Jules Wainstein Facing Eviction While Soon-to-be Ex husband Parties!

Posted on Jan 20 2017 - 11:10am by Dani-K

Life isn’t always fair – especially if you are Jules Wainstein.

Not only did her vertically-challenged husband, Michael, carry on an affair while she was filming her season of The Real Housewives of New York, now Jules is saying she and the children are facing eviction while her estranged husband is out partying.

“We wonder how he’s paying his expenses, your honor, he seems to be doing OK, living fine…traveling to Florida, hosting dinners,” Allen Mayefsky, divorce lawyer for Jules said in a Manhattan courtroom on Wednesday.

Michael Wainstein owns $20,000 in child support; $33,900 for their kids’ private school; and $34,190 in back rent, according to Page Six.

“There are eviction notices outstanding for my client’s two floors of residence — not the third floor, which is [the husband’s],” Mayefsky told the Judge.

Jules’ attorney questioned why Michael is throwing lavish Jewish Sabbath parties and pursuing a pilot’s license in Florida.

“Why are we pursing pilot’s license instead of paying child support?” Mayefsky asked the Judge.

Michael’s attorney denied this claim and the judge ordered him to pay Jules $25,000. A court date was also set for next month to determine if Michael will face jail time or pay a fine for “allegedly stiffing his family.”


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  • AnEnigmaWrappedIn$nark

    Aw poor AsianJewels … how is a poor crackhead to survive? At least she does’t have to worry about feeding herself.

    • Why is this happening to us?

      Oh snap! Lol

      • AnEnigmaWrappedIn$nark

        At least I didn’t post the pic of her purging heaving over the toilet … baby steps:-)

        • Why is this happening to us?

          Hehe….how nice of you! Lol
          Unfortunately, there are others on the show besides her who also probably have pics bent over a toilet!
          Are you watching the Inauguration?

          • AnEnigmaWrappedIn$nark

            I got up early and watched all the arrivals all the way up to the swearing in … then they switched coverage to the “protesting” rioting and looting, so I got bored. Being a political junkie, I love Inauguration Day (no matter who’s getting in). What about you?

          • Why is this happening to us?

            I’ve had it on basically since the swearing in. Now the rioting and looting is going on and I don’t really want to see that. There are people throwing bricks at the police and they set fire to a car. I’m just glad it’s not interfering with the parade. I like Inauguration Day too- it’s not often we get to see all the pomp and circumstance. Unfortunately, I’m waiting for the riots to start here in NYC- they are anticipating problems. Tomorrow is the women’s march in DC and there is a women’s protest in NYC. I guess we will see what happens…

          • AnEnigmaWrappedIn$nark

            I saw it long enough to see that the cops weren’t playing for once. Personally, I hope they all end up with cracked skulls.

          • Why is this happening to us?

            I hope they catch those bastards who broke all those windows and set the fires. I have no problem with people protesting, but it’s when they start doing things like this that I have a problem with. There are people that are professional protesters (“agitators”) that go around and do this kind of stuff at every protest just to do it. They aren’t even there for the cause. There were people running around with sticks and hammers trying to break things- what a bunch of animals….smh. I’m just glad they kept them away from the parade route.

          • sideof Sour Cream

            Women’s march! and they are all knitting their pink “pussy hats”. good lord I hate those old bitches.

          • Why is this happening to us?

            I just had the news on and I saw those hats you mentioned! I didn’t know that’s what they were calling them…lol 🙄

  • kikid26

    Is anyone surprised. They are people that clearly live beyond their means. Get real “Jules” and take your kids out of private school, get a place that is affordable, and oh yeah GET A JOB! People want all kinds of sympathy but do nothing to change their situation. Like money just comes out of the dilapidated faucet to pay for these things.

    • Mental Iceberg 🏇

      If it can be afforded, the children ought to maintain the same standard of living that they are/were used to.

      If it can’t be maintained, granted, shit happens and you (a parent) gotta do what you gotta do.

      Jules’s lawyer is arguing that he, in fact, does posses those funds.

  • Marsbars09

    Shame on Michael for not doing what he’s supposed to do.

  • the underground train

    Even if Michael no longer see loves or care for Jules, he can’t turn his back on his children. I hope he doesn’t allow them to get evicted. The private school costs though does sound excessive. Might have to switch schools.

    • EvenKeeled

      Switch schools and neighborhoods.

    • Why is this happening to us?

      I thought the same about school. They are in pre-k and kindergarten or 1st grade. There is no reason why they can’t go to public school in NYC. I did and look how I turned out! Lol…ok bad example! 😜
      I went to NYC public school for grammar school and JHS and then private school for HS. That’s how lots of people do it around here.

  • ScrappieONE

    Boy this piece of crap is giving Jim Marcheesie a run for his money for being the biggest douche-bag

    • AnEnigmaWrappedIn$nark

      Hehehe … two midget meatballs peas in a pod.

    • Why is this happening to us?

      Now that you mentioned JM, I can’t pick which one is worse!
      Jim was an outright douchebag on the show, but I’m surprised with Michael because he seemed pretty normal on the show. I guess it’s always the quiet ones you need to watch out for!

  • TartLemon

    Happens to oodles and gobs of women everyday. But, you know what? We downsize, get out and get a job to support our kids. I’m not making excuses for Michael AT ALL and think he and all the others are deadbeat dads.

    • EvenKeeled

      She still has her line of drinks at WholeFoods. I wonder if that is what she’s using to pay some of the bills. I don’t know how well that juice line is doing actually so who knows. I don’t think she should be living in a two story home in the city when she has no viable income. She CAN downsize, but I guess some of these women get accustomed to a lifestyle and refuse to leave it behind.

    • Why is this happening to us?

      Exactly. She needs to just take matters into her own hands and worry about herself and the kids. She can deal with him in court later on. If he is in arrears, the court will make sure that he pays her. They will start to garnish his wages if they haven’t already.

    • Rochelle013


  • MidwestMiddie

    The extended Bravo Entertainment ………… Pfft.

  • Why is this happening to us?

    What a POS he is. He would allow his own kids to be evicted from their home just to spite their mother, meanwhile he was seen shopping around for places to live with his girlfriend (who I’m not sure whether or not is pregnant). I feel bad for Jules and hope she gets this resolved soon. It seems like she has loving, supportive parents, so I’m sure they will be there for her if she needs them. I hope his new girlfriend is taking notes…smh.

  • sunkissed748

    Sc*mbag. Hate this guy. Real a**hole.

  • Trippinhhard

    This judge has let this man get away with everything, he should be put in jail for contempt charges.. age should be paying spousal support, tuition,rent and other things..Yiu can’t have it both ways.. We saw you shopping with your therapist and smiling, your rent is paid. What type of chicken shit this is.. I don’t know why yiur checks are not being garnished he now. You act like you have the small nan complex…. How disgusting that he would allow his children to be homeless, beause you’re angry whit you ex spouse.. Shame on your little man complex….

  • sideof Sour Cream

    maybe throwing up for a living is not as lucrative as she thought it might be.

    • Orlando Chan


      • sideof Sour Cream

        YEP. and you are too.

      • sideof Sour Cream