EXCLUSIVE: Married to Medicine Season 4 Renewed, New Cast Member Revealed & More Drama!

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Married to Medicine fans get ready!

A source tells All About the Tea exclusively, that Bravo has renewed the hit reality show, Married to Medicine, for a fourth season.

The show centers on a group of socialite women in Atlanta, who are either doctors, or the wives of doctors. Cameras follow the ladies as they work to juggle their careers with family lives, along with their demanding social calendars. 

The ladies are currently in their 6th week of filming, and the show will premiere this September, a source tells All About the Tea.

Creator, executive producer, and star of the series, Mariah Huq, was cryptically missing from several episodes in season 3, but we have confirmation that Mariah is back to full-time cast member status. Mariah has been a fan favorite since season one, and was considered a breakout Bravo star. 

Jill Conners is not returning for season 4. As reportedConners went through a nasty public scandal last year. She allegedly assaulted her husband, Dr. John, in front of their kids. The fight resulted in domestic violence charges filed against Jill, and the couple is currently going through a messy divorce.

Quad is back, larger than life, and her waistline is not the only casualty. Quad’s ego has exploded, according to our snitch. “She [Quad] has gone FAME crazy,” a source spills to All About the Tea.

Lisa Nicole Cloud is back after a scandalous rumor rocked her marriage in season 3. A man by the name of Damen Wayne, claimed he was carrying on an affair with Lisa Nicole Cloud’s husband, Dr. Darren Naugles. You can read our exclusive interview with Damen here.

There is a new addition to the season 4 cast. Her name is Genise Shelton.

Genise Shelton_Married to MedicineGenise Shelton 

Genise is a mother of three, and is married to Dr. Courtney Shelton, who specializes in Internal Medicine. 

Genise is a jack of all trades. She’s a realtor, fitness model, fitness competitor, CEO of a medical transportation service, and owner of a hair extension company.

Genise‘s main interest lies in the field of competitive fitness. She competes professionally by the name of “Nikki Spice.” Take a look at Nikki Spice, front and center, on a competition stage below.

Genise has filmed many scenes with the ladies. Our source tells us, “She seems cool with all the women.”

Below are photos of Genise out and about with her costars in Atlanta.

Mariah_Genise Shelton_Married to MedicineMariah Huq in the green (L) and Genise in the red (R)

Married to Medicine Genise with Toya Bush-Harris and Quad Webb-Lunceford

Mariah Huq recently hosted a filmed event at her home, and all the cast members attended, with the exception of Dr. Simone, who reportedly had to work.

Married to Medicine Season 4 Cast(L-R) Toya, Mariah, Lisa Nicole, Heavenly, Jackie, Genise & Quad

A rock solid source gave All About the Tea details from the event:

Quad‘s ego is wearing her down. She’s gone fame crazy!” The source adds, “She’s also picked up a few pounds.”

 “Toya looks 5 months pregnant,” the insider reports, adding, “Simone was working that day, and could not attend.”

Heavenly thinks she is the baddest b*tch on the earth since she shredded 100 pounds.”

Our insider dishes that the women are still hating on Mariah Huq, especially Heavenly, Toya and Quad.

The new season premieres in September and promises to be a good one — stay tuned! 

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  • Chloe

    I’m doing a happy dance right now. I love M2M and all their shade throwing.

  • I know that’s right

    Oh weeeee Ms. Quad looks like she don’t have a hairline at all. That style is so far on her head it funny..
    I happy Mariah is back, but they all need to stop the backbiting of each other… Quad thinks she brand new, but I like how her husband tells her off and he’s not smiling doing it at all…

    • Sunflower

      He is the coolest husband on the show…
      Him telling Quad off is affecting her hairline…

      • I know that’s right


    • kim

      I don’t know why Quad’s husband remains in that marriage, he wants a family she doesn’t want to give him one, I wouldn’t be surprised if Quad is not able to have children,I think that she married for monetary reasons, she knows what she’s doing she will probably wait until she’s 40 and then pretend she wants to become pregnant but will say because she’s 40, she’s unable to have one

      • Trippinhhard

        IKR I like her husband but they have no chemistry in my eyes.. I didn’t watch last season because they all get on my nerves.. I’m not interested in them at all.. she has no hairline at all…

      • hidaya

        u have a point! quad probably cannot have kids. or she keeps her birth control pills in her car (sneaky)!!

