‘Ladies of London’ Recap: Lady Julie’s Mapperton House Rules Create Tension With The Ladies

Posted on Dec 14 2016 - 12:10pm by Dani-K

We join the Ladies of London with Marissa, her husband, the new baby, and their very bossy nanny. But are they moving to California? Could be. Marissa’s husband Matt has been feeling down trodden after some brawls in the nightclub business. Apparently it’s his dream to cut and run off to California – a dream Marissa was unaware of. She prefers to stay in London and is looking forward to letting her hair down at high tea with the ladies.

Next we visit Caroline F and her therapist named Caroline who makes house calls. Caroline must be the number one name in England. Caroline F explains to therapist Caroline the unfortunate incident of blabbing to the press in Denmark that her father has cancer. Caroline wrote a very long message to her father’s third wife, but she didn’t reply, and when Caroline rang her, the step-mummy hung up on her after telling Caroline she wasn’t very clever. Caroline says whatever she does it’s never enough and never right. Her family is still mad as a cow about her 2007 divorce and sided with her ex (who is an heir to the James Bond author Ian Fleming). The therapist tells Caroline to claim the courage of her birthright. They will need another session to explain what the bollocks that means.

It’s time for high tea with the ladies, but Marissa calls Sophie with scary news. Baby Sadie is sick and in the hospital. The tea is cancelled. Sophie calls Caroline S and Caroline F to tell them the news, but when she calls Jules, the two decide to meet up. They call Marissa and learn baby Sadie is doing better, but Marissa won’t be able to go to Mapperton. Jules is worried because she gets attacked when her wing-woman Marissa isn’t by her side. Sophie apologizes for putting Jules in that position and says she won’t ever do that again because her loyalties to Caroline S have faded along with her marriage.

Marissa and Matt take a walk around the block of the hospital to get some air. Marissa is at her breaking point over how difficult the last nine months have been for them. Matt tells her to keep a stiff upper lip and everything will turn out cheerio.

At Mapperton, Julie is preparing for everyone’s arrival, but is fretting over the weekend and becoming a trifle paranoid that the staff, and British people in general, are still being upset over losing the revolutionary war – and that an American is running Mapperton. Oh the horror! Thank goodness for Andrew the super butler who will be handling everything. Jules takes comfort in knowing that Caroline S never had a butler as wonderful as Andrew.

Back in London, Caroline S and her make-up artist/bff Luke pick up Caroline F, Juliet and friend Kim. They are running three hours late. Juliet begins rapping in the backseat, making the four-hour trip seem like six. Sophie and Adela arrive first and on time for the cake and champagne that Andrew set up. While they wait for the others we are entertained with how the sandwich came to be. You see, the Earl of Sandwich was a gambler who liked to eat roast beef while he played cards, however, it got his dreaded cards greasy. So he asked his butler – who wasn’t Andrew – to put his roast beef between two pieces of bread. The other players laughed at him and thus, the sandwich was born.

After driving past Stonehenge, the tardy ladies finally arrive. Caroline S tells Jules that having a place like Mapperton would be like having a noose around her neck. How about a tour? Everyone is excited except Caroline S. She’s yawning. Wake her up with the noose is removed from her neck, but not just yet. First we must listen to Jules’ house rules. She says they pertain to everyone except Caroline F because she’s always respectful. That is rude, but here are the rules: 1) No complaining about the food or passing plates around the table. 2) No saying you’re going to the loo and instead going to the front lawn to smoke a cigarette. 3) Be back for dinner at 8:00pm.

The ladies don’t like having rules and wonder if they spending the weekend with Lady Julie or Lady Bitchy? This is not sitting well with Caroline S who is not here for Jules’ entertainment, Jules is here for hers. Off they go to a hotel because even though Mapperton is like this huge estate, only Sophie and Adela are staying there..

Everyone is dressed to the nines, ready to go back to Mapperton for dinner, except Caroline S who’s late because she’s still smarting off to Luke about Jules’ house rules. Juliet, Caroline F and Kim are not happy waiting around for Caroline S who thinks she’s Lady Madonna. They finally arrive for dinner two hours late, breaking house rule number 3. At the table, Jules points to where everyone will sit and places Caroline S on one side of her and Juliet on the other. Jules must be following the “keep your friends close and your enemies closer” house rules.

