‘Ladies of London’ Recap: Caroline Stanbury Accuses Marissa Of Starting Rumors About Her Legal Issues

Posted on Dec 28 2016 - 10:41am by Dani-K

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! This week the on the Ladies of London we join Marissa on her first real outing with some of the ladies. Adela, Sophie, and Julie meet for lunch and wine spritzers. Marissa wants to let the good times roll this Saturday for a party she’s planning so she can shame all new moms for not being as perfect as she is. The question is, will Caroline S attend? The ladies fill Marissa in on Caroline’s unhinged behavior over the fact that Sophie is becoming friends with the other ladies. Oh the horror! Time will tell if Caroline attends, in the meantime, Marissa needs to pump and dump.

Up next, Caroline F, is cooking in her home, working on her fourth cookbook. This proposal for her new cookbook is close to her heart because it’s from her Danish roots. Plus Caroline needs the money because she never got the reported $400 million from her divorce settlement like the British tabloids claimed she did.

Across town, Caroline S is meeting her husband Cem for sparkling water and dinner after his trip to Paris with their daughter. Caroline complains to her husband about Sophie’s lack of loyalty. Cem points out that his wife was witness to Sophie’s lowest moments and subconsciously this is what Sophie is dealing with. He says it’s not about Caroline (which is the problem) it’s about Sophie trying to please too many other ladies (which is the problem).

Next we join Lady Julie who is preparing dinner for the family in their London home. Her daughter Emma will soon be leaving to attend university in Scotland. Emma is now drinking coffee and this upsets Julie because that could lead to smoking marijuana. I’m convinced Julie is not happy unless she has something to fret about.

Over at Marissa’s place, she and Matt leave the kids behind with the nanny to go for a walk and discuss the rut he is in. He wants to leave England for California and she wants to stay. Marissa has had enough adventures this year, but Matt is bored out of his mind and wants to jump on a plane and live a little. Rich people problems.

Over at Caroline S’s house, Luke and Rania from Gift Library are looking through the old clippings. It’s taken a year for Caroline to clean up the mess of shutting down a business. Luke informs Caroline that all the ladies think she’s running from something and somehow this gets blamed on Marissa because she should know you can’t run from legal issues. Especially since her husband was dragged through the tabloid mud for his nightclub debacle and now wants to run to America. Next, Caroline tells Luke how stupid he sounds and thus her loyal friends begin to dwindle even more.

The Leavers Ball is coming and Emma needs help picking out a dress. It’s a combined graduation and prom dance with alcohol because the legal drinking age in England is 18. Can I get a woo-hoo! Emma picks a lovely silver, one-shoulder dress and when she grows up she wants to be clever and kind, like her dad, who isn’t actually her dad, but her stepdad. Yes, it seems Lady Julie was a divorcee with two kids with she met her Viscount. Julie cries (of course) over the thought of her only daughter leaving the nest.

Caroline F and her pal Ulrich are at Valdemars Slot, her family estate. Times have changed and the estate is no longer making money from agriculture so they are thinking about holding weddings. The estate boasts 2,100 acres, a 90,000 square foot house with 21 rooms that was built in 1639. Other people run this estate for Caroline because she does not want the bricks to become chains around her children’s ankles. Again, rich people problems.

Back in London, Sophie and Adela are window shopping whilst complaining about life with ex-husbands. But enough about them, let’s complain about Caroline S. Both ladies feel this temper tantrum has nothing to do with them and more to do with Caroline’s world caving in. But enough about her, we learn that Adela has had quite the colorful past filled with regretable decisions. She struggled with addiction for over twenty years, which required several rehab stays, and is now involved in two court cases with her ex-husband who is “using” her past against her over custody of her two teenaged children. Another questionable decision was to come on this reality show.

Back in Denmark, Caroline F and Ulrich tour the estate filled with stuffed, life-sized animals. They go to the chapel to say a prayer for her father. Growing up, Caroline longed for a father who would love her unconditionally. The good news is, over the last few years, father and daughter have grown closer. The bad news is, he is a very sick man right now.

Marissa is getting ready to throw her watermelon martini party and starts drinking them now, before anyone shows up. Julie arrives first to provide some covert judgment. She thinks that Marissa should not be throwing parties and drinking alcohol, she should be home in bed, taking care of Sadie. Of course, Julie only has the guts to say this behind Marissa’s back in her private testimonial.

Juliet makes a rare appearance with Caroline S as they ride together to the party. Caroline claims she’s not a complete cold-hearted bitch, though she has it out for Marissa right now, but decided to take the high road and attend this tacky cocktail party anyway. Just don’t ask her to where the stupid balloon headband party hat. Riding over in a separate car are Adela and Sophie who are equally terrified to see Caroline S. Let the good times roll, right?

At the party, Marissa hands Sophie a good luck pack of sage and Sophie is deeply disappointed it’s not weed. Caroline S and Juliet arrive and jointly ignore Sophie but Sophie doesn’t care, she’s got her sage and it’s obviously working. Marissa tells Caroline she’s heard things from the sidelines and Caroline says, so has she (insert evil laughter). Next Marissa tells anyone who will listen she wants to have sex but must wait another week to wanker off with her husband.

Adela goes over to Caroline and begins to mend the bridge. She apologizes “if she upset” Caroline. Caroline tells Adela she cannot talk to her anyway she wants. Know your place and watch your tone you, she says. Good luck making friends in Dubai. Caroline says she doesn’t know where this is all coming from and Adela explains she has just come from a meeting with her lawyers who have informed her she has a snowballs chance in hell of getting her kids back, which trumps Caroline’s pity-party.

