‘Ladies of London’ Recap: Caroline and Sophie Battle Over Family Loyalties In Sisterly Showdown!

Posted on Dec 7 2016 - 8:54am by Dani-K

We join the Ladies of London one week post-arrival for baby Sadie. Marissa had a very difficult delivery and is still in the hospital – I’ll spare you the details – but mummy and daughter are doing well. Marissa is glowing and says she’d do it all again, except for that dreaded hysterectomy she received.

Over at Jules’ city digs, she scoots the children off to school, hops on her bike, rides to the station, and takes the train to Mapperton. Lady Julie is originally from Illinois and has no experience running an estate, but is exciting to get started. She’s beginning with ye old gift shop. Husband Luke isn’t optimistic she’ll succeed. The gift shop is in a shed by the gardens with two old ladies who run it and don’t like change, branding, the color green, or Jules.

Next we join Caroline F who is visiting her friend Kim. Caroline is exhausted, emotionally drained and cannot bare not being by her father’s side, so she is returning to Denmark the following day. Spoiler alert: Caroline doesn’t see her father. He’s too ill. She’s goes to a fashion event and makes a big blunder instead. But for now, Caroline F and Kim discuss how the children are handling this better than the adults. Caroline has assured her children she will live forever and continues to drink olive oil to iron out the wrinkles.

And like that we are Denmark with Caroline F and Juliet who is attended the Elle event with her. These two have fashion in common, but not much else. Caroline shares how she is the black-sheep of the family, because got a divorce and had a love-child out of wedlock. In America we call that normal. At the hotel, Caroline’s OCD kicks in full blast and she remakes the linens on the bed so it will be perfect like it was at boarding school. 

Back at Mapperton, Jules tells Luke the girls will be coming in a few weeks. He says he hopes they behave, but we hope they don’t. As Jules talks about the responsibility of running Mapperton, she gets weepy. It costs 200,000 pounds ($253K USD) to run the house and grounds annually and her friends don’t understand what all she has to do. Waaahhh! Lady Julie is nervous she’ll fail and the British will blame the American. Of course they will. Remember all the tea we spilled at that party in Boston? They’re still blaming us for that.

Next, we meet up with Caroline S and her sister Victoria, whom she has nothing in common with, at the decorators office to discuss the Dubai home. It has eight bed-rooms, nine bathrooms, cinema, gym, swimming pools – with an s, six rooftop terraces, and a dressing room better than Mariah Carey’s. Caroline is happy to say goodbye England, hello Dubai.

Across town, Sophie stops by to visit Marissa and baby Sadie. I’m surprised they aren’t having a Sip N See like they do in the South, but instead, Marissa is ready to hand off the baby to daddy and off the ladies go to lunch. They recap the trouble between Sophie, Jules and Caroline S and Marissa recognizes that Caroline S wants Sophie to be her minion and not Jules’ minion.

Back with her sister, Caroline S discusses how she doesn’t want her children growing up like they did what with the huge estates, butlers, and boarding schools. You poor deprived girl. I wouldn’t want that for my kids either. But something seems off because Caroline has a mansion which will have a staff, so what’s the difference? Is it the boarding school? Big deal. Americans ship their kids off to boarding school, too, only we call it college. But Caroline tells her sister she doesn’t want to be like mummy and daddy and be tied to a house. Okay, if you say so.

Sometime later, Caroline S goes shoe shopping with her friend and show newbie, Adela. And off they go into a fight. Funny thing about the Ladies of London, they accuse each of yelling, when no one is hardly raising their voice. Ladies, if you want to see yelling, turn on RHONJ. That’s yelling. Here’s what happened, Adela recently met with Jules for dinner and now thinks she’s fabulous and Caroline needs to get over her hatred of Jules. Caroline says if she wants to have a go at Jules, she will and she’ll run over whoever gets in her way. Here’s a rundown of the fight:

Adela: You’re an ice queen

Caroline: You’re pathetic

Adela: You’re pathetic and judgmental

Caroline: You’re pathetic, laughable and slightly disloyal

End scene. Back in Denmark, Juliet selects a gorgeous jumpsuit for Caroline F to wear, but they are very late for the Elle event. But guess who they run into? Of all the random Americans, Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott are there. Don’t they have five kids and no money? What are they doing in Denmark? Oh well, Juliet is in awe of Caroline’s “Oprah” effect in Denmark. But Caroline makes a major faux pas. She has stated many times how private her family is, but gets caught up in the moment and tells the press her dad is very sick with cancer. In America, we call this a f*ck up. When they return to the hotel, Caroline sees the online articles all lead with news of her sick father. She plans to call her stepmother in the morning and beg for forgiveness explain what happened.

Sophie is visiting her sister-in-law at the new rental home with her two boys and their new nanny. Sophie is bubbly, but Caroline is, well, an ice queen. They discuss how Sophie is doing and Caroline’s glad she’s less emotional now. Those emotions are so pesky, aren’t they? The two rehash Sophie being loose-lipped about Jules being loose-lipped. Caroline blames Sophie for the feud with Jules and tells Sophie not to expect loyalty if she can’t give loyalty.

