Sippin’ Tea After Dark: Open Post

Posted on Feb 7 2017 - 7:23pm by Editor
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  • Why is this happening to us?

    After seeing her pic, I’m missing ‘Ol Troutmouth on BH….wonder what she’s up to these days…

    • It scared the hell outta me. My first thought was nooooooooooo!

      • Why is this happening to us?

        Lol….I don’t really miss her, but with the replacements we’ve had since she’s been gone, I’m starting to think maybe she wasn’t so bad after all!

        • MorningYawn

          Oh she WAS that bad!!!

          • Why is this happening to us?

            Yeah, she was. The worst was when her poor husband committed suicide…that was truly horrible. Probably the only real thing that ever happened on that show.