Shocking! Maci Bookout’s Ex Ryan Edwards Appears High On Drugs In Disturbing ‘Teen Mom OG’ Scenes

Posted on Oct 11 2016 - 12:48pm by BeachSpin

Maci Bookout's Ex Ryan Edwards Appears High On Drugs In Disturbing 'Teen Mom OG' Sneak Peek

A sneak peek gave Teen Mom OG viewers a glimpse at the broken relationship between Ryan Edwards and his father, Larry — but the father/son upset was just the beginning.

Fans were shocked to see Ryan in an alarming state, as the episode aired last night. Two scenes were revealed with Ryan — one with a producer, and one with his mom, Jen, and son, Bentley. The MTV dad is seen with his eyes glazed over, and bugged out — seemingly altered, and disturbingly checked out.

Fans on Twitter sounded off about the jarring display.

The scene with Ryan and his son on Father’s Day was a particularly sad one. Ryan is seen vacant and unfocused, asking Bentley the same question twice. Later we hear the boy’s mother, Maci Bookout, claim that Bentley no longer wants to go with his “Mimi,” aka Jen, anymore, presumably because she is the go-between with him and his father. 

Larry laid into Ryan earlier in the episode while communicating with a producer, remarking that he “wouldn’t piss on him if he was on fire.” Larry also snapped that Jen could pack and leave too, if she continues to put Ryan first. Fans can read between the lines, and deduce that Larry is furious, because he seemingly believes that Jen has enabled Ryan to be a “fuc*ing bum.” Larry should add MTV to his hit list.

Ryan is now living in a home owned by Jen and her siblings — and the vision  is a sorry spectacle. What say you MTV — funding another apparent drug user?


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  • Atl Hater

    Exactly what I posted last night to MTV. They have enabled almost all of these ppl to become unemployed, lazy ADULTS! And how many of them have battled drugs throughout the years? Time to put them out to pasture.

    • jcwy

      Drugs, alcohol, excuses to do absolutely nothing

  • Birdie

    I have always known that Ryan was a loser bum—but this shocked me last night. Bentley needs to be kept FAR from this guy. Wake UP MTV and cancel this hot mess of a show.

    • Why is this happening to us?

      I’m watching it now and what I was surprised with is why couldn’t Ryan just go to the game, watch the game and then take Bentley home? Is he unable to drive or something? Something is definitely off with him. His eyes looked crazy- he was also chewing tobacco, which is another stimulant, but tobacco alone wouldnt make him appear that stoned. It’s like he couldn’t even focus his eyes. He looked like he was tweaking. Sad part is, he is responsible for a child when that child is with him. His mother is a total enabler.

      • Birdie

        Ryan can’t manage the games..I think because he has to plan his life around a specific time and place, which seems to be a challenge. Something is VERY off…it was disturbing to say the least. His mom sat there and saw him like that–she should have left with Bentley immediately so he wouldn’t have nightmares about his own father.

        • Why is this happening to us?

          I agree. I dont think it was appropriate to leave Bentley there with him. He was really OFF for sure. Smh.

  • shayvoe

    I don’r blame Larry for saying Jen can pack her bags too. She is an enabler, who raised a dependent bum and she is still enabling him. She is the problem.

    • Birdie

      IKR Maci should fire her free babysitter—like that will happen. 🙄

      • jcwy

        Maci cares about getting drunk so yea don’t think that’ll ever happen. She had the baby looks like as soon as humanly possible she was back getting wasted. She is no better then Ryan ,same with her now husband.

        • Celeste Lawler

          Yeah. I don’t care for Taylor/Tyler… whatever his name is. IDK what it is; can’t put my finger on it. But there’s just something about him. Maybe in part it’s that stupid looking beard. And he DOES seem to pretty much always have a beer bottle in his hand. Ryan needs to get his life in order. If he’s using drugs, he needs to stop. And if he can’t, he needs to get help. Then make a plan for getting an education & a job.

          • jcwy

            Last season he made a comment, “we have more then most people our age,we have a house ,cars a business “…something to that effect. Well yea because you’re using your g.f’a $$ from a reality show you mootcher!

  • LoveMyJob

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who had these concerns about Ryan. I realize these “kids” get paid by MTV but it seems all that has done is enable him to be a bum just like his father said. I hope Maci also saw what we saw on last night’s episode and has taken steps to protect Bentley.

  • DobabyR

    Wasn’t he invoked in a car accident?… could this be a result of the accident?

  • AnEnigmaWrappedIn$nark

    We already know how effed up our culture is … watching this shit would depress the hell out of me.

  • I pray his delusional mama did not leave Bentley in his care. He was high as a kite!

  • Jennymckitty

    His eyes in that picture look like Runway Ramona.

    • ayeayematey

      omg dead hahaha

  • jcwy

    I literally said this out loud to myself while watching! I’ve noticed something for awhile.