  • Shelly Jones

    Oooooo..cant wait

  • RonnieRIB

    Cannot WAIT!!! Yassss Mariah is back!!!
    Quad is getting fat = KARMA

    Heavenly no matter how much weight you shed your nasty personality and that mush mouth mug…YOU CAN’T SIT WITH US! = Karma for all your nastiness. Repent….potty mouth..

    Love Simone…Lisa….yawn…unless Darren comes out of the closet…she bores me..

    • Hey honey! *waving*

      • RonnieRIB

        Heyyyyy boo!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yes!!! Push thru Mariah in that blue! Love me some Mariah. She looks GREAT. The others wished they could be as fabulous.

    • Sunflower

      I see you like Mrs. Blanga-Deshi a lot..
      Good for you… SMILE

      • ANTi ⚓️


        • Sunflower

          LMAO…. A LOT…..

          • ANTi ⚓️

            I know I’m late but chiii I felt a breeze of shade from that comment

          • Sunflower

            No SHADE…
            I just always Mariah calling herself, children and husband… either Blanga-Deshi or Blacka-Deshi (Mixture of Black and Bangladesh)… which I thought was cute and ORIGINAL..!!

  • UndergroundExpress

    Lisa Nicole boring self did not need to return. Wish Jill godspeed. I enjoyed her on the show. I still remember, “Do you want the fried chicken?” Lol

    • Sunflower

      I wouldn’t get mad… but some did…

    • Demetrius Mckinnon

      I feel sorry for her situation. She was made to look like a cheater, liar, and pyschopath in the news media because of what happen with her husband. She seems like a really nice person at heart.

  • I’m going to miss Jill. Jill kinda reminded me of Kim Zolciak, in that she wasn’t afraid to speak her mind and read a bitch thoroughly.

  • BBB1975

    Mariah is a fan favorite? Not mine.

    • italiano bambino

      Crickets lol

      • Demetrius Mckinnon

        NOPE, not really! Too fukking bad for those who don’t like her. They’ll have to see her all season long this year! Yasss, THE QUEEN is here for the PEOPLE!

        • donna

          Yeah, she’s back, BUT, WITHOUT HER CROWN OR HER THRONE! THE QUEEN 🐝 IS NOW A WORKER 🐝 just like the rest of them!

    • Sunflower

      Me neither… actually none…

      • Demetrius Mckinnon

        Actually she was, remember last year the outrage of fans mad because she wasn’t part of the main cast? ratings significantly suffered due to it. Yall better check your notes. Shes queen bee of this group!

        • Sunflower

          If we do not see Mariah… we don’t see her mother….

        • Boom!!

        • donna

          Yeah, a Queen 🐝 that got DETHRONED! They pulled a mutiny on the “QUEEN 🐝” & KICKED THE QUEEN 🐝 RIGHT OUT OF HER CASTLE!

          • Demetrius Mckinnon

            OKAAAY, this subject is waaaaaaay old, tired and dried up. Why do you feel the need to respond to something that’s irrelevant? Here’s a solution, take two pills of ‘who gives a fuk’ and have a nice evening! 😏

          • donna

            I give a f*ck when it shows up like it’s yesterday. You have a blessed New Year!

  • italiano bambino

    Ladies of London is coming back for a 3rd season

  • Sunflower

    Please leave Quad alone…. I want to become an investor in any one of her delusional endeavors…

  • Doralee85

    Is that Quad on the end!?!?? Wtf!?

  • Gingertee

    Heavenly is a loon

  • RealitytvJunkie

    Thanks Tea. Season 4 can’t come soon enough. Slay Ms. Mariah.

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  • Cici

    Well QUAD just had a birthday party (May 20 something 2016) and killed a damn bathing suit so I guess she gained the weight in her head.

  • Demetrius Mckinnon

    Sweet tea

  • Patti Russell

    well September came and gone and no married to medicine – I heard it was cancelled.

    • kim

      No, it will premiere the same night RHOA , November 4

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