‘RHOBH’ Recap: Eden Sassoon Accuses Kyle Richards of Enabling Kim’s Addictions

Posted on Jan 25 2017 - 5:07am by BeachSpin

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills begins with Dorit, busily planning a party for PK’s birthday. Boy George is set to perform, and Dorit is plotting to keep the highlight a big surprise. Bravo jets us over to Mykonos, to check in with Kyle and Erika, who are enjoying a gorgeous sea view. Erika’s performance is at 3 am the next morning, and the gals plan to party the wee hours away. Kyle gushes over Tom’s grandhusbandly support, and Erika reminds her that the dance queen fund is payoff for years existing as a buttoned-up lawyer’s wife. The “feminine energy” is off the charts, as the ladies swap stories about careers and family. Kyle shares some memories about her mother, admitting that Big Kath was quite the crackpot. Erika tosses Kyle some sympathy, before calling Tom to thank him for bankrolling the trip.

Back in California, Eileen, Rinna, and Dorit meet up to rollerblade, hoping to reset their tattered friendship. The gals giggle and teeter, before Dorit gives Rinna a heads-up, letting her know that Kim will be coming to the party. Rinna appreciates the consideration, making a mental note to triple up on the meds that night. The trio phones Kyle and Erika, and Eileen manages to maturely squelch her fangirl jealousy.

The hour has arrived for the big show, and Erika’s glam-squad is preparing her to puss-pat for a Greek crowd. The stage is on a cliff, and Erika is ready to swan dive into overseas fame.

We jump back home, where Lisa is allowing Eden to darken her rosy doorstep. Eden opens by dishing some dirt on her cringeworthy dating life, dragging Lisa into some ridiculous story about a smoker who dares to love hamburgers. Tag on Eden’s Type-Cray personality — and it was three strikes, he’s out. Lisa’s menagerie reacts like a rabid tattooed wolf had entered their space — and Bravo cameras capture their spot-on reactions. Lisa looks puzzled, and her nutcase radar begins to blip.

The ladies address Rinna’s inappropriate jab at Kim, and Eden gloms onto her sister’s sad story again, working to define her own reality. Eden claims that she never “explored” her sister’s death — she just talks about it every chance she gets. Eden shares what triggered her shift to sobriety, and her dream to enlighten losers everywhere with her magnificent insight. Eden diagnoses Kim as an alcoholic — old news to the Bravo audience. Eden “knows” that Kim is struggling — those couple of hours spent in her presence more than enough time to form an astute analysis. Eden disses Kyle, and Lisa defends her friend, through more of Eden’s senseless babble.

Back in Mykonos, Mikey is leading a dicks-up prayer, before nudging Erika’s nervous butt-cheeks up the cliff ladder. Erika lip synchs her hits, and it’s more of the same-old, same-old. 

We next get a looksie at Eden’s house — and let’s just say it’s not what we are used to visiting in Bravo’s 90210. Eden’s son, Tyler, is introduced — a lively and boisterous lad. Dorit arrives, and Eden welcomes her with her signature squeeze of death. Dorit invites Eden to PK’s party, and Eden promises to give him an extra scary hug as a birthday gift. The ladies sip something called aloe water, as Eden wistfully remembers her boozier hostessing days. Eden whips up smoothies out of bananas and ice, and the barf-colored concoction is declared delish.

Dorit snarks that everything is better with vodka, but Rinna votes for Xanax. Eden cosigns, raising Dorit’s eyebrow. Eden “takes medication” — but strangely labels herself sober. Rinna busts out a baggie of pills and waves it at the camera, and Eden almost rips it open with her teeth in excitement. Rinna gives us the rundown of all the ailments that can be managed from her magic ziplock, as Dorit declares her a friend for life. The conversation is forced, contrived, and sounds rehearsed.