Caroline S concedes she has no idea what it’s like to lose your children, but says it’s not right to take it out on other people, said the pot to the kettle. Adela breaks down and cries and can barely speak. The other ladies notice, and Sophie wants to go and give Adela a hug, but Juliet blocks her. Caroline advises Adela to find a nice man since her kids won’t be around, such great advice. The women hug it out and carry on and get their drink on. Cheers!


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  • HankyPanky

    Too much!! Love these Ladies, have yet to catch up with them!!!

  • Sandy Wood

    Kudos to Emma…the most uncontrived child of any of these reality performers I have ever witnessed. She seemed totally natural and blissfully unaware of the cameras.

  • Jennymckitty

    I wonder how Caroline knows that Marissa is spreading rumors about her? I guess Marissa blocked out time between worrying about having a miscarriage and hemorrhaging to death to attempt to destroy Caroline’s reputation. I do think that Caroline, much like Marissa’s husband, are trying to distance herself from her problems. I also think Caroline is starting to worry about starting over. She won’t be such a big fish in Dubai. I also wonder if that is why she is creating problems with the others….to make it easier to leave.

    • suse

      She DIDN’T hemorrhage! I’ve heard others say this . . . she said in her interview, “I COULD HAVE died.” But, obviously, she didn’t. For crying out loud, she left that sick baby and went out of the country. “Mummy and daddy” needed a trip to take the littles out of the country with “mummy and daddy” so that they could just be with “mummy and daddy.”

      • ohjeez


  • Karoline

    Caroline’s friend( can’t remember his name) said the ladies ask quations about the move, and it took a life of its own. Somehow ended up that Marissa is spreading rumors. This made no sense. It looked like Caroline’s way of bringing up Marissa’s troubles. So Caroline looks like the one who started gossiping.

    • MidwestMiddie

      Please correct me if I’m wrong. Did I miss Marissa gossiping about Caroline’s
      move to Dubai?
      I agree with you, Karoline.
      When did this man have the opportunity to speak to Marissa with her pregnancy bed
      rest, difficult delivery, etc.? Even the other women hadn’t seen her to chit chat about
      trivial things. The only one who seems to give him the time of day is the awful Juliet and that is only so she can remain close to Caroline S..
      So why is Marissa the “bad one?”

      • Karoline

        I don’t particularly like Marissa but this seems so contrived by Caroline S. He never even gave a name, and she went to town on Marissa and her ” issues”. I feel like my intelligence is being insulted.

        • MidwestMiddie


      • suse

        You know this show is less than an hour of week (if not months) of filming? I BET things were said of which we were not privy. Just a thought.

        • MidwestMiddie

          This seems Producer Driven which if true means Bravo has
          decided to ruin the show. : (

        • SMDRN66

          But Bravo is quick to flashback to the scene where it was filmed. They didn’t do that, so I’m calling bull dinkies.

    • His name’s Luke.

      • Karoline

        Thank you.

  • carti

    Of course Sloppy Hermer is behind the rumors. She’s been after Caroline S since Season 1. I think she’s trying to obscure the truth which is she and Matt are the ones who would like to run away from legal and financial problems. And claiming someone would ‘run away from legal problems’ to UAE is ridiculous. No one wants to end up in THEIR legal system. (We’ve done the Dubai expat thing.)

  • TartLemon

    Marissa’s hubby has legal/financial problems of his own. His fancy club frequented by royals was shut down for fighting. It was also found the bottles saying expensive champs were actually filled with the $12 crap. Oops!

  • ohjeez

    Are Caroline Flemings eyebrows looking very odd this season like they were drawn on with a sharpie? Not sure where Caroline got that Marissa had the extra time on her hands to gossip about her with all the health issues her and her baby recently went through but considering marissa’s talking head in regards to Caroline it’s clear there is an animosity between them. I can’t say I would blame anyone who has irritation with Caroline as she insults and degrades so freely during her regular meltdowns. I also think it bothers Caroline that she has no power over Marisa who refuses to be her minion. For Caroline friend and minion are one in the same. I did think it was classy of Caroline not to bring it up at the party so she can at least now and again display manners. Julie yawn Juliet keep offscreen as much as possible.

    • MidwestMiddie

      Well Said!
      Yes, keep Juliet off screen so much, she literally disappears! YAY!!

    • suse

      I noticed Caroline Flemming’s eyebrows as well! I sort of thought, “Wow, she’s got 60s pencil brows — how did I miss that last season?” But, I see it’s not just me!!

  • Chickpea16

    Wonder why Juliet has no real role this season – not that I mind. Her bringing up that stupid Thanksgiving thing again is ridiculous.

    • MidwestMiddie

      I don’t think Juliet is popular. I’d prefer if she was gone.

  • suse

    I love the writing and the quips are spot on . . . next time, send it to me first and I’ll proof it for you. 🙂

  • Elizabeth Fisher

    One thing I will give these ladies credit for is they don’t feel the need to “over-dress” or put on 14 pounds of make-up to get together for lunch or do other things on camera. I’m always amazed at how the HW over-dress and wear too much makeup to even take a 3-hour car ride to a resort. Who wears 6″ stiletto heels for 3 hours in a car?

    • SMDRN66

      I think the worst HW for that is Gina Liano from Melbourne. She reigns supreme when it comes to over dressing, 4 layers of make up and bronzer, and taking hours to get ready to do anything. But, she is one of my favorites.

      • Elizabeth Fisher

        I’m not digging Gina’s low-cut sequined dresses for 8:00 a.m. breakfast. But that’s who she is and I love her.

        • TartLemon

          Are the Melbourne Ladies coming back? Chyka was my favorite.

          • Elizabeth Fisher

            As far as I know, they are coming back; however, I read a while back that Chyka will not be returning to the show.