‘Ladies of London’ Internet Trolls Slam Marissa Hermer After She Went On Vacation Without Her Sickly Newborn

Posted on Dec 22 2016 - 11:03am by BeachSpin

Marissa Hermer grabbed the heartstrings of Ladies of London viewers when her dicey pregnancy ended in the birth of a gorgeous baby girl—but the social media climate turned icy, during Tuesday’s episode.

Marissa made the decision to leave her newborn daughter in the care of a nanny while she traveled overseas, and used Twitter to defend her choice. The trip came on the heels of a health scare for the newborn, where Sadie was briefly hospitalized.

Marissa, her husband, Matt, and their son jumped the pond, in order to attend an 80th birthday party for Matt’s mother, in the Hamptons. Marissa shared about the challenges she faced along the way.

Marissa’s co-stars, Juliet Angus and Caroline Fleming, raised their  eyebrows at Marissa’s decision, agreeing that the choice was a surprising one. 

“I thought that was kind of strange,” Angus said to Fleming after hearing about the trip. “I wouldn’t leave a healthy infant behind let alone one that was just in the hospital two days before.”

“That’s probably why my eyes looked like they were about to pop out of my head,” Caroline responded. She added during a confessional spot, “Everyone else can do whatever they want. I personally wouldn’t have done that.”

Fans slammed Marissa for leaving Sadie behind, and Marissa shot back. 

Plenty of viewers supported Marissa, but she still called the backlash “heartbreaking.”

Share your thoughts in the comments, and catch Ladies of London, airing Tuesday nights, on Bravo.


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  • Vogue

    Who cares what boring pretentious Marisa does. But if you wanna be a Debbie downer on a reality show and bore us with your freaking pregnancy, don’t be surprised when people judge your boring ass leaveing a sick child and go for a party to another continent. You were freaking crying for three episode, and suddenly was, well I have to leave for a party. Try to get sick or get scared of dying off season please, we don’t watch these reality shows to see fake illness and nagging.

    • Btheladyinred

      Why do you watch these shows then?

      • Vogue

        I’m watching it for Caroline S if you don’t mind😉

    • SME-ShannonsGoldenChinHairs

      i was thinking the same thing. we spent three episodes watching her suffer with what she said was a life and death labor/delivery to only get home and her daughter be sick. then we watched her jet off off to another country for a birthday party. watching it, yes it felt wrong for her to leave.

      • Chickpea16

        Baby should of come first considering the circumstances.

        • SME-ShannonsGoldenChinHairs

          right! i don’t think any of us would have given this much thought had we not been subjected to marissa crying the first few episodes in and saying how close to deaths door she was. for sure the previous circumstances played a part in some peoples discomfort with her leaving her daughter.

    • PLP

      Wow…aren’t we the judgmental cUn$ If you don’t like her story line you really dont have to watch it. Fast forward! The producers are responsible for the content of the show not her.

      • Vogue

        First of all I didn’t put my life on reality tv to be judged and second of all I found her annoying and boring but I didn’t call her a cUn$!! So let’s keep it clean please. I like watching ladies of London because I like Caroline S, I would rather not to be judged for my opinion cause I’m not auditing here for a job for Andy Cohen.

  • MarcoPolo

    I thought it was bizarre that Marissa left that baby when she did. I’m sure she was well cared for, but why position yourself to not be able to get to her quickly? After all she had been through, I thought it was nuts.

    • SME-ShannonsGoldenChinHairs


  • Jennymckitty

    I wouldn’t have left my infant but that is just me. My feelings do not make me a superior mother or more loving. It is just different parenting styles. It was just for a weekend and Sadie had recovered from her virus. The Brittish seem to view this sort of thing differently. I remember when Princess Di left William when he was weeks old to make appearances with Charles and I couldn’t imagine being able to do that.

    • behoro

      Not to steal a line from Erika, but Marissa is American!

    • mytwocents

      I think the fact that it was a 12 hour flight, not counting the time before or after being in the air was concerning for many mothers. Things can change on a dime with a preemie, and Marissa was blessed that all went well with the baby. That must be the downfall of putting yourself on a reality show. Inevitably, people will have something to say about what is shown on tv.

    • HankyPanky

      I know, but Marissa is not royalty, thinks she is…

  • the underground train

    If I were in her shoes I wouldn’t have left. I would have wished Matt’s mother a Happy Birthday via Skype or Snap chat. However I feel like I am in no position to judge her that way.

