Sippin’ Tea After Dark: Open Post

Posted on Jan 19 2017 - 7:45pm by Editor
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  • Sunflower

    I am hoping for the best… starting tomorrow, going forward and wishing for a healthy Unified United States of America!!
    In God We Trust..!!

  • JC

    Vanderpump Rules: Finally figured out why the majority of the cast banned together to hate and discredit Lala. They are afraid of being replaced by a younger more beautiful cast. Too bad, so sad, but the hate just makes Stassi, Katie, Tom2, Kristin, Sheena and Jax’s look jealous, foolish and pathetic. Brittney dislikes Lala because Jaxs lied about not making a pass at her…. and hey, she can’t blame the looser scum she’s shaked up with because that would mean admitting she’s living with a lower level human being. Poor Tom2 he hates Lala cause hey girl hey, he’s cowardly and afraid of Tequila Katie. This mean middle-aged talentless few..can’t see their show lasting more than another season unless they can bring in new castmates.

    • AnEnigmaWrappedIn$nark

      I can co-sign all of that, and absolutely agree that LaLa was a major threat (to the porked up) female cast. It is well documented that LaLa more or less told Li$a (and presumably Bravo) to kiss her pretty little ass .. I guess it remains to be seen whether it was a wise or stupid move.