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Posted on May 21 2016 - 2:38am by BeachSpin

Teresa Giudice & Melissa GorgaTeresa Giudice & Melissa Gorga just kickin’ it this week

Weekends are all about relaxing, so join us here for our weekend StarPix feature, and take a peek into some behind the scenes flashes of everyday life, from your favorite reality celebs. Reality stars live to say “cheese!” on social media, and love ‘em or hate ‘em, the spectacle is always fun! Lets go….

RHONY Caroline Stanbury & Juliet AnguCaroline Stanbury & Juliet Angus selfie

RHOBH Kyle RichardsKyle Richards

Kenya Moore & Boyfriend Matt Jordan at #MatchMadeinHeaven premiere eventKenya Moore & Boyfriend Matt Jordan at #MatchMadeinHeaven premiere event on Thurs

Ladies of London_Marissa HermerMarissa Hermer doing mommy duties

RHONY Ramona SingerRamona Singer in Nantucket on Friday

RHOA Porsha WilliamsPorsha Williams at #MatchMadeinHeaven premiere event on Thurs

Heather & Terry DubrowHeather & Terry Dubrow selfie

Vicki Gunvalson RHOCVicki Gunvalson at Disneyland with her grandson this week

RHONY Sonja MorganSonja Morgan in her NYC apartment on Friday



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  • no-never-ok-maybe

    Ramona’s pic is the only one that wont load, no surprise, she has no scruple, no ethics and no relfection.

    • MidwestMiddie

      I can see Ramona’s photo. : /
      Wish Icky the Cancer Con-Queen’s photo wouldn’t
      come up on my screen. : (

      • AnEnigmaWrappedIn$nark

        Hate it when that happens. Always good to keep clean towels nearby.

    • RRRobin

      Ramona is now such a disgusting person I am glad George said all of those horrid things to her!

  • RealitytvJunkie

    Porsha manages to look slutty in every photo.
    The London ladies look the best.

    • justanothermary

      That’s because Porsha is a slut.

    • AnEnigmaWrappedIn$nark

      I’ll be glad when they get rid of her and she’s finally where she belongs; doing Black Bootyliscous Porn.

  • Tiffany

    sonja with her refusal to pay for heat. In a designer coat in side. Not sure what costs more the jacket or heat for a month.

    • SassyMcAsspants

      Lol, the coat was probably acquired during her marriage. I am diggin’ her shoes, though.

  • justanothermary

    Sonja has on one of those jumpsuits again. Every time she’s pictured for the last few months she’s in one of those things. It’s two identical jumpsuits except for the color. She has it in red and black. She wears one of them all the time. It is from her “collection” but damn – has she no other clothes?

  • Pandora403

    What’s with Kyle and the boobs hanging out? She wore that style at the reunion and now in this photo above. That dress wouldn’t look half-bad on her if the top covered her more.

    • September24

      I like Kyle but that dress is awful! I hope she doesn’t sell that in her store!

      • SassyMcAsspants

        It makes her look stumpy … and this is coming from another short person.

      • Yo’s Marinated Worm

        I saw a photo of her in this dress recently and thought it was okay, except for the hanging udders. I believe it was a photo of just below the waist and up. Seeing the whole get-up, it looks like a peach-colored bathrobe. She just needs a loose belt tied in the middle.

    • Reyna Love

      Poor Kyle. She’s desperately trying to look youthful. That ship sailed ALONg time ago. SMH

    • Contessa Bel Raven

      Totally agree. Some cleavage is fine but that much is too much (and I am no prude)

  • ohjeez

    julirat and caroline both make sick and together they make me want to projectile vomit

  • September24

    So there was no other room in Sonja’s mansion to take a pic???!!!! Geez!

  • JustSayin

    Lol I like that Sonja’s intern captured herself taking the pic in the mirror. Unintended photo bomb.

  • Sunflower

    Sonja looks sad in this picture.
    So sad… that she looks like the picture is the last one taken… before she gets evicted!

    • Gabby

      Is Sonja really about to get evicted? I haven’t been watching RHONY this season. Actually, I haven’t watched in a while.

      • Sunflower

        No she is not… I was just describing the sadness in her face… and of places taking the picture in her bathroom!!!
        In regard to her sadness… please watch last week’s episode! The culprit is Bethenny… enough said!

        • Gabby

          Yeah, the bathroom would be my very LAST choice. Probably not a choice at all. She has a large apartment, doesn’t she? I know there are better rooms from which to choose.

          As far as Bethenny, I am not surprised she hurt someone’s feelings again. She was always obnoxious from the beginning, but she has gotten worse.

          • Sunflower

            I didn’t mean to alarm anyone about an eviction.. and I edited with.. “Pun intended”..!
            You should watch.. so you could also see Ramona in action… oy..oy..oy.

          • Gabby

            LOL It’s ok! I remember when I was watching, Sonja was having some money problems, so that’s why an eviction sounded plausible. 🙂

  • Gabby

    I like Juliet’s dress! Wish I could see the whole thing.

  • Marcy Scrot

    Could Kyle possibly buy a dress that really fits her. Most of the viewers of the franchise are female. Does Bravo really think we want to see boobs…that’s a male thing. And they all do it. Looks so trashy