‘RHOBH’ Lisa Rinna Accuses Lisa Vanderpump Of Feeding Dorit’s Husband Information About Past Drama!

Posted on Jan 3 2017 - 11:48am by BeachSpin

Rookie hubby, PK, steps into the drama between Lisa Vanderpump and Lisa Rinna, on tonight’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

In a preview of tonight’s drama, Rinna shares that she admitted that she had been hard on Lisa, which invites analysis from the new guy on the reality block.

When PK asks Rinna why she was tough on Lisa, Rinna confesses that Lisa did not obey her wishes.

“Because I wanted her to do something that I needed her to do,” Rinna explains. “And she wasn’t capable of doing that.”

“I don’t know what went on, but I love Lisa,” PK says. “She’s always given me what I have wanted.”

PK later challenges Rinna for not “letting go” of the conflict, an observation  Rinna flatly denies.

“It’s just interesting, when you say you let something go, I let something go immediately,” PK comments.

Rinna raises an eyebrow, noting in a confessional spot that she suspects  that “somebody,” aka Lisa, has been feeding PK info. Perhaps kinda like Rinna’s last season hustle of anti-Lisa venom—hawked to anyone who would listen.

Watch a clip of the drama above and tune in tonight, for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, at 9:00 p.m. ET on Bravo.


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  • Bryan

    This dumb bitch has got to be one of the biggest morons. of course he probably knows what happened. They are friends and usually really good friends, the ones you can TRUST!!!! you share experiences with them. Considering how badly this dirty old fame whore treated LVP, I am sure PK knows everything.
    And this dimwit, is embarrassed because she knows she fucked up and wants to brush it all under the rug, well THAT isn’t happening Blowfish just deal with it.

    • Karoline

      I upvoted you after I read your first three words. Lol Dumb bitch is right.

      • Bryan

        Thank you, I mean seriously, what does she expect LVP to do,after how she was treated!?!? This idiot wants to forget what happened, is not going to happen!

        • Karoline

          Rinna is too dumb ( and thinks we all are as well) to know that it doesn’t work that way. I think Lisa has handled her the way anyone who has been wronged would, and should.

          • Bryan

            That’s right!

    • HearWhatISay

      All Rinna’s antics backfired

      • Bryan

        They sure do!

    • GetReal2014

      This had to be upvoted. So on point.

      • Bryan

        Thank you =)

  • the underground train

    I hope PK doesn’t turn out to be another Peter. Is he going to be fighting for a diamond like Peter keeps reaching for a peach?

    • Bad Barbie

      and like Jim Marchese.

  • Lisa Rinna is a glutton for punishment, she’ll never learn. She can’t help herself to go after LVP or anyone close to LVP. I love that PK stood his ground and told her exactly what she did was wrong and not to mention petty. Finally someone standing up on LVP’s behalf because you know Kyle could care less.

    • GetReal2014

      ^100. Kyle keeps this mess going and Lips Rinna and Eileen are willing participants.

  • TartLemon

    How many seasons have they been trying to take down Her Majesty LVP? Ain’t gonna happen. She’s outlasted ALL who tried. Well, Kyle’s still there because she’s too dumb to matter.

    • RunningWithWine

      If it wasn’t for the Lamborghini nobody would even notice Kyle is still on the show!

  • margaret

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t last season of RHOBH available to everyone around the globe with cable tv or a simple internet connection? Sure, maybe LVP filled PK and Dorit in on things, they are after all friends in real life, but it wouldn’t of been necessary. Lips, your atrocious behavior of past seasons is out there for everyone to see for themselves. As you are so fond of saying “own it”!!!

    • Maria

      LVP probably filled them in but in all fairness the pig did ask for LL point of view of the situation. She declined which is her right to.
      Let’s not forget how EG came on the show pretending to not know anything but she sure as hell knew a lot about LVP.

      • margaret

        Totally! Yolanda had Erika primed and ready to attack LVP the beginning of last season. Seems like Pat the Puss, Soapy and Sudsy also got together before this season to compare notes and come up with a plan of attack. All of the women on these shows do that. No biggie really. It’s ridiculous for a few of them to pretend like they are above that. 🙂

  • penny 2

    Poor you. You said it and did it.