  • Marcy Scrot

    I see this going very badly when Jen continues to take Bentley to his dad’s knowing he’s using. That will be the end of visits, custody and granny

  • Sane vermonter

    I’ve been saying he’s high since last season. Definitely opioids.

    • kara

      heroin for sure

      • DK

        That’s exactly what we thought. Like he bugs out his eyes cuz he’s about to fall asleep

        • 🐨🐾 Er Bear🐾 🐨


    • Piplly

      LOOOOL wtf are you talking about?! opioids and the vast majority of other depressants have the exact OPPOSITE affect on a persons’ eyes: that is they cause them to be unable to open them fully, think a constant squint, along with pinholed pupils. good fucking god.

      stimulant drugs, sure, they can cause bugged out eyes like we see on ryan, however, LEGITIMATE, genuine medical concerns can ALSO cause said symptoms as well, for example thyroid issues(which oddly enough can also cause mood problems, sleep & mental/emotional disturbances, rapid speech, fidgetyness, anxiety/panic, weight loss, increased startle response, sweating, etc. too. hmm, how interesting! most people would see said symptoms and scream “DRUGS!” … how would you like this if it were you?!

      my eyes bug out like CRAZY at times, I am sure people have said some pretty similar things behind my back, it is not because of drugs but because I have a disorder in which my body produces far too much adrenaline, I am constantly in “flight” mode, I act a little weird too because I know it is going on and I am so damn self conscious and worried about trying to act “normal” around people that it makes this bloody awkward.

      peoples ignorance never ceases to amaze me. we got all these folks yelling “THIS PERSONS ON DR000GZ! GET ‘EM!!” and yet it’s clear 99.999999% of you have NO CLUE what you’re talking about. I URGE you to THINK before posting such bullshit – there are people out there – teens, young people, the uneducated, the ignorant – who don’t know any better than to believe whatever they read on sites like these. they take this info – often completely incorrect – and mimic it to others, fully, whole-heartedly believing it is truth when it is NOT.

      this touches a sore spot for me… as i mentioned above, my eyes bulge at times, but also what gets me is that there are literally thousands of videos – probably 10s or maybe even 100s of thousands – wherein well-meaning yet ignorant people record the activities of others – OFTEN the mentally ill but sometimes even folks with straight up neurological issues – and post them online saying “THIS PERSON IS SO HIGH LOL LOOK AT THIS PERSON YALL!” … its because of shit like this dis and misinformation that is just so damn common… but people, you are dealing with peoples LIVES here. it may be all fun and games for you to point the finger and attempt to bring others down to your own pathetic level but ffs, these people have lives, they have jobs and children and families… things that are important that YOU could be helping to jeopardize, all for the sake of ignorance and sheer stupidity. by commenting on this shit and speculating and mimicking/passing on this mis/disinfo you are contributing to the issue. stop. please. educate yourselves ffs.

      if a DOCTOR cannot look at these clips(or others) and say with certainty “DRUGS!” then there’s no way in hell any of you can, it’s insane to think otherwise. you can have your opinion based on gut feelings and whatever you feel that’s fair enough we are all entitled to our own opinions but ffs, for the love of god, do not try to pass your ignorance off as knowledge (“..definitely opioids…” and other similar comments!!) – this only perpetuates this stupid cycle.

      • Sane vermonter

        So outraged. I hope you feel that way about things in this world that actually matter. You DEFINITELY have too much invested in this post. I stopped reading when you started in all caps. I hope that you’re his mom. If not I feel bad for you.

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  • Mare

    Meth. And Maci thinks she can “trust” him with Bentley overnight?? Ugh

  • ayeayematey

    I will admit the way Ryan was talking during the Teen Mom episode he did appear to either be on something illegal or heavily medicated. I find it interesting that during the episode his dad basically has washed his hands of his relationship with Ryan. What would CAUSE that? Other than Ryan being lazy and living at home like a sponge, what would really cause a parent to just wash their hands of their child. If Ryan is doing drugs or whatever I hope the show and Dr. Drew try to get him actual help. He needs to get a job and/or do something with his life, as do all the Teen Mom “stars” who are currently not doing anything. Jobs and/or education will help them be successful once the money and how are gone. It would also help with self-esteem issues and of course depression or feeling depressed (Caitlynn, looking at you girl). Sitting around not doing anything productive would depress almost any normal human, get some education ladies and gents of Teen Mom or at least find jobs/hobbies that don’t involve shopping, pornography, sitting around on a couch day in and day out, etc. Hopefully Ryan gets help though, poor Bentley.

  • Piplly

    oh FFS. There are legit health concerns which can cause bugged eyes, too such as thyroid problems(which just so happen to also cause high levels of anxiety, increased startle response, weight loss, spikes in energy, mood problems, sleep disturbances, etc. etc.), but I suppose no one ever makes that suggestion because that’s just noooooo fun, now is it?! you people are fucking disgusting.