Scheana Shay Dishes On Lala Kent’s ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Departure & Brandi Glanville Friendship

Posted on Jan 23 2017 - 6:03pm by Dani-K

Scheana Shay wants LaLa Kent back on Vanderpump Rules – even though the two aren’t friends. Why? According to the Inquisitr LaLa is good TV and keeps the other female cast members from fighting with one another because they’re so busy going after her.

Scheana appeared on Keven Undergaro’s The Tomorrow Show, and faced questions about LaLa leaving VPR and whether or not she’s dating a married man. As you know, Scheana once dated a famously married man.

“He’s married by the way,” Scheana said about LaLa’s secret lover. “He’s married…she was dating an athlete, then she started dating the married guy but I mean who’s going to admit to dating someone who’s married? I don’t know who he is. I have not met him but a couple of our mutual friends have met him.”

Allegedly the married man is producer Randall Emmet and his wife was a friend of LaLa’s. Some friend! Both Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute have publicly outed him on Twitter. As for Scheana’s relationship with the married Eddie Cibrian, she thinks her situation was different. Don’t they all. Scheana didn’t know Eddie was married to a then pregnant Brandi Glanville and when she found out – after her mother told her – Scheana ended it. Six months later Cibrian reached out to Scheana asking for a second chance, however, just a few months later he fell in love with singer LeeAnn Rimes.

Last week when Brandi was on Watch What Happens Live a caller asked if she thought it was hypocritical of Scheana to criticize LaLa for dating a married man.

“Obviously I think that it’s hypocritical,” Brandi told Andy Cohen. “Does anyone really know if that’s what happened with LaLa? I don’t’ know. So I had LaLa on my radio show and she never said that. And I like LaLa…and honestly Scheana’s the only girl that I like this season on Vanderpump Rules. She seems like she’s the only one that has the voice of reason. She’s being normal.”

Wow! A compliment from Brandi! Will the two become friends? Probably not. In the meantime, Scheana was asked if she thinks LaLa will film the VPR reunion show.

“[LaLa} said she wasn’t going to, but I don’t see her not. I mean she’s a huge part of the first half of our season and although she walked away, I can’t see her not being a part of it. I think they’ll convince her to come on it…she makes for great TV.”


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  • Kate halle

    Every time that nasally challenged Scheana goes on about Bla Bla Kent and a married man, it just reminds everyone of her own skanky past. Pot kettle & all that.

  • AnEnigmaWrappedIn$nark

    Sheena’s right – LaLa not only makes good TV, but her (stunning) beauty makes the other women look like tired out-of-shape porkers … and that’s the reason they wanted her off the show. But Li$a is all about ratings, so there isn’t a doubt in my mind LaLa WILL return … and even if she isn’t asked back, she can always just hang and around and stalk the show like Stassi and Kristin have done for the last 2 years (or become Li$a’s #2 bitch like QuasiKatie).

  • Deanna777

    Scheana needs to have a seat. She was banging Eddiot during the Google age, so there is no way she could not have known he wasn’t married. He probably told her he was separated from his wife, but in her mind it was the same as being divorced. As thirsty as she, Kristen, Stassi and Katie are, anyone of them would jump on a rich and famous married man in a nanosecond if he showered them with expensive items.

    • AnEnigmaWrappedIn$nark

      It always annoyed me as well that this ditz was given a pass on banging a famous (albeit D-list) married dude.

  • EvenKeeled

    Scheanna should not have an opinion about the status of the men Lala dates. She pretty much managed to ruin two marriages before the age of 30. The other bullies should also mind their own business. Kristen pretty much banged Jax on her then live in boyfriend’s couch while he was in the other room. Stassi is a whinny over exposed drug addict and Tequila Katie is an abusive alcoholic. She batters her husband and anyone else that tries to tell her she has a real problem. I feel bad for dumb Brittnaaay, she needs to get her country a s s back to Kentucky and marry her h.s. sweetheart and leave L.A. pronto before she ends up participating in some orgy with her bisexual boyfriend. I miss Lala. She was real and had the most potential. Lisa tried to keep her there getting bashed daily and never once addressed it with the staff. That is no way to make a living. For $10 an hour she should have left a long time ago.

  • JC

    Just when I’m feeling sorry for Shenna, I’m reminded that given opportunity she’s just as mean and self centered as the wicked three. Only their voices are a little more palatable. On last nights episode I’m reminded of how self-envolved she really is. In Shennas world, its all about her. If not, she will make it so by inserting herself whenever possible. If she can’t insert herself then she’ll wine about it to anyone who’ll listen. Playing lip service by gossiping and calling a Katie an alcoholic; below the belt. Whining that the three witches don’t want her in their girl group; pathetic in an adult. Trying to cause problems with James relationship; vindictive. Calling James girlfriend a dumb fu@k; nasty. Resenting the bride because she’s the center of attention and she’s not; selfish. I’ve turned a corner no matter what the situation, I will never like Shenna’s Character.