  • Jennymckitty

    It isn’t like the entire world isn’t able to find out what went on last season. It’s not like this is classified information unavailable for public consumption . This is a TV show, after all. You can watch the mess on your freaking cell phone if you wish to. If I were coming on a reality show, I’d watch every second of every season. You’d be an idiot not to. And so what if LVP told PK….or anyone else…what went on last year. I imagine Rinna told anyone within earshot of her what she perceives happened. This is a woman who told a total stranger she should have been trying to impress her childbirth experiences during her daughter’s job interview.

    • HearWhatISay

      Agreed. I would watch the show.

    • TheBeverlyHillsHaveEyes

      So true Jenny. The fact that Rinna keeps on with these little TH digs clearly shows she didn’t let it go either.

    • margaret

      Exactly. No need to call in MI6 to find out how Lips behaved last season. Anyone with a wifi connection has access to that. Lips’ Twitter rants didn’t help her either and just because you delete them doesn’t mean they never existed. If she dares suggest tonight that LVP is “manipulating” PK and Dorit, I might throw something at my television. I best go put the breakables away now. 😉

  • Bad Barbie

    Hello Peeps! Happy NEw Year to you all!

    Here we go with the another Husband acting like a HW. lol SOmething is off about this new couple and their vanderpump asskissing is really suspect. zzzz

    But was you there PK? (in my hood voice)

    • Evil Queen

      Happy 2017!

    • Evil Queen

      Hood voice. 😂😂

    • TMonte

      That’s hilarious!

    • Sugar in my tank

      I thought it was just me. This couple was brought on to be the “cheer leaders” of LVP. Don’t know why they believe choosing sides works for these shows; they come across as juvenile and school yard bullying.

  • HearWhatISay

    or PK and Dorita watched the shows and know about all the conflicts.

  • Birdie

    PK saw what we all did. I wonder why no one ever sings Rinna’s praises..lol. I love Rinna’s face when people gush over Lisa–even her big yapper’s got nothing.

    • Kissme

      It’s really true, no one is ever singing Rinna praises. For a reason 😜

      • RunningWithWine

        Not even Harry Hamlin Harry Hamlin Harry Hamlin!

  • TheBeverlyHillsHaveEyes

    Does Rinna really think the audience are going to fall for that “LVP must be feeding him info” BS and can’t figure out for ourselves that Dorit and PK probably watched the show, like any normal person would before joining.

  • TartLemon

    BTW… Kyle would have gotten fired on Celebrity Apprentice last night if she had been invited back to the boardroom by Carnie. All the judges said so.

    • RunningWithWine

      That would have made me watch it!

  • Evil Queen

    PK, Mind your business.

  • AnEnigmaWrappedIn$nark

    Rinna, no need to “feed Dorito info” … the entire world watched last season … because you’re all doing a reality TV show remember? (I have a feeling we have our substance abuser).

    • RunningWithWine

      lol right just saw you’re comment I said similar! I think you’re right would the real substance abuser please stand up!

      • AnEnigmaWrappedIn$nark

        She seems “off” to me this season. I think last season kicked her ass.

        • BetteDavisEyez1

          That is because Rinna is a people pleaser & the backlash had to have taken a toll on her. That & the death of her dad.

          • AnEnigmaWrappedIn$nark

            It’s ironic that the Vandercunties SM soldiers even wanted sabotage her QVC line, but her sales went through the roof (at least the way she tells it). Soapy and Sudsy never bothered me; being soap stars they know how to do reality TV.

          • BetteDavisEyez1

            Now that was insane. Calling QVC to complain about her?!? There are plenty of fat catwoman that have never watched the HW, that are willing to buy her crap. LOL!!

    • GetReal2014

      LOL @ the last sentence. That was funny as hail.

  • Madison.Markley

    “I (emphasis) wanted her to do something I (emphasis) needed her to do and SHE wasn’t capable of doing that.” Now, change “SHE” to “I” and finish the sentence with “I wasn’t capable of letting it go,” and that sums up the story much better.

  • izzie

    Hey Lips, he and Boy George probably watched the show and he was able to come to his own conclusions. You’re not talking theory of relativity, so the uptake isn’t that slow.

    • Miss Ⓜ️

      🤣 bloop!

  • Haz

    I just have to say that Rinna is starting to look her age or else the angle of the camera was really bad. I’m not trying to say she’s ugly, but she runs around acting like a 25-year old Hollywood ‘it’ girl. I’m sorry but Rinna along with Erika need to begin to act and dress their age. There is nothing wrong with being sexy after 50, but lets be real they are no 18-year old centerfold.

