Spoiler Alert! The Winner Of Project Runway Revealed

Posted on Dec 22 2016 - 7:48pm by Editor

The Project Runway season finale wrapped several months ago and our friends over at Blind Gossip know who the winner is!

All 16 contestants in this season’s edition strolled the runway and then host Heidi Klum, in sparkly mini-dress and gold thigh-high boots, noted that the finalists were given $9,000 each and asked to create a 10-piece collection.

According to Blind Gossip, tonight’s season finale was taped in September on the first day of Fashion Week in New York City. All 16 contestants in this season’s edition strolled the runway and host Heidi Klum noted that the finalists were given $9,000 each and asked to create a 10-piece collection.

***Spoiler alert warning beyond this point***

So who’s taking home the trophy? The winner of Season 15 of Project Runway is…. Erin Robertson!

Project Runway isn’t nearly as popular as it use to be, but nevertheless, it’s still has life-changing opportunities. 

Congrats Erin!


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  • behoro

    I’m sad that this was correct 🙁

  • MidwestMiddie

    The Winner – Erin Embellishments! The show’s title should be changed to Craft Project Runway. What a mess – two years in a row.
    Looks like another reality show will be off of my schedule and this one is far better than
    anything Bravo puts on.

  • Magdalena

    Did not like her collection. Laurence was my favorite tonight.

  • MarcoPolo

    UGH Erin’s collection, courtesy of Hobby Lobby, was a hot cartoonish mess. Roberi appeared to be the clear winner to me. I don’t think Zach was on board with this win…and although I love her, Heidi has notoriously horrible personal style. God forbid the actual designer on the panel make the final call..SMH.

  • belleyd

    yuck..just rewatched last season Project runway Juniors and 90% of those teens had 10000x more taste and talent than Erin. She is so Katy Perry 5 years ago..nothing new or fresh

  • Chey

    Problem was they got rid of better designers early on . I knew she would win , they refused to get rid of her when she was in the bottom several times. PR got this wrong AGAIN!!!! Can’t stand when they have a favorite, not fair to the other designers. Her clothes belong on ringling brothers clowns.

  • Happy

    Aiaiyai! Agree with all posters. Tied for worst runway with last season. Not one evening gown in the bunch — no such challenge this season! Why?!?Elegant Laurence dumbed down her style; that pretty white leather “dress” was ruined with the crotch/butt points. I expected a divine show from her. Roberi’s fabrics (organza?) looked cheap. Chey is right that jingle-jangle Erin is best suited for Ringling Brothers. Rik — meh, except for nice paisley denim and first black dress. Looking forward to adult designers on PR Jr.

    • Venus in Furs

      I loved Nina’s dress!

      • Happy


  • RubyT

    there was a time i wouldn’t miss an episode of this show, but it’s become clear that the outfits i disliked the most, are the ones they’ll rave about. they clearly have their favorites each season….and seem to cut them a break.

    • Happy

      Totally agree; this season’s judging was incomprehensible. If I wasn’t so addicted to this show, I might move on and only watch PR Jr., to which I am also addicted.

  • Venus in Furs

    I didn’t care for any of the designers. It must be tiresome to be Zach Posen. He actually shed two tears of joy when Erin won.
    Fashun is ded.

    • MidwestMiddie

      Posen needs to give himself a thrill and visit a few Michael’s and Holly Hobby stores. LOL

  • MidwestMiddie

    Dear Project Runway,
    Stop making Tim Gunn cry and decide if you’re hosting and mentoring new designers or
    crafty glue and sparkle hobbyists.
    These last two season have been beyond horrific.
    A Once Loyal Viewer

  • Had enough

    I really think they are trying for a young audience. The fashion industry has no idea what human beings really want. No one would wear Erin’s clothes they are stupid and she is laughing at the judges for being fooled in thinking she is an actual designer!

  • Supatall2u

    Erin’s collection was fucking Holly Hobbit on LSD! Laurence was robbed!!!

  • Cauzin Diem

    Right after they announced that Robery lost, the show went from PR to Punkd

  • justanothermary

    I still love this show although I seldom am in favor of the winner. I was really disappointed this season. I loved Laurence but agreed she didn’t really bring her wonderful wow pieces to fashion week but I would have loved to see Roberi win.

  • Happy

    I am consoled. The kids on PR Jr. rocked on S2 Ep1 last night, shaming the older designers! There’s hope for fashion! Great show!