So dinner begins with Jules explaining the reason she sat Juliet and Caroline S beside her, despite the last time she saw them and they were shouting at her, is to show she’s not one to hold a grudge, which is code for, she’s better than them. Cheers! Caroline F must have taken her happy pills because she declares there’s lots of love in the room. She apparently doesn’t see the daggers flying from Caroline S’ eyes at Jules – especially after Jules announces tomorrow’s outing will be fishing. Poor Lady Julie, she didn’t know Caroline S doesn’t like boating unless it’s in St. Tropez.

Jules explains to Caroline S that when you are invited to someone’s home for the weekend you need to show respect, and then looks to Caroline F to back her up. Caroline F says, and I quote, “when you’re given a choice, you’re given a choice, and when you’re not given a choice, you’re not given a choice.” Does that clear everything up? Adela can’t believe her friend (who got her on the show) is being so rude and spoiled. Caroline S tells Adela she doesn’t care and explains the so-called house rules are choking her and she won’t be told how to behave especially since this isn’t the best thing to happen to her all year. That must have been either her business shutting down or moving to Dubai. Adela tells everyone to let Caroline S leave because she’s exhausted from being driven out to Mapperton and having her makeup done. After some bickering at the table, Caroline S gets up and walks out. Hopefully not before complaining about the food and smoking a cigarette in the front yard!

Tune in next week when the Ladies of London go fishing without Caroline S and have a bang up time.


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  • TartLemon

    I’m on Caroline’s side here. Bored with Julie’s whining. Julie knew she was an American when she married ‘Sandwich’ also knowing full well eventually she would be Mistress of the Manor. Me thinks Julie needs to heed her own blathering advice about manners. She started out that visit by stirring up a dust storm then becomes all victimy when it comes back on her.

  • Magdalena

    I have a hard time liking any of those women. But Caroline S. is the worst. She is incredibly rude and disrespectful. Being so late is almost being belligerent. Also taking that make up guy along all the time is just odd. She might have issues with her own upbringing – but that is her issue. Why put that on everyone else? She wants to be so free but plans to move to Dubai. Good luck with being a free spirit there. I have been to Dubai quite a few times and I never felt particularly “free”. Mapperton is beautiful.

    • Dani-K

      I agree that no one is really likable. And I get that every reality show needs a villain, but to counter that we need several that we like or root for. Perhaps these women are too uptight for us. I hear a lot of people say how much fun the Real Housewives of Melbourne is. And that’s what’s lacking here. So far this season, no one is cutting loose and having fun. Too busy putting their pinky in the air during tea time. But it’s fun to see Mapperton and that quick shot of Stonehenge (wish that was longer).

  • Karoline

    Caroline S doesn’t seem like a fun person to be around. She is miserable and snotty. I’m surprised she has any friends. Julie needs to shut up about her problems. It’s not interesting.

    • Kell Mactell

      I think her marriage must be fake. She is so miserable. She desperately needs everyone to adore her and the more she needs it the more they don’t so the more she demands it. She is just 1 ugly person!

      • ohjeez

        She doesn’t need people to adore her imo she just needs them to be beneath her and be ok with it.

  • TartLemon

    Marissa gave up her US citizenship pledging allegiance to HRH didn’t she?

    • Perturbed

      I think she has dual citizenship.

  • Perturbed

    I’m happy to see Sophie & Adela stand up to CarolineS. It became tiresome watching them all kiss her ass in past seasons, but Juliet is still doing it (can’t stand her). Thought it was hilarious when Adela noted the “long day” CS had, getting her makeup done! She truly deserved that one haha!

    • Anonasaurus


  • ohjeez

    I’m having a hard time getting into this season. While I’m not crazy about any of the ladies aside from Marisa, giving Julie so much screen time was a bad idea. She will never be a fan fav. And perhaps that’s the problem with this show. There is no fan fav. Stansbury almost had it but she is just too awful. Fleming was close but there is a real inauthenticity about her that makes her hard to love. I like Marisa but she seems to rub folks the wrong way too

    • TartLemon

      What happened to Marissa’s hot dog cafe?

      • ohjeez

        I believe there are two now and they are doing well. I think she may have been talking about the nightclub businesses not doing as well.

      • Anonasaurus

        it closed

  • RealitytvJunkie

    Caroline S was my favorite but she’s making an effort to be more bitchy than witty this season. Juliet seems like her little puppy dog follower. This season is pretty disappointing so far.

    • Kissme

      She has always been bitchy 😉 maybe being out of work has been to much of a lifestyle shift for her?

