched Tanya waltz onto the show with two toddlers — one of questionable paternity.

The backstory is twisted but I’ll do my best to break it down:

Tanya was in a relationship with the father of her youngest child (a girl), when she had an affair with Nico Cobb. The affair led to the pregnancy of her FIRST child, Jaden (a boy). The man Tanya cheated on believed that baby Jaden was his son, but a DNA test proved Nico to be the father. Nevertheless, this shocking revelation did not end Tanya‘s relationship, and she went on to have a baby girl with the man she cheated on, before they eventually broke up

Nico Cobb with his son, Jaden

Tanya introduced the women to Nico and needless to say, they weren’t impressed. Least of all, Tanya’s bestie and roommate, Sam. During an episode, Sam told Tanya exactly what she thought of Nico.

“There’s just something about him that rubs me the wrong way. I don’t like the way he talks to you, I don’t like the way he makes you feel.”

When Tanya got knocked up for a third time (this time most definitely by Nico), she kicked Sam out to make room for baby daddy number #1 and #3.

The makings of a happy family right? Not so fast. As reportedNico is supposedly gay, and has a fetish for little people. And Nico is an aspiring singer. Check out his dainty music video below.

Tanya will have to deal with some serious truths when she’s confronted by her costars in an upcoming episode.

A source tells AllAboutTheTea.com exclusively that the ladies find out about Nico’s sexuality and confront Tanya about it. Our insider dished:

Miss Juicy discovers that Nico came out the closet 9 years ago and she and Monie confront Tanya about it.”

You know Miss Juicy isn’t going to hold back. But surely Tanya knows about the rumors. What will she have to say about them? We can’t wait to see what goes down this coming season.


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  • nutz4reality

    I watch this program but it’s only because I am such a reality-slut. If they didn’t have the Tanya story line ( dead beat gaydaddy and soon to be 3 kids under 2?) there would not be much going on.
    I guess Miss Juicy works but the rest of them seem unemployed except for this gig. Next it will have to be a wedding for the twin except it doesn’t look like her guy works either. I guess their parents supported everyone before the show scooped them up.

    • the underground train

      Yes. What do they all do for a living? I know Minnie does hair, right? Juicy works with for Ricky Smiley Show and Tanta supposedly sells herbal remedies or something. The twins just twerk as far as I know.

      • MsM

        Didn’t Monie start out doing hair and then she got fired? Evidently she just lives off of Marlon now. I’m sure they all get SSDI to a point and whatever they do beyond that supplements the income. Although,their income from the show itself would put them over cap so the disability income might be on hold until they’re totally without income again.

        • John Henry Dill

          Monie does voice overs.

          • MsM

            One CAN make a pretty good living with something like that.

          • John Henry Dill

            Yes they can

  • Allergic2dumbstuff

    Issa no for me, Dawg. Sorry, I couldn’t get pass 56 secs. And no, it wasn’t my A.D.D. This fool is skipping around the woods, with teddy bears? The title of his song is “Lost” because that’s exactly what he is, LOST. 56 secs of my life I’ll never get back. I need my butt kicked. smh

    • chacha1

      IKR ?

      • MsM

        Amen allergic!! The man is an idiot.

  • chacha1

    I cannot stand any of these gangsta loving skanks who do nothing but have kids the taxpayers have to support ……

    • Lily Fin

      so agree!! why are they so attracted to these “thugs” who only want to ride their coat tails,??? they ALL try to act so “gangsta” wtf??? they’re ALL so selfish to not think about the children involved!!!

    • John Henry Dill

      They make tens of thousands of dollars, doing the show. They are not on welfare :-/

  • the underground train

    Um…well…uhh…he has a nice voice. That’s all I got.

  • Donna

    The song should have been named tip toe…through the woods.

  • MonaLucy

    All these chicks have black men for baby daddy’s which makes me wonder if they have a fetish and then oops, she’s pregnant!

  • Shrissa Williams

    He gay but out here banging midgets and making babies smh

  • I’m actually feeling the song, but I knew he was gay the first time I saw him. Guys like him will try to ride any coattail they can latch onto … even sleep with a woman to get ahead! 😠

  • ProudOne29

    This article is so offensive that it’s ridiculous. You using the word gay in a derogatory manner is disgusting. I couldn’t even read the entire article. But what would I expect from a white women with free thoughts as others comment so ignorant with other insensitive derogatory words. He never hid that he was bi sexual and should not be judged on who he loves nor his mannerisms. Like seriously, everyone grow up. It’s 2017 and people still can’t help but to be bigots.