‘RHOA’ Star Porsha Williams Reacts To NeNe Leakes ‘Watch What Happens Live’ Shady Comments!

Posted on Jan 24 2017 - 1:11am by Terri L. Austin

NeNe Leakes made her return to Watch What Happens Live Sunday night, and spilled so much tea, Andy Cohen was in heaven.

Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Porsha Williams, was on the show a week ago, denying those golden shower rumors, and blasting Nene for never calling her back. What kind of friend does that? Someone who’s not a friend at all, apparently.

“You know what, I really, I honestly don’t know what happened. I really, really don’t. I know I called a couple of times and my calls weren’t returned and so I just thought, so…yeah.”

Except that’s not exactly what happened. According to Nene, she hasn’t seen or spoken to Porsha since the last reunion, where she tried to give Porsha advice about fighting. Porsha didn’t like that one bit.

Porsha hasn’t spoken to me since the reunion. Remember when I was trying to give her advice about fighting and all that? She took offense to that. She left the show and went on her radio show and bashed me along with the rest of her co-workers and I was simply just trying to give her some good advice as I have always done since I’ve known her. I’ve given her nothing but good advice. But that is the reason why we haven’t spoke.”

But things were weird between them before the reunion. When Nene surprised everyone on the trip to Jamaica, Porsha was visibly shocked at Nene’s sudden appearance. Porsha and Phaedra Parks barely spoke to Nene on the trip.

“She really, when I got to Jamaica, she really wasn’t talking to me in Jamaica either. You know cause I was back on the show and of course these girls, they wanna be the queen and you know when the queen is there, you can’t shine. Okay?”

Also, Nene stated that after the reunion, Porsha dragged her on her radio show.

But Porsha wasn’t bothered by Nene’s comments about her. She posted this on Twitter, giving herself props.

So, who’s the better friend? Nene or Porsha? And whose story do you believe?


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  • Marsbars09

    Who cares? Both women probably lie out of their a-holes. If they don’t care to be friends so be it.

    • AnEnigmaWrappedIn$nark

      LoL … took the words right outta my mouf. Next story ….

  • BetteDavisEyez1

    Porsha was the one that said we are all reunited & it feels good. Now Nene is trying to act like they didn’t kiss her ass enough.
    Nene said they don’t call her & she is the type that calls right back. The phones work both ways. Nene wants everyone to kiss her ass & when they don’t, she turns on them.

    • LovelyAmberRose1

      Nene is a turncoat. Porsha and Phaedra were the only ones who filmed w her that season until she apologized to Cynthia and ‘surprised the HWs in Jamaica. She then teamed up w Cynthia, Kenya n Kandi at the reunion, agreeing that Porsha was too violent. Now all of the sudden she’s cool with Kandi who we all know can’t stand her and Kenya who has ridiculed her for years. Nene wants back in and she’s chosen a team.

      • BetteDavisEyez1

        Excellent point. Nene has conviently forgotten how much Kandi has hated her from day 1 & that Dust Mop called her a beast on a loop.
        Didn’t Nene have to put out a C&D order on Claudia & Kenya?!? LOL!!

  • RonnieRIB

    Only hood rats love dumb rachet Horsha….I don’t care too much for Nene but since Hollywood has made her change EVERTHING about her and she is STILL not considered an ‘A-Lister….she’s right on this one….I hope she humbles herself

    Horsha betta be quiet. fakedra and Nene and Kandi knows ALL her dirt.

  • donna

    😂😂😂😂😂 I love Porsha!