Eden Sassoon Says Connection With Kim Richards & Her Dead Sister Gets Her ‘In Trouble’ On #RHOBH

Posted on Jan 10 2017 - 3:44pm by BeachSpin

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills part-time rookie, Eden Sassoon, appeared on Tuesday’s Access Hollywood LiveThe hair empress dished with Natalie Morales and Kit Hoover about tonight’s RHOBH episode and her reunion with Kim Richards.

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Eden’s hard fought sobriety is addressed — along with how she is adjusting to her “friend of” role on the Bravo hit.

Eden labels Kim her “sisterly sober friend,” and shares her scattered thoughts on the woman who once worked with her deceased sister, Catya. Eden’s sister’s life was cut short by a drug overdose, in 2002.

“When I see Kim, I held her as if there was a part of my sister there, because it was so ‘then’ when Cat was still alive,” Eden explains. “There’s that connection..for me at least. I think that’s what gets me in trouble. I’m holding onto something that’s gone—through her. Yet she’s struggling in a way that I understand, because I’m four years sober.”

Eden works to articulate the Kim/Rinna/Kyle dynamic, and how the trio  can’t seem to “get it right.” Eden also notes that Rinna needs to “work on behavior.”

Interestingly, Eden comments that a gal “needs some tough, thick skin to have this group of friends, and do what we do.” Eden even admits that she called in her mom for support and a hug.

“Somebody hug me, somebody tell me this is ok, somebody tell me I’m not about to just explode in a whoaaa…” Eden says, adding, “when you’re really trying to search for peace, and you can’t necessarily find it.”

Eden promises that she “finds the beauty at the end of whatever this looks like…” so stay tuned!

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs tonight, at 9:00 pm ET, on Bravo. 


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  • italiano bambino

    Ready to the Bitchfest

  • Perturbed

    She seems either really spacey or she’s on some um, medication? It’s sad about her sister though – I hope Kyle & Kathy Hilton take that to heart when dealing with Kim.

  • JustSayin

    Knowing Eden lost a sister to an overdose, and is an addict herself, I’m kind of interested to hear her opinion on the Richards sisters fucked up dynamic…

    • margaret

      I’m interested to hear her take on the Richards sisters too, but for different reasons. I just want the dirt. You’re much nicer! 🙂

    • Gibney13

      I just hope Eden is not the one called out for abusing Xanax. I think this is the wrong show for someone struggling with sobriety- even if she is 4 years sober. I just want Kim gone. She’s meaner sober than she is wasted.

  • margaret

    Looking forward to tonight’s episode. I already don’t like this one. She sounds like she feels superior to others. Not a good thing for someone her age who only has 4 years of sobriety under their belt. And she thinks she has “thick skin” yet has to go crying to her mommy over a dinner party gone wrong? Oh boy.

  • sunkissed748

    Ugghhh. Needs a hug. 😮

  • catmom

    Great. Another one using Kim Richards for a story line. She’s going to have a big problem with Kyle, for sure!

    • margaret

      Kim should not be used as a storyline, nor should she be back on the show. I don’t care how much she begs and says she can handle it. She clearly cannot and Bravo should be ashamed. I fear they will find her dead in her home one day from some sort of accidental overdose. I’m not being a snarky jerk either. This is genuine concern. :/

      • catmom

        ITA. I don’t understand how her family doesn’t put a stop to it. If they can’t then Bravo should.

        • margaret

          It doesn’t seem they can control her at all, does it? Kim also seems like she might be one of those people who will always do the opposite of whatever someone else suggests, just to prove them wrong or whatever, even when it’s to her detriment. You would think someone at Bravo would put a stop to this nonsense, but nope.

          • catmom

            Sometimes, I think that her family is afraid of her. She can be nasty. I watched her “performance” with Dr. Phil, and I felt bad for her kids. It might be one of those things where no one wants to upset Kim and be blamed for her losing her sobriety?

          • margaret

            Yes. I think you’re right. The way she jumps down anyone’s throat who dares bring up something she considers unpleasant is out of proportion with the comment. It’s scary and meant to induce fear and submission. It works. That nonsense she pulled with Dr. Phil was ridiculous. Did she not agree to be on his show and discuss her “sobriety”? She would have my sympathy if she would take rehab seriously and put in the effort. It’ll be interesting to see if she seems “sober” on tonight’s episode. :/

      • ITA.

