Viral YouTube Sensation Auntie Fee Dies at 59 — Son Confirms!

Posted on Mar 18 2017 - 9:34am by Avigail

Viral internet sensation, Auntie Fee, has passed onto glory after spending three days on life support. 

On March 14, Auntie Fee also known as Chef Sista Girl, suffered a massive heart attack that led to her untimely death.

She was rushed to Harbor-UCLA Medical Center after collapsing at her south Los Angeles home, and did not show any signs of improvement since. Auntie Fee‘s son, Tavis Hunter, took to Facebook to confirm the heartbreaking news.

Auntie Fee became a beloved internet celebrity and viral sensation on YouTube in 2014 after breaking the internet with her viral videos, and leading to her amassing more than half a million YouTube subscribers.

Some of her specialties included “dumb good mac and cheese” and “good a*s chicken.”

Auntie Fee, also appeared on various TV shows and films including: The Steve Harvey Show, Jimmy Kmmel Live!, Barbershop 3, and BET’s Real Husbands of Hollywood.

Sincere condolences to Auntie Fee‘s family, friends and fans during this time.


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  • Clutching My Pearls

    Truly sad news. I would binge watch her videos sometimes and just laugh my head off. She’ll be missed. RIP Auntie Fee.

  • CNN

    Aw man. I was hoping this was another false alarm but I guess not. YouTube won’t be the same without Auntie Fee. I feel sad for Tavis and her family.

  • Mental Iceberg 🏇

    I’ve no clue who this is, but 59 is too young 🙁

    Condolences to her family.

  • Sunflower

    I do not know this Spunky Lady…
    In the Spirit of the Universe… I extend my Condolences to her family.
    She seems to be loved by a whole lotta people at 59 years old… which says something about her beautiful character.

  • Trippinhhard

    I never heard of her, but she was funny as heck..RIP and her family has my sympathy and compassion… They will need it, she was living life to the fullest…

  • carrot

    She was wonderful and had a wide array of fans, I actually discovered her from a link on a conservative/libertarian blog(the main blogger has an amazing range of taste, from opera, gay rights, libraries around the world,gardening, food, cat videos to political and military commentary. So I clicked, and fell in love. She was awesome. RIP dear Auntie Fee.

    And before I get jumped on, I follow all sorts of blogs:)

  • Authentic

    I need to look this lady up for Good A*s Chicken. I hope it’s fried.
    Only 59 years old! Hope her videos still on YouTube.

  • Sugar in my tank

    Rest in power Auntie Fee, heaven got a new soul food chef, with a cussing tongue..

  • sideof Sour Cream

    What a shame.