EXCLUSIVE: Mariah Huq Dishes On New Season of ‘Married To Medicine,’ Her Costars And New & Old Friendships!

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“Yes, I’m back full-time, but I don’t come back until next week!” Creator, executive producer, and star of Married to Medicine, Mariah Huq reveals to AllAboutTheTea.com, in an exclusive interview. Mariah has been a fan favorite since season one, and was considered a breakout Bravo star. 

After three roller coaster seasons with this Atlanta group of medical movers and shakers, Mariah is looking forward to new beginnings. She points to a fresh start as she opens up about her costar’s reaction to her return, friendships (new and old) and the new girl on the medical block, Genise Shelton

Mariah and her former bestie are still on the outs this season. Mariah says she’s been a great friend to Quad Webb-Lunceford and that “fame” drove them apart. In the supertease, Mariah refers to Miss Quad as, ‘Quad Fraud.’

“Fame is a powerful drug.” Mariah adds, “It changes people.You don’t know who you’re going get the next day. It was really different to see Quad come into a new element this season.”

Mariah revealed to AllAboutTheTea.com that her desire to move forward with the group was not reciprocated by all.

“To be honest, I don’t think many were excited. I believe Toya and Lisa felt the show needed me because they want the show to succeed. And the show needed me —desperately! But I don’t think the others had a positive response to it. I don’t think they were happy I was back — which is crazy because the main thing they should care about is the success of the show. At end of the day — you have ask yourself — is me not being on is that best for the show?”

On Dr. Simone and Mariah‘s friendship.

“We were really close but you have to go back and watch the reunion from last season. When he [Andy Cohen] asked who wanted me back, the only ones that agreed were, Lisa Nicole and Heavenly. Simone wasn’t one of the people that wanted me back. On camera, she said she was happy I was back this season but I’m not really sure how geniune it was.” She adds, “A lot has happened in our personal lives that has caused a natural separation by default.”

On her new forged alliance with Lisa Nicole.

“I wouldn’t necessarily call it an alliance. I’m not strategic, in spite of how they try to portray me. I do what feels right. I know how bad I felt when I was at my lowest [Mariah tragically miscarried twins during the filming of season three] point. I felt alone and I felt Lisa went through a lot when she talked about martial issues from last issues. You don’t stomp people when they’re down. And that’s what I don’t like about this group — they love to isolate people and that’s another form of bullying. When you see someone needs a helping hand — you reach out to them. We’re all married women and mothers — so I wanted to be empathic to her situation.”

As AllAboutTheTea.com exclusively reported, the ladies “welcome” newcomer and friend, Genise, who replaces Jill after her scandalous divorce form her plastic surgeon husband last year. Genise is a mother of three, and is married to Dr. Courtney Shelton, who specializes in Internal Medicine. 

“I think she [Genise] got Heavenly’s ass together so I really respect her for standing up for her family.” Mariah explains, “When she came into the group, she stood her ground and checked Heavenly at my new beginnings party.” Mariah noted, “She seems to have a good sense of humor, seems to be cool and be a family oriented person. I think she has a beautiful family but she and I haven’t had time to know each other well. But she doesn’t give me messy vibes.”

Check out the preview above and tune in to Married to Medicine tonight November 6 on Bravo.


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  • Why is this happening to us?

    I don’t know how anyone else feels, but I’m not happy Mariah is returning. Mariah and Quad are both thirsty and think they run the show. I don’t like either one of them and both of their attitudes changed because of the show. They both want to be the HBIC. I also don’t enjoy watching Mariah’s mother.

    I watch more for the doctors- Jackie, Simone and Heavenly. I think they know how to keep it somewhat classy. Toya and Lisa Nicole are non factors IMO.

    Didn’t get to watch the episode yet. Watching 3 hours of 90Day Fiance first!

    • the underground train

      I agree with you about the Dr’s. and Mariah’s mother. But Toya and Lisa Nicole are needed to keep the story lines interesting.

      • Why is this happening to us?

        I guess. I don’t feel like either adds much to the show. I think either could be let go and it wouldn’t make much of a difference.
        Toya is apparently in financial trouble. It’s no surprise since she is always trying to live above their means and her husband keeps trying to bring her back down to reality. They never should have rented that big ass house that they couldn’t afford, but I think he is just doing whatever to keep her happy. She is way too materialistic.
        Not sure what’s going on with Lisa Nicole, but there was an article on here saying she wants another baby!
        I didn’t get to watch last night’s episode yet.

  • Sandra Oh

    I don’t understand how this show about “doctors” can be as ratchet as Basketball Ho’s on VH1.

    • Why is this happening to us?

      Me neither.

    • RonnieRIB

      Well at least all these women are actually MARRIED..and some are DOCTORS…

  • There would be no show without Mariah. So glad she’s back to slay these witches!!

    • RonnieRIB

      BOOM! And they know it…Quad’s big forehead and ego couldn’t carry the show

  • RonnieRIB

    Living for the day to see someone check the chit outta Mush Mouth Heavenly….Got tired of seeing little Alaina do it…

  • Angela Browning Hunter

    Love all except Mariah …she appears too sensitive and crazy,,,