Erika Jayne’s show was flamboyant success, and the sun is just peeking over the horizon, as Erika, Kyle, and the entourage return to the house. Erika decides that it’s a perfect time for a photo shoot — so she struts, twists and contorts for the camera. Kyle does her best to play it cool, managing to keep her jaw from dropping onto the pool deck. Erika lures Kyle over to the dark side, and Kyle submits, arching like a ninny for the photographer. Erika is ecstatic, because Kyle is acting like a raunchy attention-whore, just like her. Kyle’s cool now, and Erika just wishes the bestie moment would never end. Somewhere, Eileen takes a break from her hairbrush mic to seethe with envy.

It’s the night of PK’s party, and Dorit is strategizing the perfect atmosphere. She walls off a chunk of the party space to hide George, until his big performance. We skip to a cute scene with Lisa, chatting with Kyle from her glam bathroom. Portia invites herself over for a sleepover with the horsies, and the ladies chat about party dresses, before we hop back to party central.

The fun gets underway, as the guests begin to arrive. PK shares a flirty moment with Lisa, clearly enchanted by the queen. Kim arrives, and Eden is immediately peeved that she isn’t feeling the love from her pet project. Kim admits that she has been worrying about her daughter giving birth, and Eden stupidly shades the natural process as a reason to fall off the wagon. Eden pushes hard, labeling Kim’s mommy anxiety as a trigger — rather than  a natural instinct. Kim calls Eden weird, and points to Eden’s own apparent struggle with the alike-shakes. 

Kyle arrives, and Erika shows off the duo’s glamour shots, scoring rave reviews. Camille appears, right before Dorit reads a dramatic love poem to PK. She introduces Culture Club, and George performs — giving all of the ladies a fun 80’s flashback.

Eden makes an early exit, probably due to the lack of crowd fawning, but forces Lisa and Erika to kiss her on the lips, as a grand finale exit. Kim and Kyle share a snippet of Eden’s lunacy with Camille — which Kyle kindly labels a “drama queen” act. Meanwhile, Dorit dishes to Lisa and George about Rinna’s pill bag, sneakily spilling the tea, while laughing it off. Lisa doesn’t know what to think — and the plot thickens.

Next week, it’s more parties, a soapy rehearsal, and Eden continues to come for Kyle. 


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  • T Loves Martinis

    All that for one song that Boy George croaked out? It was really sad.

    Still think Dorit and PK are the Tre/Juicy of BH. Dorit spends money and PK doesn’t look like he does a thing. We’ll see!

    • I think you’re right. Something is up with their finances.

      • Evil Queen

        Exactly! Still haven’t seen Dorit do any real work. (bathing suit line?)

    • WeCouldBeHeroes

      That’s why they’re on the show. They’re pushing Boy George to make them some big bucks.

      • chacha1

        He is also filming Celebrity Apprentice and needs a place to live

        • WeCouldBeHeroes

          And NBC owns Bravo, which does Celeb Apprentice.

    • Nancysue

      Croaked out is a perfect description, I didn’t think he could get through it- all that preparation for one song?

    • PK was talking to Pele on the phone. Not sure what he does with a retired soccer player but I guess he could have meet and greets?

    • Sandy Wood

      I wondered if he performed more than was shown and it had something to do with performance royalties that Bravo didn’t want to pay.

      • Elle

        That’s exactly what I was thinking.

        • Sandy Wood

          Even the one performance we did see wasn’t shown as an entire song, start to finish, they skipped over to conversations and other busy action going on during, making me think if it wasn’t shown in it’s entirety there would be less fees to pay.

  • Darris

    I want Eden to go away. Go go go go

    Best part of the night for me was when Eden left and Camille said “she’s so nice” and then looked at Kim and her entire face changed and she.

    • It looks like Camille is going to take Eden’s side though… ugh… go away, Camille.

      • chacha1

        I have no clue why Camille keeps showing up, she is not a housewife either and brings nothing to the show

        • MidwestMiddie

          Same reason as Kim constantly reappearing ………….NO ONE INTERESTING, GLAMOROUS, WEALTHY AND WORTH KNOWING
          wants to be on Bravo so Bravo brings back their old, worn out repeat Entertainment Offenders. : )

  • TheBeverlyHillsHaveEyes

    Kyle looked so bored in Mykanos – imagine going away with someone as self-absorbed as Erika just to watch her preen all day long or play with her dancers. I suspect she only invited Kyle because Bravo wouldn’t send a crew to film if it was just Erika and Tom probably didn’t allow the budget stretch to paying for both Rinna and Eileen who seem to come as a pair these days.
    There was something other than Xanax in that bag o’pills that Rinna didn’t want them to say on camera, so it is clearly more than a few vitamins.

