Tamra Judge Talks Skin Cancer Removal & Hints ‘RHOC’ Return Season 12

Posted on Jan 25 2017 - 6:27pm by Dani-K

Real Housewives of Orange County star Tamra Judge, has been laying low during the show’s hiatus to treat a health scare.

Since the show stopped filming, Tamra revealed on Instagram she had gone through “skin removal surgeries” after being diagnosed with squamous cell skin cancer on her arm and leg.

Tamra has “decided to take a step back from the show and decide if she wanted to continue filming” with her costars who can be a drain on one’s energy. How ironic that Tamra is the one to be diagnosed with cancer when two seasons ago it was Brooks Ayers. According to the Cancer Treatment of America, says about Tamra’s type of cancer:

Squamous is the second most common skin cancer, accounting for approximately 20 percent of non-melanoma skin cancers. They develop from the flat, squamous cells that are the primary cell type making up the outermost layer of the skin, the epidermis. Squamous cell cancers usually grow slowly, and it is uncommon for them to spread, or metastasize, but they are more likely than basal cell carcinomas to invade fatty tissue beneath the skin or to spread even further.

During her break from RHOC, Tamra has been promoting the cause “Love Your Melon,” which gives beanies to children battling cancer as well as donate money raised to other pediatric charities.

And while Judge has not officially confirmed her return for next season, she let her Mother Trucker hat do the talking in a Monday, January 23, Instagram post that featured a photo of the “#HOUSEWIFE” hat with her own hashtag, “#stillahousewife.”

👈🏼 #housewife #yes

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  • Wishmich

    Stillahousewife? Ok. Nolongerviewer.

  • wellWellwell

    Of course the cancer is back if she is!

  • Ugh….She’s back and so are her lies.

  • Athena Panagakos

    You remember that scene in the movie Alien? Newt’s mom is strapped against the wall and she says to Ripley “kill me, please kill me”? I feel like that’s what the 12th season of this show is asking.

  • MidwestMiddie

    A very fair skinned sportsman pal of mine developed this kind of skin cancer —-on the top
    of his head and just beneath his ear. Gross and scary ………….. Enjoy the outdoors but
    do wear the best sunscreen available ……….religiously. My pal is fine but he did lose part
    of his ear. Best wishes to Tamra for a full recovery and clean check-ups in the future.

  • Of course she’s back.

    What else is she going to do? Work at Cut Fitness?

    • WeCouldBeHeroes


  • Sugar in my tank

    Not another cancer storyline revisited. This is a non-threatening form of cancer so I am not clear as to why she felt a need to disclose this. I will say this, if what she’s saying is true, I wish her a speedy recovery…Everything on these shows are exploited. I am done. I hope this is not an attempt to invoke sympathy for her horrible behavior..

    • MidwestMiddie

      All cancers are life threatening and while this type isn’t often life
      threatening it is life altering. For the those thousands it kills each year ………… they and their families heartily disagree with your not a big deal attitude.

      You hope this isn’t ……..”an attempt to invoke sympathy for her horrible behavior.”
      You mean like Icky attempted to do this past season? LOL

      • Sugar in my tank

        Yep, that’s what I said and I stand by it and I hope she is not attempting to invoke sympathy since the viewers have been roasting her trifling ass for yearz and I hope this is not another cancer storyline because I will not be watching, if it is. I still wish her a speedy recovery if what she’s saying is true.. As for the Vicky thing, I made my comments two years earlier and NOTHING has changed. Brooks wasn’t a housewife so Bravo drove that bullsh*t storyline and the viewers bought it, hook, line and kept watching every week..so Bravo won. I am done.

  • ShuShu

    Enough of this bully. Why does she always get a pass for her horrible behaviour? She talked about killing someone twice and doesn’t have a problem to get physically abusive. She makes up boring story lines. Enough is enough.

  • mandyboo

    *rolls eyes* great…Tamrat’s back…

  • BetteDavisEyez1

    Hinting at a return for season 12. As if anyone thought otherwise. This dispicable wretched woman will return as long as there is a show.
    I can not stand Trashy Tamra. If anyone needs anger management it’s this loon. She is the main reason I can barely get thru a whole episode. Then add on her sidekicks, drunk Shannon & the judgmental skeletal Heather. Ugh!!

  • WeCouldBeHeroes

    Here’s her storyline.