Lala Kent Spills The Tea On SUR Blowout With Kristen Doute

Posted on Jan 25 2017 - 2:04pm by Terri L. Austin

Lala Kent may have left Vanderpump Rules, but the drama just keeps on coming.

Lala appeared on GlamMir podcast to tell how things really went down.

Last week at SUR, Lala and DJ Duffey of Basketball Wives LA, were having a meeting when Kristen Doute came in and started harassing her. Doute told Lala she couldn’t sit in the common area.

Lala told Kristen to calm down and asked SUR manager, Peter Madrigal, where she could sit to get out of Kristen’s crosshairs. She was led to a back room to continue her business discussion, but Kristen followed.

Kristen decided to come and find me and tell me that I’m a whore.”

Kristen also told Lala to “get off my show” forgetting that Lala had already quit — and the fact that there were no cameras around that night.

Kristen demanded that Peter remove Lala and her group, but he refused to comply, so Kristen had security remove Lala’s party from the restaurant.

Lala said, “If there were cameras I’d see why this girl would pop off.”

But as fans of the show know Kristen never needs a reason to pop off, and when she drinks, she can get out of control.


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  • sunkissed748

    Kristen Doute aka drunken greasy haired ho-bag. Nuff said. 🙂

  • Deanna777

    Lisa should ban that stank Kristen and fellow stank Stassi from SUR and Pump.

    • Wishmich

      I thought she did already. Why did she change her mind? I must have missed it.

      • Deanna777

        The only thing I remember was when Stassi showed up to meet those twins from Summer House, Lisa quietly told her that they do offer food to go. I guess Stassi didn’t take the hint.

  • Bryan

    I thought both of those wrecks were fired from the show?

  • AnEnigmaWrappedIn$nark

    Well if Kristin and Stassi can remain on the show (even though they don’t work there) … so can LaLa. Apparently, anyone can just wonder in and interact with the cast of VPR; no need to get mic’d up, no security, and no contracts required. I’m still a few eps behind … last I saw Li$a (under the guise of ‘caring adult’) was kissing LaLa’s ass to stay.

  • Haz

    Lisa needs to intervene, SUR is now a hot spot due to the popularity of this show. Guests would probably go to the restaurant to just see this kind of crap. Lisa does need to set some boundaries because it does not bode well for her reputation in the restaurant industry.

    • italiano bambino

      Drama brings ratings and that’s good enough for the pump

  • Thomas Crane

    I love how LaLa always maintains her 90s video vixen look. She should have been dancing with Camille Grammar at Club MTV.

  • Elizabeth Fisher

    I thought Lisa banned Kristen from SUR back when she fired her a couple of years ago and that’s why she would stay in the back lot when she came to talk to the girls or James.

  • T Loves Martinis

    At least Lala is getting something going, unlike loser Kristen who’s only job is to cause trouble on fake reality TV shows.

  • Greg

    Except that everyone else says this never happened, and Lala is not reliable in any way. Everything that comes out of her mouth is a lie. She said in same interview she’s not with a married man, and we all know that Randall is married.

    • MonaLucy

      who is Randall??

  • loriann760

    1.) How does Kristen have the power to have anyone thrown out of a public place? and 2.) I have a hard time believing Lala was all innocence, otherwise I doubt security would have removed them. Something’s not adding up.

  • MidwestMiddie

    The next time filming for this show is taking place at SUR, security should remove
    all of the 30 – 35 year old “Teens” from the restaurant. Perhaps Lisa VP would take the hint
    and find new cast members among her other restaurant staffers.
    Fingers crossed for a NEW, mature, interesting, funny and talented crew.
    If not —- Shut Down This Depressing Show!

  • MonaLucy

    Wait, Kristen doesn’t even work there does she? I think she does in her mind. LVP needs to recast everyone of these overgrown teenagers, they are tired!