EXCLUSIVE: Mariah Huq Blasts Heavenly Kimes ‘False’ Accusation She Sold The Rights To ‘Married to Medicine’

Posted on Mar 3 2017 - 8:54am by BeachSpin

Married to Medicine has wrapped it’s fourth season, but Mariah Huq continues to be the target of cast venom. Dr. Heavenly tossed out an accusation on Twitter during the finale frenzy — and a media outlet snagged the tea.

The Inquisitir ran the story, and Mariah soundly slammed the allegation — making it clear that she was denying the social media shade. “Plz stop dissemenating false info about me. I have not sold the rights to #Married2med nor do I plan on in the future,” Mariah tweeted the publication.

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exposed Dr. Heavenly as the lowest paid cast member on the Married to Medicine roster — and pointed to a possible motive behind the social media lie, 
“Furthermore the lowest paid cast member isnt a credible source. Of course they aim 4the top!”

AllAboutTheTea.com reached out to Married to Medicine creator and producer, Mariah Huq, directly and she set the record straight for us.

“I personally reached out to the Inquisitr, and explained that I have not sold the rights to the show.” Mariah reiterated that the statement made by Heavenly is completely false. “I am going on record to say that I have NOT sold rights to Married to Medicine.”


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  • RonnieRIB

    Mush mouth bullfrog Heavenly is doing the most…she needs to go….

  • Lol #fakenews the only time a hashtag was funny.

    • Shelly Jones


  • Sunflower

    I see that Heavenly already starts creating drama to stay on the show!
    Grrrhhh… she is just an awful human being.

    • Ditto on this. Heavenly disgusts me.

    • GetReal2014

      The worst!

  • Shelly Jones

    I had so much respect for these ladies and such high hopes for this show. Unfortunately they have allowed their anger toward Mariah to take this show to a negative place. It’s clear these weaklings have decided to band together and collective ice out Mariah and anyone she’s associated with her. It’s clear that they will collectively side with each other no matter how wrong they are. Yes she’s hurt everyone in the group and they have done damage to one another as well. However she’s the only one that cannot be forgiven. These chicks are so silly. Messing up a good show and possibly sabotaging the platform that Mariah created for them to thrive. Will they continue to cut off their nose to spite their face?? Tune in next season.

    • Sugar in my tank

      Excellent observation..

    • Trippinhhard

      Excellent observation and Dr. Jackie and Simone, who were her so called friends lead the coop.. I couldn’t stand Jackie from the start and that hadn’t changed.. a little fame changes people.. The chickens can home to roost.. Mariah will get paid regardless of her air time.. I believe everything Mariah said about Quad the fraud.. I said when she showed up, she was gunning to take her down.. How to to Gynecologist, nit call a woman they knew over a decade, after suffering a miscarriage and just say I’m sorry for your lost.. Jackie ass to old for a baby and she couldn’t babysit Simone son for an evening…I don’t blame Curtis, heck I divorced my ex for the same reason.. Power and money became his joy.. We gave never been broke and I didn’t come from a poor family.. They achieved the American dream thru hardwork and investing their pennies.. But girl God have bought him to his knees twice and he still can’t see the forest for the tree… I will always be there for him, and will always love him, but he wasn’t the man for me anymore.. 32 years and I had enough… Everyone thinks I’m crazy for the reason I divorced him, but they didn’t walk in my shoes, including my brothers.. They didn’t know my CORNS were hurting
      and they needed to go.. LMAO but it’s the truth
      Shit I tell so called single friends, girl he’s single now, go on and see if he notice you..
      He’s a good catch and he damn good looking, faithful and wealthy in his own rights..
      Oh yea but he didn’t get a penny of my money and I only took enough to irke her off..
      20K to let him know, I don’t want your ass and money is not the reason.. The judge laughed and said you know, you’re entitled to half of his money… I don’t want it and it won’t do him no good either.. Just get this divorce rushed thru the system…

      • Shelly Jones

        Wow!!! Good for you!!! Wow. All those years…. I don’t need your money!! Thanks so much for sharing! Very inspiring!!

        • Trippinhhard

          The truth is what it is God knows all and see all.. I just had enough, because his ass was poor as piss and pumpkin, when I married him.. He came with a Walmart bag, but I fell in love with the man inside and he understood me.. I’m a bitch with a lot of rules and he didn’t rush me or try and change me.. But I went to the graveyard (something I rarely do) and kissed my mother’s grave.. I said thank you for making me get that prenuptial, because he only heard about my family, he didn’t know how wealthy we were.. I worked two jobs, so that I knew I would always be able to take care of myself without a man…I retired at 40, but I forgot to ask Jesus for goid health, but I’m still here and can take care of myself.. ummmmm I still moan for my daddy, he died when I was 18, I can’t fathom the stress he endured to raise and educate 8 children, he worked two jobs.. He never complained about anything, his favorite words were ‘knowledge is power” it’s something no one can take away.. He said don’t allow your disability be your liability, work thru it and seek thee for thyself… oh they were poor, but they had a dream and they fulfilled it past their wildest dream…They bought and built houses for the poor to rent to own, homeowner ship is the American dream… To much is given, much is expected.. Oh and I still love my ex, he’s all I know, I just need to put myself behind Jesus and wait on him..
          Be blessed because money don’t make you happy, not to me. IMO

  • Sugar in my tank

    Chile it’s really pathetic when a wannabe relationship expert dentist who calls her husband by the same name as her children wants to throw shade at the very woman who is the CREATOR of the show she’s getting paid to be on…Cattiness at its worst. Defeated, desperate and despicable is how I see Hellishly…an insecure bitter woman is a dangerous to work around..

  • AnEnigmaWrappedIn$nark

    I’m confused, how would a (minor) cast member sell rights to a Bravo/NBC/Universal show?

    • RealitytvJunkie

      Mariah is not a minor cast member. She’s the creator of the show and is executive producer. She recruited all the ladies to be on the show, wrote the concept and pitched it to Purveyors of Pop (they produce the show for Bravo). It’s Mariah’s show.

      • AnEnigmaWrappedIn$nark

        Oh wow … I had no idea! I only started watching like the tale end of last year and this season. That really puts things into perspective.

  • camryn

    I was so digusted by this show …to see these women tear down Lisa to the white meat was horrible, I mean .. why???? That’s her husband , there’s was no need to involve yourself to that extent…….except to make it your storyline by being intrusive and mean spirited against her…. LowToya # hood🐭& UnHeavenly # brown👁Balls💩acted like they were straight out the dmmmm hood…… They hate Mariah so badddd it makes them furious and sick that they can’t make her go away …… #Mariahownstherightsbsssshhhsss… so keep keeping your hateraid….

  • Gidget911

    HEAVENLY NEEDS TO GO ASAP. Bravo do hear me?