    • allison1050

      And I just have to say that that heffa has Been looking her age and yes she is ugly from the inside out. That sort of mean spirited ugliness eventually becomes etched in one’s face.

    • Nancysue

      The hair extensions are the worst. Lisa’s wig/ hair looks as if it could burst into flames in the above photo.

  • RunningWithWine

    Feed info ha ha ha because last years events were completely private and not like on a TV show where anybody with cable could watch and see the events unfold! Lol LR sit down shut up you are 5 cans short of a a 6 pack!

  • Valhalla_Rising

    Huge snore! Lisa never has her own drama. She chooses shite going on with others or tries to start things with others. WTF is she doing discussing her relationship with LVP, with Dorit’s husband? People go bananas when I mention bringing Brandi back…but sheesh, at least Brandi brings it. I think Andy thought that Erika would be more like Brandi but we’ve found out that Erika is cowardly and just wants to fit in.

  • laura

    Of course Rinna blame LVP! Same old crap. I thought she wanted to move on! Ha ha guess not! Lisa Rinna is so stupid its hard to watch and some of the other HW’s are just as dumb, I think they are totally intimidated by anyone intelligent. So lame to blame someone for manipulating you instead of taking responsibility for the stupid stuff you do and say. Eileen is slightly better( not saying much) than Rinna but is so neurotic! I don’t think she should of waited so long to share her mothers passing totally agree with PK on that one. Maybe just trying to get sympathy and fan support at this point, lord knows she is very needy! Erika seems to be in a midlife crisis and is very judgmental. LVP doesn’t fit in because none of the ladies are equal in intelligence. Half the time they don’t really understand what she is saying and read in all kinds of trivial crap. LVP must feel like she is banging her head against the wall trying to get through to some of them. Don’t care for the way Eileen is dissecting everything Dorit says and reading SO MUCH into it? Nutty Eileen! Eileen is so high maintenance! This show is just getting to be so redundant and boring!

    • HankyPanky

      Well said

  • BetteDavisEyez1

    Eileen is just too smug for me. Trying to tell Dorit she can not speak on something because she wasn’t there when that is what she does constantly.

  • BetteDavisEyez1

    Well now that the daughter of Vidal Sassoon told that nutjob not to change her hair…
    Her hairdo is iconic?!? I have never met anyone that went to the hair salon, asking for the Rinna.

  • Bead babe

    Seriously I can’t stand PK and Dorit! They are just weird. And what a great claim to fame managing BOY GEORGE after he is a has been. I wonder who else does PK manage you never hear about that?

  • Nancysue

    Lisa looks ruff, the fuzzy wig and heavy looking blouse don’t help.

  • Authentic

    Watching rerun..Much better! Pk’s dinner party (the actual HW innocent because that’s how punk PK and LVP schemed)

    Dorit:. LisaR you’re so important I want you to sit right next to me(literally). That’s just how much I decided during LVP Boot Camp how much I love you not to mention I’m placing you directly in front of my husband/PK for perfect verbal aim in case my freaky husband does not follow LVP’s precise instructions as his proper drunk intimidating ass gets drunk, EATING WITH HIS ELBOWS ON TABLE…Thank God no raw pussies can be creeped because PK already said he’s a straight male. Whew! So the drunk PK proceeds describing the Queen… Along with that other creepy guy LVP planted. Tipsy PK keeps getting off track though! He’s supposed to be asking theoretical questions to LisaR as rehearsed with LVP but he doesn’t let LisaR answer without interrupting any answers. He keeps answering himself. My favorite is when he’s so fast practicing/interjecting, he’s given a subtitle where he’s asked length to get over LVP conflict, subtitle shows “his” verbal answer is one year. Not Rinna, his answer. How does PK know to gage one year? His/her starting/ending gage? My point here: the actual trainer needs to come forward(LVP). Period. The quick subtitles are viewer needed for PK’s dumpy ass! Then later PK has the last drunk nerve to pretend like he’s asking/answering Rinna all these questions but doesn’t know what they’ve been discussing? Suddenly he needs a participant to explain all of his answers You can’t write this shyt!!! And that’s just a few minutes of Queen PK. Anyone care to explain his London bankrupties! All of them!