#RHOC Alexa Curtin Gains Advantage In Rape Case Against Orange County Police Officer!

Posted on Mar 16 2017 - 2:05pm by Terri L. Austin

Alexa Curtin, daughter of Real Housewives of Orange County star, Lynne Curtin is back in the spotlight. This time, she had a victory in court over her alleged rape charges involving a Sheriff’s deputy.

Alexa filed a suit stating that in April 2014, she’d been sexually assaulted at a routine traffic stop by Sheriff’s Deputy, Nicholas Lee Caropino.

When Alexa first asked to look at Caropino’s files, she was told that she was not entitled to any documents, as “federal laws protecting the privacy interests of employees.”

But the judge sided with Alexa and ordered that documents relevant to ‘sexual misconduct incidents’ involving Caropino and other officers over the last five years must be submitted by March 27.

Curtin maintained that Caropino had sexually violated two other women besides herself. According to court documents submitted to the court:

“Unfortunately for the community, Ms. Curtin was not the only person Deputy Caropino sexually assaulted.”

Jane Doe #1 was pulled over by Caropino and asked if she’d been drinking. She admitted to have a couple margaritas. Carpino asked if she’d ever “date a cop” and Jane Doe #1 said no, she would not. Then he reportedly turned off all his recording devices.

He then asked Jane Doe #1 if she was “wet” and that he wanted to “feel her.” He reached his hand through the car window and fondled her genitals. Then he stated, “I want to f*ck you right now.” He instructed her to follow him to a parking lot.

“She followed him to a parking lot, where he parked his squad car next to hers and directed her to get into the backseat of her car. He then engaged in non-consensual sexual intercourse with her in the backseat. Before leaving, Deputy Caropino asked Ms. Doe #1 for her phone number and she gave it to him. A few days later he started sending her vulgar threatening text messages that Ms. Doe #1 did not reciprocate.”

This woman is willing to come forward and testify.

There was a second case of Jane Doe #2. While under arrest, she was uncuffed and forced to touch Caropino’s genitals through his uniform. After he intimidated her, he sexually assaulted her. Later, she showed up at her house and forced unwanted sexual contact on her.

Though this is a victory for Alexa and her case, she had a setback last month when the judge declared that she could not testify to “bladder infections, post-traumatic stress or loss of enjoyment of sex” in regards to her alleged rape.

Alexa’s original lawsuit states that on the way to see her boyfriend, she was pulled over by Caropino.

“The Deputy searched Plaintiff’s vehicle. Plaintiff had some of her clothing in her vehicle. While searching… the Deputy found some of Plaintiff’s underwear and began inappropriately questioning Plaintiff about her underwear, asking if the underwear belonged to her, how many pairs she had, why she needed the underwear, etc.”

When he was called away on another matter, he instructed Alexa to stay put and not leave her vehicle. Twenty minutes later, he returned in his own personal car and out of uniform. He sat in her passenger seat and reportedly said, “Since you are still here, I am going to f*ck the shit out of you.”

The suit further reads that Alexa:

“…was afraid and feared for her own safety, and she complied with all of the Deputy’s commands. Then the Deputy groped Plaintiff’s vagina and digitally penetrated her while commenting on her anatomy.”

In fear for her safety, when Caropino instructed Alexa to straddle him, she complied.

“Plaintiff was violated, traumatized, emotionally drained, in shock, and fearing for her own safety. Specifically, Plaintiff feared that given the Deputy’s position, he would find her and harm her again.”

Orange County’s response was that Alexa consensually had sex with the Deputy. The court papers issuing their response says:

“Any injury to the plaintiff was due to and caused by the negligence and omissions of plaintiff to care for herself, which carelessness and negligence and omissions were the proximate cause of the damage, if any, to plaintiff…”

This isn’t the only ongoing case Alexa is facing. Most recently, Alexa’s grandmother, Marilou Colee, filed a restraining order against Alexa, citing elderly abuse when Alexa broke into her home in Mission Viejo.