    • Jennymckitty

      It wouldn’t shock me one bit it Rinna was taking Adderall or phentermine. She acts far more like someone on stimulants than depressants. Loved when LVP said she should be throwing more than one Xanax in her smoothies. If I were around Rinna, I’d have to be carrying a tranquilizer dart.

      • Trippinhhard

        I just said the same thing on the other blog about ADD, it makes you focus clearly and it stops you from eating food and LisaR rearly eats anything.. She moves the food around on her plate..

        • HankyPanky

          The focus bit ain’t working…

          • Trippinhhard

            I think from what I’m reading she and Evileen is focus on the new lady and I’m sick of reading or hearing about Erika not wearing under panties.. they were all in with the new lady, but then Ike two snakes, they turned on her… Kim was right that they feed off of each other.. The both of them don’t have shit going on in their lives.. So the hang on to anything.

    • HankyPanky

      Erika should take up wrestling, tag team with Hulk Hogan?

    • MidwestMiddie

      Well Said …………however, I think Kyle would have paid her own way to Mykanos just because it mean screen time for herself. LOL

  • becky webb

    So, when does Lisa v. start manipulating Eden? About the same time Eden realizes she has no friends on the show? I already know its Lisa’s fault. Jk love Lisa v.

  • WeCouldBeHeroes

    Snoozefest episode. Some things to takeaway:
    – LVP still loves to stir the point. She was furious that Dorit thought the bag of pilsl was fun
    – Eden is a total whacko. “I’m sober but I do pills” gurl bye
    – Lisa Rinna… ok gurl

    • Jennymckitty

      I think Lisa’s reaction to Dorit’s tea is a normal reaction. The gossipy way Dorit presented the story would lead one to think the bag was loaded with Rx meds rather than a bunch of vitamins with a few Xanax and sleeping pills thrown in. Dorit really should have immediately clarified what the bag contained rather than simply saying it is “fun” and LVP was being a stick in the mud. I know that I would have been immediately concerned if I was led to believe that a friend or co-worker was carrying a stock pile of pills with them.

    • I am totally confused by this notion of LVP is stirring the pot. She was on a receiving end of the information and not the one spreading it! LVP looked shocked when Dorit so carelessly laughed off the Ziploc full of medication and actually made her clarify that it was mostly vitamins. She knows what this kind of rumor will mean for Production’s fodder hence her look of discomfort with Dorit who even told her she was being no fun. She literally ran out of that party after that conversation.

      • HankyPanky

        I agree, reckon she was warning Dorit not to go there, we don’t need “Doll Gate”

      • WeCouldBeHeroes

        Stirring the pot doesn’t mean you have to be spreading it.

        When Dorit said it was funny, LVP was disappointed. She wanted her pawn to be on her side so she could gang up on Rinna.

        • What? She actually looked shocked Dorit was saying such a thing like it was a joke. She even said on her talking head that if it’s a bag of vitamins let’s not make a big deal out of it and she didn’t think Rinna took Xanax and made a joke saying “but she should”. Dorit brought it up as a “joke” but Lisa knows Producers are not asking Dorit to tell this story on camera for a laugh. Dorit even said to Lisa to take the stick out of her ass towards the end of the conversation. The clip on that looked edited right before Dorit looked upset at Lisa because I think she told her something like to be careful what she says. I am convinced we are all watching a different show depending on our opening of certain people. Can you imagine if Rinna found out anyone of the cast members carried around Yolanda’s pharmacy haha I kid…but you know what I mean she would be all over that storyline. Hell she accused Yolanda of too many medications at her home that time they visited last season.

          • WeCouldBeHeroes

            maybe – i dont know. By that stage I was already over the episode and didnt care LMAO

  • Elizabeth Fisher

    Who does a concert at 3:30 a.m.?

    • After hours clubs which is basically a drug den.

