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Posted on Feb 6 2017 - 8:06pm by Editor
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  • sideof Sour Cream

    The most offensive commercial of the SuperBowl was the Audi commercial.

    Because of it I have decided not to purchase the Audi Q7 I had on order.

    I am not a victim. I am a woman that will make as much money as I need to make. I will never be worth “less” than “any man”.

    F. U. Audi.

    • KT

      Hi SOC!!! I watched the game but didn’t catch that particular ad so I went back and watched it just now. I see your point. I used to be in advertising……and also I’ve never owned an audi so from a purely objective point of view…….I really didn’t even understand what they were trying to say about their product or company. That in and of itself is a fail. Put that together with the fact that you are actually offending the demographic who buys your product (successful men and women)……………epic fail.

      The only commercial that appealed to me was Ford’s. The guy stuck in the middle of the lake, all the kids — stuck in the shirt, the football helmet, stuck on the fence, etc. That made me laugh. It made me smile. It made me think a little better of Ford. That’s a win in my book.

      • sideof Sour Cream

        OMG KT thank you!!

        We have decided instead today to buy a Ford. No joke, wow! 🙂

        I do feel bad though, for the salesperson at the Audi dealership. She’s a really great salesperson that I’m sure MAKES AS MUCH AS ANY MAN, lol, and she did deserve that commission from us.
        stoopid audi.

  • JC

    This is for all the website hosts hommies. Vanderpump Rules in my estimation is just as good, if not mo’ better and popular than the Real Housewives franchises. So why don’t we get timely, consecutive recapps? If you feel me on this, please put in a request. WWHL recaps of VanpRules is not sufficient. I need more. Thanks

  • Sunflower

    Carole Radziwil still has not forgiven LuAnn D’Agostino for calling her a pedophile..!!!