Sophie refuses to accept Caroline’s blame and asks her to remove her finger from her face. Sophie has already apologized for “dropping a bomb” so get over it, but Caroline won’t. She says an apology isn’t enough. Does she want a blood in her tea? Sophie tells Caroline she doesn’t care if she’s not trusted anymore. Caroline thinks Sophie’s so desperate to have friends since she’s divorcing, she’s choosing any scrubs that comes along. I’m shocked by two things. First, that Caroline gives a damn about a fight with Jules, and second, Sophie and her ex haven’t told their kids about the impending divorce. Hopefully they have by know. That’s the thing about going on a reality show.

Tune in next week when baby Sadie is rushed to the hospital and we learn that we are here for Caroline S’ entertainment and not the other way around.


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  • Sandy Wood

    First on my agenda if I were Jules would be to retire those two old biddies in the gift shop and hire one enthusiastic, creative person.
    Get rid of all that typical souvenir crap and enlist some local artisans and artists to display their art on consignment. Handmade jewelry with a wow factor would be a winner.
    Attend a few local auctions and pick up some interesting glass and china to sell instead of those dollar store looking mugs.
    Spruce up the exterior with some seasonal flower planters, so the building doesn’t look like a tool shed. The interior lighting could be improved too.
    She would make the locals happy by providing them with an outlet to display their creations at no cost to her and by offering auction finds acquired locally she would be ridding the shop of “Made in China” tat.

    • ohjeez

      She should seriously hire you to run the estate

      • Sandy Wood

        LOL, where do I apply?

        • ohjeez

          And I’m sure you wouldn’t be boohooing all over the place.

    • Elizabeth Fisher

      I was checking out the aerial photos of Mapperton. It is an absolutely stunning property. The location is used for filming and also weddings.

      • Sandy Wood

        I hope they are bringing in the big bucks letting it out for films and events.
        Mind-boggling what it costs to run an estate like that.

      • Dani-K

        I have this theory that Caroline’s real beef with Lady Julie is deep down she’s envious of Jules for running the estate. Caroline claims this if the furthest thing she wants, not to be “tied to a house” like mummy and daddy, but thou dost protest too much. It’s not about dangerous loose lips. IMO

        • Elizabeth Fisher

          Dani-K – that makes as much as much sense as anything else. The history of Mapperton is fascinating not to mention that Juliet has a title. It probably didn’t bother Caroline S that much until she lost Gift Library and then she had way too much time on her hands to think about everything else.

          • Dani-K

            Right! The tipping point was the closing of Gift Library. Before she always claimed to be self-made and now, not so much. I would like to see Caroline do some real charity – the get your hands dirty kind. I saw her briefly on WWHL last night – she’s living in Dubai. Can you imagine an ex-pat show Real Housewives of Dubai? lol.

  • Kell Mactell

    Carolyn S. is such a bully girl! Sadly, the show needs her for the rest of the cast is pathetic. So I guess we will watch 1 so self spoiled malcontent spend the whole season attacking everyone else.

    • Sandy Wood

      I’m feeling the same way about Caroline S. this season, but I guess every franchise has to have at least one villainess.

      • equinox2009

        Caroline S is friends with Kyle and Lisa V in Beverly Hills I wouldn’t be surprised if Caroline joins RHOBH and she’s such a snob she would keep those ladies on their toes. Since moving to Dubai she can’t be there in the summer because of the heat-Beverly Hills would be perfect for her! I love how she just doesn’t care how she speaks to people-girl got big ones

        • Sandy Wood

          That would be epic, I could just see her fixing her steely gaze on Kim when she is off in one of her tangents.

          • equinox2009

            LOL. From our lips to God’s ears. Too fun! Happy Day😂

  • Sandy Wood

    Wait……what am I missing here. Caroline F is in Denmark and making the social scene but cannot visit her father as he is “too ill”. Wouldn’t that be all the more reason to be with him.
    Even if she is considered the black sheep (and no wonder, with her blabbermouth), I cannot imagine not being with him…without cameras and stray friends.

    • Dani-K

      Same here Sandy. That’s why I mentioned it so early in the recap because it did not make any sense to me. If you can’t be with your father, go be with your family.

      • Sandy Wood

        Wild horses and controlling step-mothers would never have kept me from my fathers bedside.

  • LisaPat

    I don’t even like Caroline Stanbury, I could never stomach her. I’ve sent her multiple tweets about how she needs to shut her trap about the US because without us, England would be fish food. Also, I can’t look at her face without thinking “Yeahhhh Baby” because she reminds me of Austin Powers. But, what her SIL did was an absolute BETRAYAL. I don’t care what anyone says. I’d never trust that woman again because she has no loyalty. That is probably why she’s divorced. Whether or not I like someone, doesn’t mean I won’t stick up for them when they are right.