‘RHOP’ Karen Huger Explains Her Ejaculate Comment to Ashley “Once She Holds Her Own Child She Will Understand My Boundaries”

Posted on Apr 6 2016 - 7:35am by Terri L. Austin

Karen Huger is a mama bear on steroids. On The Real Housewives of Potomac, she took umbrage with younger Housewife, Ashley Darby, getting to know her daughter. Now, keep in mind that Karen’s daughter, Rayvin, was seventeen at the time and only months away from heading out to college. I’m still not sure what Ashley did to Karen that was so awful, but Karen banned her from even speaking Rayvin’s name.

The women all met for lunch to hash out their differences. Gizelle Bryant handed out a “reservation” sign like it was a talking stick. The moment Karen had that sign in her hand, she went ballistic on Ashley, telling her to back off from talking about her daughter. The doyen of Potomac etiquette then gave Ashley a little sex advice: don’t make you husband use the pull-out method, have a kid of your own, and get her greedy little hands off Karen’s baby girl.

Just to put this into perspective, Ashley made an off the cuff comment that she’d like to become better acquainted with Rayvin and get to know Karen a little better. So why all this hostility? Maybe Karen can shed some light.

“My emotions were very raw. I was very much still in my mama bear mode concerning Ashley.”

Yes, but why Karen? Why?!!!!!

Ashley shared with as all, her desire to have her own child; she very much wants to be a mom. I wish that for her as well. I feel that once she holds her own child in her arms she will better understand my boundaries/perspectives concerning parenting and my desire to protect my child.”

Nope, I still don’t get it. But is she cool with Ashley now that the season is over?

“I had not seen nor spoken with Ashley going into the reunion and emotions on both sides were still very high. I walked away from the luncheon feeling we had made progress but there was still work to be done.”

Now that Rayvin’s in college, has Karen backed off a little?

Rayvin is doing great in college. While it was an adjustment for me she handled it like a pro and lovingly made sure I did NOT make my monthly visits as I had planned.”

Thanks a lot, Karen. You’ve cleared up nothing for me. Not one thing!

So what do you think? Was Karen right to be so protective? She did an awful lot of squawking over precious little. Do you want her and the other Potomac ladies to return for a second season?


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  • Deanna777

    Karen had better brace herself because Rayvin is going to be exposed to people who will be a lot worse than Ashley while she’s away at college. Rayvin will be 18 soon and she, not Karen, will decide with whom she wants to be friends. Ashley could be one of those people. If I were Karen, I would be more concerned about my daughter being around someone crazy like Katie.

  • Sandy Wood

    What chapter in Karen’s etiquette book condones the use of vulgarisms in defense of shielding her boundaries.

  • Anica1

    These ladies are so bitter about everything….. (most of them)
    Gizelle “The word on the street Is I’M the word on the street”…..is that word bitch? She is ignorant and racist.

  • BriannaG

    I might be in a minority here, but I am still on Karen’s side, although I don”t like the way she made that comment.
    First, Ashley made it clear in the car that she wants to “get to know Karen’s family better and to hang out with Rayvin”. I would be in defensive mode too.
    Karen was right in her statement, that kids are off limits. It’s not about the age. Rayvin is a child on the show, not a housewives. She doesn’t need to be subjected to all the drama and dirt.
    Ashley should have backed off immediately.
    And let be honest, Ashley isn’t a mentor material at all.

    Instead, Ashley manipulated the situation by bringing up Rayvin at the party and bringing all the women in. When she knew very well that Karen’s talked about her only. Ashley realized that it’s was the way to push Karen and get a reaction from her. So she kept pushing.

    I can’t stand Ashley. She is manipulative, vile and lying. I don’t buy her “young and innocent” image.
    At the reunion (according to the preview) Ashley’s husband went after Karen’s age. They are both creepy and disgusting.

  • CrazyBeNot

    Karen is a nut job, period. Frankly as a Mom to a 20 yr old, Ashley would be and is a great role model. She is ambitious and hard working and FUN! Unlike Karen grumpy face who is only worried about “appearances”… As I said on another board, I swear Countess Luanne was singing about Karen when she sang “money don’t bring you class”… She is not even in the same galaxy as Melinda Gates, contrary to her delusions. 😉

  • deb

    karens old ass needs to get over herself. and be glad someone as young and fun loving as Ashley would want to hang with her old ass. and while I’m on the subject of people getting over themselves, so should Gizzelle. why would Ashley give her a pass on her calling her a THOT I still don’t understand

  • Real housewives junkie

    Wow what a let down this show was. Bravo sold this as classy women yet they have no class. They all at one point or another have displayed uneducated behaviors.
    They are only high class in their mind.Giselle and Karen are equally delusional. Karen and the black Bill Gates if Bill Gates was broke!

  • Lila

    There is a better way of Expressing yourself Miss Prim and Proper Karen. I like her but wow! That comment threw me! I would like to know the Real reason why she went off on Ashley that way. There is more to this story.
    I would like to see all come back except for Katie.