‘RHOBH’ Star Dorit Kemsley Didn’t Think Her Panty Joke Would Offend ‘Pat The Puss’ Erika Girardi

Posted on Jan 3 2017 - 3:10am by Terri L. Austin

I have to hand it to Dorit Kemsley — she always finds a way to put a positive spin on things — at least in her blogs.

On the latest Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Dorit decided to tweak Erika Girardi for flashing her goodies at Dorit’s husband, PK, and gave her a pair of panties as a gag gift. No harm, no foul. But to hear Lisa Rinna and Eileen Davidson tell it, Dorit committed war crimes against aging pop stars instead of delivering knickers. Still, Dorit finds something nice to say about Soapy and Sudsy.

“I was looking forward to drinks with Lisa and Eileen. I’m aware of Lisa V’s past incidents with them, but I feel that it’s important to get to know these women for myself. I respect the success that both…have.”

See? Nice, right? She’s not throwing shade or going on the defense. What she really thinks of these two, I have no idea, but at least she’s taking the high road, which is refreshing.

She used the opportunity to tell Rinna and Eileen that Erika had flashed her naughty bits. The women seemed shocked, but gave Erika the benefit of the doubt, however, Eileen encouraged Dorit to have a conversation with Erika.

“This week I clearly still had the white party “no panties” mishap on my mind, and so I wanted to ask the girls about it. It had taken me and PK by surprise when Erika announced this to the group last week, and I honestly think it’s natural for anyone, man or woman, to look after someone says that out loud to a group.”

Erika invited everyone to the Escape Room, and Dorit thought that would be the perfect venue to talk about Erika’s bare hooha.

“I take care not to reveal or let anything slip, but I’m not perfect and mishaps do happen. So, looking back, I’m sure it was an innocent mishap and Erika didn’t mean to flash, but it happened. Even Kyle had seen it, so I thought let’s laugh it off!”

Dorit gave Erika the panties, and she wasn’t taking it back — the sentiment, not the underwear. Because ewww, secondhand underwear.

“…rightly or wrongly, I decided to buy the panties for a little joke. I thought it would be a funny way for us to make light of what had happened and then put it behind us.”

While Erika laughed it off at first, she quickly soured on the idea of PK catching a peak of her labia. She assured Dorit that it was an accident.

“Given how openly she had shared she was panty-less, I honestly didn’t think she would care, but you live and learn.”

Erika tried to put Dorit in her place by telling her to stop talking to everyone. It may not have been a threat, but it sounded a little hostile. Erika wasn’t finding any humor in the situation.

After escaping the Escape Room, the women had lunch and drinks. Lisa Vanderpump brought up Dorit’s gift, and once more, they were discussing Erika’s bare snatch. Oy!

“Afterwards when Lisa V asked about our no panties conversation at the lunch table, I knew it was time to finish the conversation and move on for good! After all it’s just a silly mishap and a bit of fun.”

Erika, Rinna, and Eileen weren’t laughing, though. They were drawing a line in the sand. A panty line, if you will.

So, how far do will these women drag this storyline? And can someone give Erika the gift of having that stick removed from her firm little ass?


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  • Maria

    Dorit, EG was fine with the panties, it was everything else that pissed her off. Talking to everyone about the flashing, you implied that she did this to attract your pig of a husband and how everyone was standing around waiting for the apparent implosion. She felt set up, and knowing these women, mocked about. EG didn’t intentionally mean to flash, the look on her face said it all, she’s not that good of an actress to fake it.
    So Dorit, she was fine with the undies but it was everything else that soured her.
    EG, look at this years besties of yours, they encouraged this type of behaviour.

    • HankyPanky

      Reckon Dorit was set up also, by the beasties, sorry typo, bestirs, darn, besties….

      • Bryan

        wouldn’t put it past them

  • Bryan

    Okay enough discussion about Fat the Puss’s “Maw of Destruction”, there is enough crap on BH to deal with, without having to throw FTP’s “twat of terror”!!!!

    • HankyPanky

      Hahaha beer choke!!!

      • Bryan


    • Biscuit

      Thank you Bryan. I was just about to type the same thing when I saw your post. Enough about “pantygate”. This story has been beat to death.

      • Bryan

        You’re welcome, it has and Happy New Year!!!

      • AnEnigmaWrappedIn$nark

        Thank Dorito and Li$a … the target herself hasn’t even addressed it.

    • Monistat Puss

      “Maw of Destruction”! That made my day. Thank you.

      • Bryan

        You’re welcome

  • HankyPanky

    Hope LVP gets to the “bottom” of the VPL & hangs em out to dry….

  • WeCouldBeHeroes

    She did handle it honey

    You wanted to keep going on about the issue later on at the table when it was already done. Flop

  • HankyPanky

    Careful Erika, you might be labialled a “sour puss”

  • Evil Queen

    Hope the conversation stops here; because it is as old as PK.
    Erika can take a joke; what she is pissed about, is that Dorito had talked about it to everyone first,& that is the issue at hand.

    • HankyPanky

      But… Erika, she don’t give a f… ???

    • AnEnigmaWrappedIn$nark

      Thank you … once again it’s like we’re all watching different shows. Erikunty’s detractors are trying to paint her as having no sense of humor and/or personality, but methinks they’re confusing a dry and sarcastic wit with having no personality. I see a strikingly beautiful woman with a hardy laugh and a droll delivery, and one who as her hit song suggests, truly doesn’t give a fck. I get it; she’s a LOT to take in, and I can even of laugh (and roll my eyes) at her over the hill Brittany” Erika Jane shtick, but the truth is, she does have a substantial (fiercely loyal) following; millions of YouTube hits and major Itune sales. But she also a filthy rich society lady and appears on arguably, Bravo’s most popular reality show. You can’t even make this shit up.

      • Evil Queen

        Preach DA truth. Hunty. Hunty.

  • Merri Pickard

    It was not funny ! If she she thinks it was shes seriously tipped….She is lining up for position in the group…I think she under estimates Erica and over estimates herself…I’m shocked Eileen who seemed to be the voice of reason in the past, chimed in with such bad advice…

    • TMonte

      I agree with everything you said 100%!

  • WMK

    I think if I flash my business I don’t care if it’s a stranger or a friend I’d hope a woman might make a little eye contact and tip her head at least I mean come on now, it took how many days of private giggles?
    My presumption is Erika was appalled because she wasn’t out as Erika Jane she was out as Erika Girardi (Sp?) and that is different. We all are different in that way, imagine if at home you showed up at a formal function, or if club you showed up at your office. I mean some people may not care but I see why she got the look on her face.
    I’m already over Dorit. I don’t want to watch this turn into Ladies of London, I already have that show, and Doris would still fall under American. Connecticunt.

  • Bead babe

    My question is who cares if you wear panties or not? OMG! And PK is a creep for looking if you ask me!

  • Orlando Chan

    Dorit annoys the hell out of me. That fake accent is like nails on the chalkboard.

  • Jeff

    OK, my wife say’s that Erika had to know she was exposing herself. Erika and the queen friend in the closet are disgusting freaks!! Eileen is an emotional wreck. Dorit, I am not sure what to think. I thought it was strange of her to be asking the Sassoon lady if she was a lesbian. She does look like one with the tattoo’s everywhere. Maybe, she is like Angelina and will sleep with anyone. She would even french kiss her brother. This is a stupid trashy show.
    It is amazing these freaks want to tell us how to vote!