House of Horrors! RHOBH’s Eden Sassoon’s Brother David Speaks Out About Their Horrific Childhood!

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Eden Sassoon’s story is a family affair, as she tackles her part-time gig on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stage.

Eden shared a bit about the  wealthy clan right off the bat, and most pointedly spoke about her sister, Catya. Her sister’s life was cut short by addiction, and Catya’s professional past is a haunting link to Kim Richards. Eden’s brother, David’s name will probably not ride the Bravo rollercoaster with his sis, and his own words reveal the reasons. David told his story to the Daily Mail, in 2013. 

“If you don’t look good, we don’t look good” — a snappy business motto to most — a dark nod to a troubled childhood, for Vidal Sassoon’s adopted son.  According to David, his father’s quest for physical perfection made his childhood miserable, and led to the death of his sister.

David spoke out for the first time about his father — who died in 2012 — and the celebrity hair giant’s “obsession with perfection.”

“Dad created the ultimate dysfunctional family,” David said. “To be honest, I would have been better off if he had never adopted me. Money and image were all that mattered to him. My Dad had that slogan, ‘If you don’t look good, we don’t look good.’ That carried through to the family. Dad was someone who would dress up to go to the supermarket. He was terrified of being seen not looking perfect. His image was everything.”

Sassoon was married to his second wife, actress Beverly Adams, when the couple adopted David, the product of an affair between a white woman in the-then racially segregated South, and an African-American man. David was given up for adoption, and placed in a foster home. Sassoon and Beverly had three children — Elan, Catya and Eden, when Beverly met David’s foster mother.

Beverly was carrying twins when she had Eden but there were complications and she lost one. Vidal was always working, building the business,” David explained. “Beverly wanted four kids, two boys and two girls. She was doing night classes at university where she met my foster mum.”

David pointed out that it was unusual back then for celebrities to adopt different ethnicities — and the move proved to be a smart one for Sassoon.

“The next thing I know the whole Sassoon clan turned up at the house. I remember opening the door and saying, ‘Are you my new mummy and daddy?’ David revealed. “At the time it was very unusual for celebrities to adopt other ethnicities. These days everyone is doing it. I’m not saying Dad did it to help his image but it certainly generated good press.”

Three and a half year-old David’s world changed overnight, shifting from a tiny humble house, to his new family’s enormous Beverly Hills mansion. David had everything money could buy — but said that he was miserable in his new home.

“My mother was an alcoholic and Dad was never there. When he was, he was a hard taskmaster,” said David. “I would’ve been better off if he hadn’t adopted me.”

David described his upbringing as a never-ending quest toward perfection — a demand from an image-obsessed, controlling patriarch.

“Everything had to be perfect. We kids had to be perfect. If we angered him he would stop talking to us. That was the pattern of my life,” David revealed. “His was conditional love. He used material wealth to control the family. If you were doing what he wanted, he showed his love in monetary gifts. When you were bad he’d take his money away. It was his way or the highway.”

“My childhood was a misery because I wasn’t perfect enough. I didn’t fit into the image of what a “Sassoon kid” should be.”

David told the outlet that he was close to Catya, and often “partied” with his sister. In fact, David and Catya were at the same party, when she overdosed, leaving David as the one who had to call the family and break the sad news. David claimed that his family’s anger about the tragedy was later aimed at him, and the scrutiny increased.

“Dad didn’t like the way I looked, how I dressed, how I behaved,” David said, explaining that the death “caused a rift.”

“There was Catya and me, the “rebel” kids, and Elan and Eden, the “good” kids.”

David explained that both of his parents stopped talking to him, and his efforts to “do his own thing,” including becoming a history teacher, were  deemed unacceptable. David also described being “bullied” into undergoing laparoscopic stomach surgery, after a motorcycle accident resulted in significant weight gain.

“I got very fat. I got up to 25st (350 pounds). Dad said he would disown me if I didn’t have laparoscopic stomach surgery. I said, ‘Fine, disown me,’” David said. “I was scared. It was 2005 and the surgery was new and dangerous. I told him to f*** off. Dad told me, ‘You are the only one in the family who doesn’t look the part.’ Not only was I the adopted one but I stood out because I was trouble, I was overweight. Everything he hated. Eden called me and said, ‘You should do the surgery and stay in Dad’s good graces.’”

David said in the interview that he regretted going through with the surgery to that day. He openly shared about his own struggles with addictions, and said that he even tried to include his father in a therapy session.

“Family drama is a trigger for me,” David says. “Dad came to therapy but when I tried to tell him what he’d done wrong he got angry. You’d say something he didn’t like and he’d attack you, point out your flaws and walk out.”

Vidal Sassoon cut David out of his will two months before his death, but David inherited a generous figure from various trusts, and a payment from a life insurance policy. He admitted that being cut out of the will was his father’s way of “controlling” him, and said that his siblings inherited a much larger sum.

“It’s not like any of us earned that money,” David said of his two siblings. “None of us stirred a vat of shampoo. Elan and Eden were always the “good” kids. They hung on Dad’s coat tails and the Sassoon name means a lot to them. I’ve always been my own man.’

David added that he holds no resentment towards his father, and that the tough-loving Sassoon did “the best he could.” David spoke about his last moments with his dad.

‘Two days before he died we spoke and he said, ‘It’s pretty much done,’” David revealed. “His last words to me were not that he loved me but ‘I forgive you.’ He could never apologize.”

David’s mother, Beverly, said in response to the interview that she loves her son, but that he was “angry and should stop blaming others for his problems.” Beverly admitted that her ex-husband believed in tough love, and that “his attitude was ‘If you don’t do it my way, you’re out of my life.’ He did what he thought was right.” Elan also commented, saying that he also loved David, but that his brother was “showing no respect for Dad’s memory.”

