‘Ladies of London’ Is Back With More Royal Rowdiness and Delicious Drama! Watch the New Trailer

Posted on Oct 19 2016 - 3:45pm by Dani-K


Are you ready for another British Invasion? The Ladies of London are coming back for Season 3 after Thanksgiving – that American tradition that ruffles the British feathers – ready to have a knees up time. But with the glitz and glam comes the bullocks and barmy.

The great news is, all the ladies are returning, plus we’ll meet a new one. The queen bee, Caroline Stanbury is moving to Dubai with her family, but others feel she is running away. Julie Montagu is overseeing Mapperton Estate, and crying all the way through it. Sophie Stanbury, Caroline’s soon-to-be ex-sister-in-law, has a bigger role this season, but getting a divorce. Juliet Angus, the often annoying American expat, is trying to ratchet her fashion blog up a notch. Last we saw Caroline Fleming she was madly in love, but that didn’t work out and now she’s ready for adventure. Marissa Hermer is having a difficult pregnancy this go around and considering a move to back to California. And newbie, Adela King, who is described as “bright, sparkly, big boobs, big hair” is an international jetsetter, businesswoman, and mom.

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Nothing sets the tone for this season more than Caroline Stanbury saying. “I am not here for your entertainment, you are here for mine.”

Check out the sneak peek of Ladies of London above to see a glance at the jolly good times and bad times coming to American soon, along with impressive castles, smashing parties, and British dry wit. Are you looking forward to another season?


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  • Elizabeth Fisher

    I absolutely adore this show. It breaks my heart that Caroline is leaving to move to Dubai.

    • SassyMcAsspants

      Yeah! That’s a bummer. Between her and Annabelle leaving, it might change the dynamic enough that I won’t be into it anymore. I’ll have to see what the newbie brings. Soon they’re going to have to call it “Expats of London,” lol

      • Elizabeth Fisher

        True… but I was sooooooooo over Annabelle going on and on about Alexander McQueen.

  • CNN

    This is one of my favs. These women are really fabulous.

  • Trippinhhard

    I like this show, it’s not so cut throat as the woman there HWS.

  • ohjeez

    Juliratface angus ruins this show for me….sigh, without her I would totally watch the new season but with her I don’t think I can stomach it. M
    Not a fan of sausage lips stansbury either.

  • LuvsSnark

    Definitely looking forward to it. Will miss Annabelle, tho. Aside from her relentless mourning for Alexander McQueen, she didn’t come off as snobbish as some of the other women and she definitely had some interesting things going on in her life. Marissa, on the other hand, makes me cringe with her desperation to be a part of “the ton.”

    • SassyMcAsspants

      “Relentless mourning for AMQ.” For real! I thought she was rad, but needed to let it go a bit. I get it, I’ve lost really close friends too. I miss them all the time, but I’m also not wearing social widow’s weeds over it either. I was pretty surprised that she came back after the riding accident. I never saw her as thoroughly invested in the show. But, damnit, I’ll miss her. I liked her smarm.

      Now if they dumped Marissa I wouldn’t even notice, lol.

      And is it just me? Caroline Fleming bugs the shit out of me!

      • LuvsSnark

        Maybe that was it . . . Annabelle wasn’t as invested in the show as some of the others. I give her kudos, tho, for standing by her convictions. She doesn’t want anything to do with Caroline Stanbury and, as a result, made the decision to exit the show. How many of the American HWs have that much integrity?

        • SassyMcAsspants

          None of the American HWs have integrity, lol!

          And yeah, I hear ya.

      • the underground train

        Carole F was cool except for when she tried to jam fruit dawn Caroline’s mouth. Juliet is the one that bugs me.

        • SassyMcAsspants

          Juliet is onnoxious too. I definitely don’t miss the one-named model chick either. She was awful!!

  • I don’t remember Caroline’s sister in law’s name but she’s annoying. I love this show and am looking forward to it!

    • the underground train


  • Evil Queen

    Love this show! This is a “real” housewives show, the European ladies are fabulous. I wish Juliet had left. She is so annoying.
    Hate Annabelle has left the show, but I respect her reason for leaving. Will miss her.

  • sideof Sour Cream

    Yay! So glad this show is coming back. LOVE. <3