What’s your take on all this?


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  • Elizabeth Fisher

    No one is more pro-police than I am, but how is this officer still on the job?

    • Violet~Princess Pumpernickel

      I’m pro-police too. This sounds horrific. That there are at least 3 women who are all sharing similar stories doesn’t sound good for this particular guy. I hope they nail him so he can’t do this again.

  • Bob Smith

    No one really believes this whore do they??

    • delaney

      3 documented sexual assaults is nothing to scoff at. Or dismiss.

      • Jaywithwords

        hmm… but the cop is still employed.

        • JustSayin

          Probably wouldn’t be if the previous assaults were reported. I wonder what could make a woman fearful of reporting a police officer for rape…?

          • bjeans1

            They must have been reported if she got the information from his record with the force. Also Alexa didn’t have a cell phone she sits there for twenty minutes waiting for him really, she doesn’t call 911 doesn’t call for some one to come to where she is at for help and doesn’t drive to the nearest police station.

          • JustSayin

            It’s my understanding that these two other assaults are women who have come forward and added the weight necessary to get the officers records released. The article says the judge ordered those records released by March 27th, so how could that be where she got the info?

          • bjeans1

            I miss read the date of the release, but I’m not sure about the other two stories either, but I guess we will find out after the case is tried. If he did this, he sure as hell isn’t very smart leaving his DNA around as someone said they read.

        • aemish

          He got fired in August, but they won’t confirm why…

    • kate

      I believe her

    • Mental Iceberg 🏇

      I do believe that something happened.

      Curious as to what her sexual past has to do with anything…

      • aemish

        Right? It’s not the two are mutually exclusive!

      • Bob Smith

        This girl was a lying outta control teenager when she was on the show. Her creditability is shaky at best !!

        • aemish

          So is the guy that’s been accused by three different women (that we know of!) ●.◉

        • Mental Iceberg 🏇

          So? I was an out of control teenager, too. I smoked weed, did speed, coke, drank and had lots of sex.

          Even now as woman in my mid forties, take the speed and blow out of that equation, and put LSD in, with same amount of sex and booze…are you somehow saying that if I claimed that I was sexually assaulted, my credibility is less than say Janie homemaker down the street who doesn’t drink and bakes cookies?

          • Bob Smith

            WOW bet you put your family through hell !! Bet they are proud of the 40 year old tweaker. So tell us “STONER” how many times have you stolen,lied to and embarrassed your loved ones over the years??

          • aemish

            Hey, leave MI alone, Beaver Cleaver!! ヽ(ಠ_ಠ)ノ

          • Mental Iceberg 🏇

            Lol, it’s ok 🙂

            Now I understand why he called Alexa a “whore” and has no problem victim blaming 😉

          • aemish

            Right?! What else is to be concluded when a man defends a raper…! zoyks!! (☉_☉)(⊙⊙)(☉_☉)

          • Mental Iceberg 🏇

            Actually, I prefer dropping acid to smoking pot (hell I’ll never pass on a good joint, though).

            Tweakers do speed, which I don’t anymore 😉

            True story: The other day my friend gave me $100 bill as a gift, which I promptly lost. I called and told him that I literallly just lost the money. He tuned around, drove back to my house and gave me another $100, without even questioning me.

            Why? I’ve a such sterling reputation, that my honestly was not even called into question.

            Hopefully that answers your question 😉

          • Bob Smith

            I can see you have a sterling rep among your peers. That’s who I want to validate my character, another bunch of druggies !!
            Did he make you swallow for that $100.?

          • Mental Iceberg 🏇
          • Bob Smith

            Congrats..Was it really your birthday or were you trippin’?

          • Mental Iceberg 🏇

            It really was my birthday, lol.

  • aemish

    Oh gross he’s done this before????

  • aemish

    I just read on ROL that his DNA was on the car seat… *barf*

  • Kjibbers

    Considering this cop did the exact same thing to two other people.