‘RHOBH’ Newbie Dorit Kemsley Feels Misunderstood By Erika Girardi

Posted on Dec 26 2016 - 1:13pm by Terri L. Austin

New girl, Dorit Kemsley, hasn’t quite found her footing on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Nor has she stuck with an accent for longer than three minutes. But that’s okay, everyone has their quirks. Kyle Richards likes to bust into splits for no apparent reason, and Erika Girardi is as icy as a Pumptini on the rocks.

But as Dorit navigates her way through this new group of ladies, she must defend herself for her choices as mother, appreciating the British sense of humor, and judging Erika for flashing her cooch at Dorit’s husband, PK.

First up, the famous dry wit of the Brits comes into play as Dorit shopped with Lisa Vanderpump. They found a blinged out watch for Ken’s birthday and made lots of jokes about condoms.

“It’s always a treat to spend time with my girlfriends, especially Lisa V… She might have a sharp British sense of humor, but not everyone sees what a caring wife she is that absolutely adores her husband.”

And by “not everyone” I assume Dorit is talking about Eileen Davidson, Lisa Rinna, and Erika. They don’t appreciate much about LVP.

Next, Dorit goes on to explain her domestic situation in which she has multiple nannies. After taking some hits on social media for having so much help with the children, Dorit defends herself.

“Becoming a mother changed everything for me. It’s the single most important role to me, and as a mom I’m prepared to do whatever is best for my kids… I’m so thankful to also have the support that I have in the house. With no family close by and both myself and PK running the business, it’s a godsend to have found the people we have to help us.”

Dorit also talks about the struggles she’s had with her children. Little Jagger’s speech is delayed and Phoenix sleeps on one side of her head, hence the helmet.

“When Phoenix started favoring one side of her head and we heard the concerns of the doctors, PK and I decided to take immediate action and get her the headband… For my son Jagger, it was also alarming that he wasn’t engaging and speaking with us more, and the doctors recommended speech therapy.”

Finally, Dorit tackles Erika’s bare vadge.

“I thought Erika’s outfit looked great, but it was a surprise to everyone when she said she was without panties. We’ve all been there…”

Have we, though? Have we?

“It’s not that big of a deal, and PK and I have a good sense of humor about these things as you can see when we are joking about it the next day.”

I’m not sure she and PK were actually “joking” about it. Dorit’s trying to downplay her snark, and she really doesn’t need to. Surely when Erika announced she wasn’t wearing panties she expected some kind of reaction. Well, she got one, so good job!

“I really do like Erika, but I stand by my remark that she is often guarded. I personally haven’t felt much warmth from her, and she has a tendency to snap at both PK and I for no reason.”

Erika sneered at the British sense of humor. Dorit chimed in, and Erika screeched that Dorit is from Connecticut, even though she’s adopted a faux English accent.

“Of course I’m American and very proud of it. I’m simply stating AS AN AMERICAN, I do think we all need to relax a little and lighten up. The joking around is often a bit of harmless fun and personally I enjoy it.”

I’m not sure about this new Housewife, but I don’t think she did anything wrong in this epsisode. Dorit wasn’t attacking Erika for being guarded, she made a statement. Erika seemed to come in that night with a chip on her shoulder.

So, am I wrong? Was Dorit out of line? Was Erika right to snap back at PK?


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  • sunkissed748

    Yes, you are right. No Dorit did nothing wrong. Erik is a hideous snot-nose. Hahaha! Thank you for this article. 🙂

  • For all we know it’s in Ericka’s storyline to be c#nty to Dorit this season. That’s all I can think of as it doesn’t make any sense.

  • nvrbl

    Just so you know, when LVP reached up Erika’s skirt, that was wrong. When PK said that Erika’s”bits” belong to the world, that was wrong. Them demanding that Erika respond in a certain way to their mistreatment, that is wrong.

    • Sugar in my tank

      Excellent observation. Doritos was brought on to be side kick to fan favorite LVP..

    • Maria Lane

      Erika exposed her own bits last season when she got the sprayed down before her ‘performance’. Why is she acting like a virgin bc someone saw them bc she wasn’t properly clothed.

      • nvrbl

        It does not matter what Erika exposed. No one has the right ro reach up her skirt or say that her bits are for the whole world.

        • mrsjennyk78

          Exactly! But let’s slut shame her for the hell of it?! Her body is hers to do what she likes, LVP sticking her hand up her dress was way out of line.