      • wellWellwell

        It would have to be a drug den with people stoned out of their minds listening to Erika’s music.

        • HankyPanky

          I’d rather listen to the throbbing dix

      • AnEnigmaWrappedIn$nark

        Mikey (Erika’s main cling on) described it so poetically and beautifully in his pre-performance “prayer” … how did he put it … oh yes “Let’s put on a fcking amazing show … sex on a platter, pump it up, tits, ass … dicks throbbing … on the count of three .. PreTTy MeSs~!” …

        I’m still trying to wrap my head around the ‘dicks throbbing part’ …. um maybe I should re-phrase that:-)

        • 😭throbbin’ mess

          • AnEnigmaWrappedIn$nark

            LoL … a gay bar in Greece is probably not the healthiest place on Earth to be amongst “throbbin dix” … (unless of course your name is Andy Cohen).

        • HankyPanky

          Hahaha double entendre

    • Perturbed

      In Greece & Spain the nightclubs don’t even open until 11 or 12 midnight, and stay open until dawn, I think.

  • Jennymckitty

    Eden’s behavior towards Kim and Kyle is creepy. It is like she wants Kim to struggle and need Eden’s help. I think she is trying to rewrite her past history with her sister using Kim as a proxy….like if she can fix and save Kim, she will save her sister. It just doesn’t come off as healthy. The fact that Kim is correctly analyzing Eden’s behavior and isn’t losing her cool makes me think she was sober at this party.

    • Perturbed

      And any addiction specialist (e.g. Dr. Drew) will tell you that you can’t substitute pills for alcohol! She has a NERVE calling herself sober, then admitting to taking Xanax! Maybe that explains her glassy, spaced-out look?

  • Jackie

    I liked this episode with everyone getting along and enjoying each other for once. Eden is as broke as Dorit is my bet. those girls are thirsty

  • AnEnigmaWrappedIn$nark

    Loving this season! Haven’t a single negative thing to say (this week) … so I’ll just have a seat and enjoy all of your comments:-)

  • kikid26

    I don’t know why LVP keeps saying Doritos is smart and can stand up for herself. She doesn’t say much of anything that makes sense and she’s trying to start more sh*t than anyone out there. I agree that Doritos and PK are living the fake life in that hideous rental that Mark and JLo allegedly lived in. That’s one of the crappiest “mansions” I’ve ever seen, hideous kitchen and sparse furnishings. As for Eden, what is her purpose on this show? She is OBSESSED with Kim and Kyle and it is creepy! Not to mention that Eden and Rinna have proven to be hypocrites when it comes to “sobriety.”

    • I read somewhere they were actually living oversees before she
      got cast so she had to rent a house in BH for the show hence the lack of
      furniture. I don’t think this will be her permeant residence. So far she had thrown three parties and has been in almost every scene saving the season. She has definitely grown on me.

      • LuxLuxLux

        Boy George was on Hollywood Medium & it was the same house – PK was in the episode too but no idea if filming overlapped with RHOBH. I love Dorit.

        • I saw that! I love Tyler and it may have taped around the same time since it was on the latest season of Tyler’s show. Dorit is the right mix of fun, funny, shaddy, and endearing. Most important she throws fabulous parties!

          • LuxLuxLux

            love her style also. I adore Tyler I would love to have a reading. I’ve only just discovered his show, he’s insanely cute!

          • I love Hollywood Medium too but missed that ep.

  • LuxLuxLux

    Wow that preview- LVP Kyle is not your friend! Don’t defend her!

  • clare

    SassLOON needs to have several seats and mind her own goddamn business.

  • BetteDavisEyez1

    I really take issue with this loon(Eden) just joining the cast & inserting herself in the Richards’ lives. No one gives a damn what she thinks & I personally am not interested in her backstory.
    Why do we have so many episodes featuring her if she is just a friend of, anyhow?!? Just go away, Eden. You have worn out your welcome.

  • charleville

    Don’t we all, she is just goofy. Why does she think it’s ok to talk about Kim and throw judgments around? Eden is far from sober, she may not drink but she has issues about being high that are appaennt.