‘Ladies of London’ Recap: Caroline Stanbury and Caroline Fleming’s Bickering Ruin the Pub Crawl

Posted on Jan 4 2017 - 9:43am by Dani-K

Welcome to 2017! The Ladies of London are still in 2016, but that’s okay, they’re a trifle out of touch anyway. Marissa and Caroline F are having lunch, talking about sex and the untruthful gossip that surrounds them. The conversation moves to the topic of Caroline S and why she’s such a bump on a log. Contrary to recent chatter, it’s not because of legal problems, at least not that Caroline F will divulge because she doesn’t entirely trust Marissa.

Onto Juliet whom we haven’t seen much of this season. She’s dining with her blogging assistant and Julie’s branding “expert.” Haven’t heard much from Julie’s “schweaty balls” from last year, but Juliet needs all the help she can get. Her fashion blog has turned from a hobby into a “career” and Juliet is overwhelmed because she’s an “involved” mom and proud dog walker, and, oh yeah, a wife. Juliet listens to tips and gets pumped up when she learns how “London” she is.

Marissa and Matt are on a date night. Will tonight be the night they do the deed? Maybe. And maybe not. Marissa is nervous. Medically she’s got the clear, and she’s bought lingerie, but instead of having romantic talk with her husband, Marissa begins talking about Juliet and their changed relationship due to her vomiting drama in her life. Matt is like, fine, get rid of her. Move on. Drink the champagne and let’s get randy!

Today is Queen Elizabeth’s birthday. Happy birthday! (Have you watched The Crown on Netflix? OMG, so good.) Juliet is celebrating with a pub crawl in East London and dressing circa 1980’s Madonna for her blog because she’s so London. Caroline F comes over and is surprised by Juliet’s throwback look. Caroline S calls on the phone to say she’s running late again and will meet them at the first pub with her friend Lucy. Caroline F thinks Caroline S’s tardiness is very improper.

Elsewhere, Sophie, Marissa, and Adela meet up to celebrate the day. Sophie is tired of the wretched drama from the other ladies – namely her sister-in-law. They sit down and start pounding drinks in honor of Her Royal Highness (not Caroline S). Adela is sober, and so far is rocking it, but Sophie is like a caged animal ready to pounce on the men. Unfortunately, there are no hot men so Sophie wants to leave the bar. Adela uses this as her chance to escape because she can’t handle the drunkards. Then Sophie drunk-dials her ex-husband to ask for the sexy trainer guy’s phone number. Marissa tries to tell her it’s a bad idea, but Sophie does it anyway and actually it’s no problem. Her ex is happy to hand her off to another bloke. Unfortunately again, the sexy trainer’s in Italy.

Caroline S shows up in her circa 1950’s leather and snaps at Caroline F when she asks why she’s late. Caroline S thinks Caroline F should loosen up and have an orgasm – advice they both should adhere. The mission today is to walk around in the miserable weather and take pictures while drinking. Caroline S’s friend Lucy is along for the dreadful time celebration and is asked by Caroline S to decide who runs a better household between her and Caroline F. Way to put a friend on the spot. And who cares, they both have a staff! This has something to do with house rules and Caroline S not wanting to hug or eat fruit. Got it?

Sophie and Marissa hit another bar and drink watermelon martinis. Both women are getting their groove on and Sophie is dancing on top of the bar. These two are having fun, contrary to the other group of ladies who seem to be drinking bitters. Caroline S has a bug up her as because Caroline F scolded her for being tardy and won’t get over it. But Caroline perks up when she shares the gossip from Adela about how snockered Sophie and Marissa are getting. Caroline S is not happy with this new Sophie. Caroline F tells Caroline S that she expects loyalty, but won’t give it. And while we’re at it, Caroline S takes jabs at other people. The bitters is working because the two Caroline’s kiss and make up.

After the hangovers are dealt with, Caroline S and Juliet meet for chocolate and coffee, and once again talk behind Sophie’s back about her disloyalty. Caroline S also slams all the other ladies. Lady Julie: is on speed and becoming her worst nightmare. Caroline F: is like being with the headmistress from boarding school with her proper rules. And to prove Caroline’s still the queen bee, she’s hosting a weekend in Scotland and wants all the other ladies to celebrate her before she leaves for Dubai. As an added measure of cruelty, Caroline S has something special planned for Julie to put her and her house rules in their place. Won’t this be fun!

Sophie is hat shopping and not much else happens except Caroline F stops by to tell her divorce agrees with her and gossip about Caroline S. Sophie says the day of reckoning is coming for them and it will be over sushi.

Over at Marissa’s house, she is dreading this visit from Juliet. The nanny says she can see Baby Sadie but cannot touch her until she’s six months old. They talk about Scotland, avoiding the topic of their failed friendship. Marissa brings up the gossip about Juliet being shocked that she went to New York so soon after Sadie got out of the hospital. Juliet stutters a weak excuse and levels back that she heard Marissa was gossiping about Caroline S leaving London to get away from her legal problems. Marissa denies saying this.

