#SouthernCharm Season 4 Trailer — Kathryn Dennis’ Drug Scandal Explodes! [VIDEO]

Posted on Feb 17 2017 - 9:19am by BeachSpin

Come on in and stay awhile y’all! Southern Charm is returning Monday,  April 3rd — the anxiously awaited follow to a go-round that left viewers on the edge of their seats. The trailer to an explosive Season 4 has dropped — so grab a tall glass of sweet tea, because things are about to get hot in Charleston!

Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis remain in a custody struggle — and Thomas points to an ongoing drug problem as the reason behind the turmoil.

“She knows she’ll fail,” Thomas says, referencing Kathryn’s alleged refusal to be tested. Kathryn is seen crying that she is unable to be there for her daughter, Kensie, 2.

Thomas is focused on finding a solid relationship, and Landon Clements is tagged by an outsider as his “soulmate.”

“I want to be with a woman who feels privileged to be with me,” Thomas says. Will that woman be Landon?

Fans will welcome newbie, Austen Kroll, who starts out as Shep Rose’s protege — before he decides to canoodle with one of Shep’s ladies. The love triangle only adds to the drama that follows Shep, after a visit to his doctor spins him in circles. Shep’s pal, Cameran Eubanks, reveals that she might  be ready to become a mommy.

Kathryn is seeking to rebuild friendships, and tries to figure out where she stands with Jennifer Snowden.

CLICK: Troubled Kathryn Dennis Attacks Pregnant Jennifer Snowden During Her High-Risk Pregnancy #SouthernCharm

The new Craig continues to butt heads with the old one, as his confused career path continues. Craig squabbles over his boomerang ambitions with his girlfriend — the very frustrated Naomi Olindo — and continues to tangle with Shep.

“I’m not at Shep because he’s a drunk asshole,” Craig says, which triggers an angry Shep to fire back, “You mess with the bull, you get the f–king horns, son!”

Danni Baird will experience a scary moment this season, when she passes out after getting into it with Craig.

The drama is fixin’ to take off in Charleston! Don’t miss the season premiere, Monday, April 3rd on Bravo.


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  • SassyMcAsspants

    That dimwit Landon could end up playing stepmom to Kathryn’s kids. If that ain’t reason enough to sober up, I don’t know what is!

    Hopefully the new girl isn’t insufferably insipid like the rest of them.

  • the underground train

    I thought Landon wanted Shep.

    • NoFixinStupid

      Initially she wanted anybody to distract from her divorce, even Shep. Catherine called her out for me$$ing with her babies daddy.

      • I think she just picked the one that looks to be ready to settle down and that ain’t Shep.

        • NoFixinStupid

          You bet!

  • TartLemon

    Looks interesting. I like this show.

  • I see Craig’s still stirring up shit. He’s such a girl. Other than that and stupid Landon this season looks like it will be a good one.

    • NoFixinStupid

      Is he still with his “promised” gal…..ROFL….honestly who does that? Cameron actually was a voice of reason…..

      • 😂 he’s such a tool.

  • Snarky gal

    I used like Shep but then I watched some get to them reel or somthing and I really don’t now. If he had not been born into money he would be a total loser and considered a drunk
    He is always after Craig for the very same things he does but becuase his ancestors worked hard he thinks he should get a pass

    I also think he uses women like play toys and tries to play it off like he is just a kid but those days have long passed

  • @lalauraru777

    Not a fan of Kathryn – she’s a train wreck. Her parents should’ve locked her up the minute they saw her drunk & slurring in the streets, sleeping with all of the men on the show – Season 1. She obviously wasn’t in college & they were supporting. They could’ve run Thomas off. Shep is showing more than a “Peter Pan – I never want to grow up” situation: he seems to have an alcohol problem. Does his trust fund stipulate he can be cut off if he doesn’t go to rehab? Just don’t put him in the same one as Kathryn. I didn’t think she’d stay clean. She’s a narcissist – posted more pics of herself in heavy make-up than she did of her children. Naomi is much more mature than Craig: she pulled him back from the abyss. Take this advice: Run – you can’t want more for someone than they want for themselves. Craig will always need support – you don’t want to become his Mother. I like Landon but her attempts at financing her lifestyle aren’t realistic. She’ll be a good wife & Mother -she just needs to stop hanging with groups with too many manchilds…find a decent, honest person who wants to be married & can support you -maybe not to your dream standards, but it’d have to be better. I’m from the south & my ex-husband was one of these low-country men…they love themselves & their mothers more than anyone else & most drink too much & aren’t genteel or gallant once the facade is pulled off

  • Champagne Hangover

    Craig is so pretty I can ignore his flaws. Shep’s teeth bother me and if he didn’t come from money, he’d be delivering pizzas for a living. Kathryn is warmed over white trash. Cameron is a self righteous sanctimonious cunt. Landon is the stupidest gold digger who ever dug gold and got fool’s gold for her efforts. Ravenel is the smarmiest of smarmy politicians and it’s no wonder he ended up with a barely legal junkie as a baby mama. Let’s see, who did I leave out? No one is safe except pretty boy Craig whose face I need to sit on…What? What?

  • Livie1

    “Charm” is a misused term in this series…more like “Southern Dysfunction” There is little that is charming about these people.

  • sideof Sour Cream

    Where is Whitney?