  • BriannaG

    Julie annoys the hell out me. Her whining and complaining are too much, she is ruining the season. Suddenly, she is a “lady”? Give me a break.

    I don’t like people being late,but I am on Caroline S side when it comes to “rules”. Julie literally pointed her finger and claimed who is good and who is bad. And then went on lecturing the “bad ones” like in elementary school. At diner, she behaved like this is the “event of the year” for everyone. Julie is so full of herself this season.

    And then, out of nowhere comes…the fishing trip? Shouldn’t this be discussed with guests?
    I personally hate being on fishing boats.
    I would have flipped the finger and waked away.
    I guess, Caroline S was obligated to stay for filming.

    • Kissme

      I agree, it was a bitch move on Julie’s part. Caroline kept herself pretty well in check considering what her “friends” were throwing at her.

      • Dani-K

        Especially how she Jules said the rules were for everyone except Caroline F because she’s respectful. Tacky of Lady Julie.

        • Kissme

          I’m thinking someone told Julie she needed to step it up and that girl obviously needs the money.

    • Julie did all but say, “I’m a lady now so suck it!” She’s so annnoying this season.

  • Kell Mactell

    Someone tell me was Juliet downgraded from Lady to friend of Ladies? Is that why she is hardly seen? Or is it that she is just so annoying, no one wants to be near her too much? BTW, what was with that hideous dress she was wearing to dinner? LOL

    I finally get that Carolyn S is so jealous of needy Jules. She is such a bully. Funny as my opinion of her goes downhill, so does my opinion of her looks. I used to think she was so attractive, now she just looks nasty.

    Each show my BS antenna goes up higher with each scene with Caroline Fleming. What kind of therapist so totally feeds into their patient’s warped sense of reality? Fleming has no trouble tearfully throwing her dying father under the bus. How could you just let slip to reporters that your father has cancer? That is ridiculous. And who claims they go home so much because their father is so sick with cancer but never sees him?

    Who is there to actually like on this show?

    • Sandy Wood

      That dress!!! Right out of 1970’s Laura Ashley…it was hideous.

      Caroline F. not making a bee-line to her father’s bedside as soon as she landed was really odd to me.

    • Dani-K

      Good point about Juliet – she hasn’t been around much. And that dress? She considers herself a fashionista – from the 1700’s I suspect. And I thought the “therapist” was way too gentle, and like you said, totally bought into Caroline F’s warped sense of reality. I’m sure that has everything to do with why she is still around. Some people in therapy who don’t like hearing the truth, go get a new therapist. As far as who to like – what about Sophie?

      • pixntrix

        Oh Dani not Sophie she is too much like Kyle and as smart as Porsha…lol

        • Dani-K

          Too funny! Maybe Adela will be our champion because I am running out of ladies.

    • pixntrix

      I agree with most of what you said. Ugh that dress! Beyond horrid! I like Stansbury she reminds me of LVP in many ways. Sophie is new and already such a sh*t stirrer, Kyle junior. Adele and Sophie I believe we’re brought on by Stansbury but both treat her like crap, I don’t like “friends” like that. We’ll see how the season how the season goes but I’m sure they’ll all be gunning for Stansbury as she’s moving. Maybe she and Chyka from Australia who also just moved to Dubai should start another HW show…lol

      • Why is this happening to us?

        I didn’t know Chyka moved to Dubai! I guess that’s why she left the show?

  • Gibney13

    Were Caroline S and Stassi Schroder separated at birth. Both mean as snakes. They even look alike

    • LuvsSnark

      OMG! Too funny!

    • Authentic


  • LuvsSnark

    CarolineS’s comment about Jools being around for Caroline’s amusement was just too over the top and shows exactly what Caroline thinks about herself. She says she gave up her roots because they were choking her, but I suspect (with her desperate need to be top dog in everything) that she deliberately threw them away when she decided to become a party girl and make a name for herself. Living a quiet and refined life in the country couldn’t satisfy Caroline’s craving for the spotlight and the position of lording it over everyone else.

    • bluebell

      ITA! She wants the spotlight.

  • Matt Sutton

    Julie makes me want to jump off a bridge.
    Her whining and pining about being the American and how she doesn’t want people to point at her and blame her for something going wrong at the estate.
    She loves herself, and believes she’s very important.
    This couldn’t be farther from the truth.
    It’s all very obnoxious.
    At the end of the day, Nobody cares Julie.
    Nobody cares about the estate or your American status.