          • laura

            ha ha, can’t slut shame somebody that has no shame! I think LVP was just outing Erika’s little flashing game, I mean really and we don’t really know what LVP touched I bet it was just Erika’s leg. oh no ! I think Erika has double standards if she gets offended well thats ok, but if she offends people and is vulgar well screw you, she is just expressing herself garbage (mid life crisis!!!).

          • nvrbl

            Thank you for getting it.

          • mrsjennyk78

            I can’t believe how many people don’t get it! See below for example.

          • nvrbl

            Yeah, these seem to be women as well. It is pretty sad, really. It is a bigger issue than the individuals on the show and the normalizing and approval of this kind of behavior is troubling and unsettleing.

        • Maria

          No one reached up her skirt. LVP played like she was but it never happpened nor did they show it.

    • laura

      Just so you know Erika does expose her bits for the world and is very Trashy and just so you know Erika has been gunning for LVP since she first came on the show. Just so you know Erika is a gold digger and that is WRONG. Erika is all about trying to get attention anyway she can. Seems like a mid life crisis to me. Who wears necklace saying C#$**y how vulgar.
      Dorit and Erika are complete opposites Erika is trashy and Dorit is classy.

      • nvrbl

        Class is how you treat people. Erika has shown kindness and empathy. Dorit? too soon to tell.

  • Sugar in my tank

    The only misunderstanding I have is the accent from the Connecticut born side kick..

  • RunningWithWine

    The only problem is Erickas, not sure if it was the birthday upstaging! Or the fact Dorit is closer in age to PK, or the fact Dorit is friends with LVP who knows but Ericka has been somewhat rude to both Dorit and PK since Dorits birthday party! Ericka is the one with the problem but I don’t think Ericka has friends she has followers…

    • Bryan

      Paid Followers

  • italiano bambino

    So she’s spinning it because fans of the show are not warming up to her and spotting her fake persona. Yeah keep going dorit if you think been lvp side kick will be all on your favor.

    • Bryan

      I will take Dorit and her fake accents any day over the Snatch Monster

      • italiano bambino

        I take erika any day over dorit by far

        • Bryan

          Keep away from her cooch

  • Sky
    • the underground train


    • Bryan


    • nvrbl

      Because not enough men kick women in the vagina or various other places. So not funny.

  • BetteDavisEyez1

    Erika did snap at Dorit for no reason. It wasn’t as if Dorit was prentending to British.
    I find Erika to be snotty, condescending & a bore. Even in her TH she is annoying.

    • Bryan

      Dorit and her accents are not hurting anyone and being annoyed by them is stupid, there are bigger things in this world to be annoyed by like trying to eat some Tilapia or Clams Casino and looking to your left and seeing the COOCH that ate Pasadena glaring at you!!! , BD how was you’re holiday!!!!?!?!?!

      • BetteDavisEyez1

        LMAO!! So true. You could tell from the look on PK’s face, he had already caught a glimpse before Pat the Puss made the announcement. He was blushing the whole time.
        I hope your Xmas was awesome. Friday we started drinking, had a dinner memorial for my brother, had way too much eggnog on Xmas & now have to bury my uncle on his bday, Tuesday.
        Got home last night to find out about George Michael. So sad.

        • Bryan

          It was thanks and sounds like you’re was ALOT of fun, !

          • BetteDavisEyez1

            I edited my original response because I realized after I posted that I wasn’t just responding to you.
            I know you at the very least ate well. I’m still hungover & still have a few bottles to go. May as well make the best of it. We are burying my uncle today & today is his bday.
            Looking forward to 2017. I hope it is your best year thus far my friend.

          • Bryan

            Oh my goodness, I am so sorry about you’re uncle, I am with you about 2017 I hope it is better then what this year was =)

          • BetteDavisEyez1

            Thanks Bryan. Giving a middle finger to 2016. Here’s to a fabulous New Year.

          • Contessa Bel Raven

            My condolences on the loss of your uncle BD. *hugs* 2016 has really been an awful year. It has been a year of so many losses. I’m hoping 2017 is a year of triumphs for us all.

          • BetteDavisEyez1

            Thank you so much, Contessa. (((Big Hugs))).
            Have a blessed & prosperous New Year. Can not wait to snark with you on the flip side. LOL!!😘😘🎉🍾

  • laura

    Erika is trashy, she exposes herself to men whether they ask for it or not. Really its not ok to flash somebody’s husband or son or boyfriend or whatever, Erika is trying to antagonize Dorit . How crude and rude then crying wolf because she gets outed. Erika brought on the whole situation she knows exactly what she is doing and if you think she is a victim you have to be really out of it. Why would a self respecting woman be a fan of a woman who objectifies herself she has zero talent, she is just another greedy no talent wanna be celebrity.