Now for the sushi smack down. The women arrive and exchange pleasantries. Sophie starts by saying she did not intend to come from a place of malice and didn’t mean to cause Caroline to be upset. Caroline asks why of all people did Sophie go for her like that. Sophie says like what and we hear the litany of issues we’ve already heard before. Like Sophie becoming friends with Julie. And Sophie becoming friends with Adela. Sophie says she messed up, but Caroline won’t stop punishing her. Her own ex-husband isn’t this harsh. Caroline says they don’t share children so she doesn’t have to be as civil.

As for the children’s party, Caroline says it wasn’t a bitch move, it was a complete miscommunication with her nanny and then her mother. That’s why her children didn’t attend her brother’s kid’s birthday party. Caroline S says she and Sophie never fought until Julie came into their lives. They agree to no more talking about each other behind their backs and Caroline says Sophie’s apology will do for now, but will it?

Tune in next week for a weekend of fun at a rented castle in Scotland.


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  • the underground train

    Didn’t watch but Caroline S sounds so insufferable from reading this recap. Does Sophie need to provide a list of friends and associates to Caroline S first? And allow Caroline S deem who Sophie can and cannot socialize with? I know they are family but I think it is wrong to expect blind loyalty from one another. (A la Teresa and Melissa, albeit with money, fancy clothes and British accent). And why is Caroline S constantly running late? She has nannies, and an assistant. It is not like she is running a business.

    • Why is this happening to us?

      I agree. The best line was when Adela said to Caroline S at the Mapperton dinner that she was so tired and had such a long day after being driven for 4 hours and then had her makeup done…lmao. She was so right!

      • Gibney13

        That was the best shade line ever!

        • Why is this happening to us?

          Lol…I’m sure I completely butchered it, but you know what I’m talking about! I agree…I loved it!

    • Dani-K

      I’m not a psychologist but I think this is displaced anger and fear on Caroline S’s part over leaving London and moving to Dubai. Reality is setting in that she will have no friends – so why not alienate the last few she has? Hopefully she finds her way.

    • Gibney13

      Caroline may be jealous of her ex S-I-L because Sophie is far prettier and now single. Caroline S seems so unhappy and does not show any warmth even to her children- at lease on camera. I don’t think Caroline S enjoys the domestic life and resents Sophie for now having her freedom while still being a good mom.

  • Magdalena

    Caroline S. wants to show the others how to be a good host. But she plans to shame one of her guests ….that is the opposite of being a good host.

    I also don’t get that she is so late all the time. That is so disrespectful. Caroline S. thinks moving to Dubai will get her away from oppressive rules and etiquette? Does she know which society she is moving too?

    She might occupy a special place in that society because she is a rich western woman. But that space will be pretty limited to her private life. In public she will just be another woman whose rights are limited. I have spent some time in Dubai and it can be beautiful if one can afford a good life there. But I never had the ability to not see the suffering of others. There are so many workers there who basically have zero rights and their exploitation makes the good life for the rich possible. Especially domestic workers and hotel staff from polytheistic background are so exploited in those countries.

    Freedom for me is only worth something if everyone has it. Not sure how Caroline S. will do in that environment.

    • Dani-K

      Thanks for that insight. I can’t imagine moving to Dubai. And did you see the previews for next week? Seems Scotland is more of bore and a chore than a vacation. And Julie returns to her crying ways. Sigh.

      • Magdalena

        I would love to hang out at a Scottish castle. But not with a Caroline S. I can imagine that things will not go well. C.S. won’t be able to resist showing how everyone else did hosting all wrong.

    • delaney

      As for Caroline planning to shame one of her guests on the Scotland trip, I’m sure you’re right. But Julie did exactly that at Mapperton to Caroline AND Juliet. Julie was so rude. Of course that doesn’t mean C should reciprocate but seems like C’s snotty behavior overshadowed Julie’s rudeness. The minute Julie started in with her rules that were obvious digs directed at two of her guests, I’d have found a reason to leave. And yes I’d have made up a reason because I refuse to engage with shitty ppl esp with an over eager audience.

  • Karoline

    Carolina S is miserable. That is not a happy woman. She can’t be any fun to be around at all. She has an issue with everyone.

    • Nunna Yobiz

      With the exception of her “make up man”. That is the only person she seems to have a real bond with, from what I’ve seen of her on the show.

  • I agree with what everyone’s saying about CarolineS. She’s a bitch. I don’t care for Marissa either. I think she’s an undercover messy one which is almost worse. I wonder if Luke is moving to Dubai with Caroline. I doubt it, but how will she survive without him?

    • Dani-K

      I was wondering that myself if Luke would go. My money is on no.

  • Gibney13

    I’ve said it before I’ll say it again. CarolineS is the British, stylish, wealthy version of Stassi Schroder. Mean to the very core. Wants to dictate who her friends are allowed to be friends and as bitter as burnt garlic.

  • Sunflower

    I am going to pull out my hair… if I hear Caroline Stanbury one more time saying the word “FAMILY” in different variations.

    Sophie is stressed out hearing the word “FAMILY” excessively being thrown at her… she looks totally disheveled!!

  • MidwestMiddie

    So Sad …………this was such a BORING EPISODE. I’m blaming it on Juliet being showcased
    for no good reason at all. Blah …………. Bravo needs to get rid of her.