        If I were Kyle, I’d refuse to film with her. I would really put my foot down. Hell, with all of Kyle’s new wealth, just give Kim a check equal to whatever Bravo would pay.

        Kim is not strong enough for reality TV. And that’s nothing to be ashamed of or attempt to overcome. Generally speaking, it’s a cess pool that only the narcissists and sociopaths can swim in.

        • margaret

          LOL. Love your assessment! Kyle won’t do that because she is an enabler. Not going to happen. I’m guessing Mauricio put his foot down and cut off Kim’s financial aid long ago? I do think both the Hilton’s and Umsky’s supported her financially for ages. Money seemed like a real source of contention between the sisters back in S 1& 2, but I’m fuzzy on the details now. Do you remember more about all that?

          • Sandy Wood

            Kim to Kyle:—“You stole my g*d damn house!!!”

          • margaret

            LOL. I was just thinking about that. Vulcan mind meld in effect. 😉

          • I think the Palm Springs house went to Kyle, Kim, and Kathy, when Big Kathy died- as tenants in common perhaps? And when Kim was really struggling with addiction, Kyle and Mauricio paid Kim a lump sum and Kim signed over her interest in the home.

            Evidentially, Kim thought she wasn’t given FMV. Or she didn’t understand that she was relinquishing all rights to it.

        • AnEnigmaWrappedIn$nark

          Kyle’s new wealth? Has she ever been anything else? She’s one of the very few who doesn’t need the show, the show needs her. I would assume that she and Kathy have been carrying Kim for decades … and quite frankly, why not right?

      • Jennymckitty

        You know Bravo would love nothing more than to film it too.

      • Why is this happening to us?

        I agree. I think part of it has to do with coaxing on Kyle’s part for her to do the show. Clearly she is not stable enough for it.

  • RealitytvJunkie

    She seems to be on something. And why does she keep talking about Kim and her dead sister together if she doesn’t want the two to be linked.

    • wellWellwell

      I’m starting to think this one needs money desperately and playing the game ‘look over there not at me’ another name ‘squirrel’. Kyle has played this game with Kim since the show started. Eden seems like maybe that’s her game too.
      Yes she does appear to be on something.

  • Sunflower

    Production knows how to pick them.
    Ironic that Eden is joining RHOBH while Kim is making appearances!
    Not feeling this new drama….

  • Evil Queen

    I’ll give Eden a few more episodes, before I form an opinion.
    So, a few blogs in, we know she is 4 years sober, & she likes young ” wiggy, wiggy wack” boys.

  • BetteDavisEyez1

    None of those turtles have anything on my Michaelangelo. TurtleTime!!

  • Um….k.

    I think it is revolting and despicable to exploit other people’s illnesses and mental health issues for fleeting D list fame and money. It’s one thing to do it when you need money — but when you are from a wealthy family? SMDH.

    She could have just said that her sister associated with Kim Richards in 80s, decades ago. She didn’t have to sit in her talking head and in interviews and recount her sister’s history of drug abuse, her friends, etc.

    Clearly Eden has enough issues to create a storyline – her mommy issues alone — wow. Did she actually say her mother induced labor prematurely so she could go to the Hamptons?

    And I’m glad she thinks it is wise to have “thick skin.” lol . Did she say this before or after her recent Twitter meltdown?

  • Sunflower

    Dorit showed an instant physical attraction to Eden.
    Watch out Pee-K…. shi.zz can happen!

    • AnEnigmaWrappedIn$nark

      If I had to choose between (creepy) PeeKer and Eden … I’d probably bite the apple too.

  • laura

    I felt sorry for Kim, she can’t take that abuse she is fragile and should steer clear of that show. She will never get any kind of satisfaction or closure from RHBV.

  • LeLu23

    The movie that Kim Richards and Eden’s sister were in is called ‘Tuff Turf’, you can view it on YouTube. I watched it years ago, I thought James Spader was hot. Holy hell, what happened to him? His head turned into a basketball…