  • Contessa Bel Raven

    JMO but the baby was fine and well cared for. I’m sure it was hard for her to leave the baby but I don’t think having done so makes her a bad mother. Whether or not I would have made the same decision doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. She had a difficult choice to make and did what she felt right for her family. At 80 years old who knows how much longer the MIL has left. Again this is JMO.

    • ohjeez

      I agree. I honestly think people giving her grief are assholes. They are the same ones that gave her grief over her and her child’s health issues because they actually survived so they don’t deserve sympathy. Pure miserable hatefulness.

    • TartLemon

      Conversely, how does Marissa know how much time this child has? The baby girl was (according to Marissa) at death’s door a few days before.

      • HankyPanky

        All that crying, whining & then happily flits off!

    • MidwestMiddie

      Agree. We were never told the family’s personal information. Is Matt’s mother ill?
      Perhaps out of respect for her privacy, viewers were not given that information. Both
      Marissa and her husband appear to be thoughtful loving people, so I’m sure they
      made the best decision for their family. I’m, also, sure the baby’s doctor gave her
      the OK to travel and leave the baby for a few days.

      • ohjeez

        the fact that this even has to been discussed and validated given all the lame and petty bitchery on this show just blows my mind.

  • TartLemon

    I wonder what producers thought of Marissa not participating with the group understandably because of the baby obligation yet CHOOSING to make this trip?

    • SME-ShannonsGoldenChinHairs

      good question.

    • ohjeez

      im sure they didnt give it a second thought because they are probably at least sort of decent people

      • HankyPanky

        Decent? Tv producers???

  • LuvsSnark

    Well, from Marissa’s tweets, it’s all about Marissa! Personally, I wouldn’t have left my baby (especially after she was just released from the hospital) no matter who was going to take care of her. She could have let her husband go for his mom’s b’day and stayed behind with her daughter. I’m sure her MIL would have understood.

    • SME-ShannonsGoldenChinHairs

      that’s what i’m saying. considering how dire marissa said her health and the baby was, i would have never thought she would think it was a good idea to leave her. also, i am insanely uncomfortable with that nanny. something about her like marissa irks me.

      • Nicole Natalie Shingoose

        Her nanny is top notch and is super experienced. Personally If I had kids and needed a nanny, she’d be on the top of my list!

    • Why is this happening to us?

      I agree. I think her husband child have traveled with their son and she could have stayed home with the other two kids.

    • HankyPanky

      Exactly, it was his Mum, not Marissa’s

  • Snarky gal

    Ok I don’t have children so I am honestly asking – as rich as they are was it not possible to rent a jet and take the baby with them ? I understand about his mom being elderly and not wanting to miss an important day with her as there may not be many more that is why I’m asking if there was a reason the baby could not have gone if they rented a private jet

    • ohjeez

      maybe it would have been more dangerous and stressful for the baby to travel.

  • Wicked Cupcake

    Oh with Marissa, everything is a drama unless it involves her being social. She made this whole pregnancy storyline as a dire situation yet when it came to her traveling, all of a sudden the baby’s health was not so important. I don’t care if they have $$$$, her ass should be at home with her baby, not jetting to the Hampton’s.

    • PLP

      It’s really NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS…you raise your kids as you see fit, she can do the same.

  • Amy Bee

    I once left my three-month-old with family for four days to take my four-year-old to Disneyland. He’s now 20, and I still remember how conflicted I was then. LOL.

  • mary b

    I honestly think there is something wrong with Marissa Hermer, something not right in her head, for a number reasons including this. This issue is not really even about traveling without your kids, which is something people sometimes have to do for a variety of reasons (hopefully not frivolous ones). But if you have a newborn, it really is the one time you need to be home, newborns really need their mothers. Sorry if that doesn’t sound progressive – biology just isn’t progressive. And while a sick newborn, of course, needs its mother (not necessarily moreso, I contend that newborns need their mothers intensely at all times), but it makes sense that the MOTHER would think of nothing else than being with her newborn to ensure her baby receives proper care and treatment, which only she can provide, and gets better. Things can go wrong at any moment with an infant, why would someone risk being away. It seems like things are off in Marisa’s life (just from watching the show) and this pregnancy and birth undoubtedly took a toll on her physically and mentally, but she is fortunate to have a lot of hired help, a supportive husband, and money. There really is no excuse here. Many women who have far less struggle, but they still manage to do a better job. It also makes it so much more difficult to argue for the necessity of benefits like extended maternity leave and flexible work arrangements because of the actions of ignorant women like Marissa who leave their newborns to the care of others for selfish or frivolous reasons.