There is no comment recorded from Eden. The reality rookie’s asserted sobriety shift would have presumably occurred around the time of her father’s illness/death. David’s story could possibly reveal much about Bravo’s latest reality player. Eden’s off-kilter reaction to run-of-the-mill criticism, and her tirelessly bizarre perspectives could be the result of navigating a challenging childhood. Her current strategy is proving to be a strange one, as an adult woman trying to thrive in a social media-driven reality world. Buckle your seat belts.   


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  • Violet~Princess Pumpernickel

    I think it’s sad that the whole family has basically disowned this guy. He became a teacher and works for his income. What’s to dislike about that?

  • wellWellwell

    This is an excellent blog Beach! “her tirelessly bizarre perspectives” I couldn’t agree more with this statement. This overall story could be why I find her strange and distant. hmm..

  • That’s sad! Vidal Sassoon sounded like a real jerk.

  • Sugar in my tank

    Well this is an interview from 2013 which was dredged up, why I am not sure. I have no reason to have an opinion about his interview from 4 years ago. He is not on the show. I swear these articles are strategically placed to keep sh*t going on these shows..

    • Jennymckitty

      Eden brought up her dysfunctional childhood on the last show. I think this article perfectly compliments her statements. It saves me from Goggle searching more information on the family. OK, who am I kidding. I’m still going to search.

      • Sugar in my tank


    • margaret

      Eden has only appeared on 2 episodes so far and not many of us are familiar with her, her history or her family life. In her limited screen time thus far, she seems to be not only using, but spinning her family’s legacy for a storyline. I for one, want more than Eden’s revisionist history before deciding what she is all about and who she is. Like what the Richard sisters have tried to spin about their mom and how they were raised in an idyllic childhood setting, blah, blah. Well, we know better than to believe that nonsense because blogs like this were written to counteract that nonsense. Plus, AATT has never been up anyone’s butt, especially not Bravo’s. I must respectfully disagree with your opinion on this.

      • Sugar in my tank

        I hear you but every child’s experience with a parent is different. Excellent viewpoint, we definitely see things differently.

    • Sunflower


  • Jennymckitty

    Thank you so much for this enlightening blog, Beach. It sounds like it was an emotionally tough environment to grow up in. I consider being a wife and parent as a vocation. These are the most important jobs I will ever have. I also know that I am not perfect in doing either of these. I just pray that I don’t fail this badly. It sounds like Mr. Sassoon felt that his need for perfection was a positive trait rather than dysfunctional at times. It sounds like his unrelenting need to pass this on to his children was damaging to them but I imagine he felt he was doing the right thing for them. Sad.

  • Birdie

    Eden’s brand of crazy makes a little more sense now.

  • Bari Korn

    Very interesting AATT. Thank you. Eden definitely has a history.
    BravoWives’ first impressions rarely last.

  • Sunflower

    I mourn this little happy boy in the picture with the Sassoon family.
    When or if he will have kids one day… he will sing another tune.

  • italiano bambino

    Great blog beachspin makes you not wanting be rich and fit it at all 😑.. Interesting story.

  • Tigerlilly

    Sounds like the father was a text book narcissist. Let me tell you, having been raised by a narcissist myself, if you can feel anything but sheer comtempt for them, you are either a Saint or a narcissist yourself. Until you’ve experienced life with a narcissist, you really can’t fathom how utterly f*cked up it is.
    Yeah, David could have kept his mouth shut about his father and arguably should have, but it was probably cathartic for him to tell the truth. It comes across as sour grapes and disrespectful ungratefulness, I understand. However, knowing all too well some of what he endured (assuming I’m correct about his father), there is no amount of privilege or material wealth that is worth putting up with narcissistic abuse. None. He might very well have been better off had his parents not adopted him.

  • margaret

    Thanks Beach! There must be a lot of skeleton’s in this family’s history. I mean 3 out of 4 of his children are addicts (no word on Elan yet) and one was adopted, so that cannot be chalked up to a genetic predisposition only. It seems like Eden is going the revisionist history route in regards to her family, just like the Richard sisters have attempted to do. I don’t want to see the Sassoon name get dragged through the mud, but the problem is, she is the one using them all as a storyline. She can’t expect bloggers and viewers not to fact check or look into her history a bit more closely now. She has opened up a can of worms.

    • Birdie

      IKR…Eden is a bit off the beam. Common sense logic is lost on her. Happy Friday margaret! 😊

      • margaret

        Happy Friday to you too Birdie! 🙂

  • AnEnigmaWrappedIn$nark

    Eden and Beverly have it right by not even responding to (feeding) this loser’s story. Especially wise for Eden, whose undoubtedly learned to keep her mouth shut (not pun intended) on certain subjects.

    • JC

      Respectfully disagree. It’s his story and he has a right to tell it. Doesn’t make him a loser for doing so.

      • AnEnigmaWrappedIn$nark

        Airing one’s dirty laundry without any regard for the rest of his family is what makes him a loser.

        • JC

          He along with his siblings were being emotionally / mentally abused by their care giver. The entire family was aware they were dysfunction and that the parents were not fit to raise children. Silence is what allowed this screwed up environment to flourish. So screw their sensibilities in the ear. Sorry to be blunt but what ever helps him to heal after growing up in a dysfunctional and mentally abusive family with adults who shouldn’t have been allowed to raise dogs, is worth the exposure.

          • AnEnigmaWrappedIn$nark

            If it’s true (a big IF), then it should be between he and his therapist … just my opinion.

    • Eden said some terrible things about her parents in her first episode. Eden implied her mother had an elective c-section b/c her mother couldn’t stand being pregnant any longer. So Eden was born prematurely. And the same day, Eden claimed her parents left for the Hamptons to party.

      So, she really isn’t keeping her mouth shut at all.