‘Southern Charm’ Thomas Ravenel Blasts Kathryn Dennis For Not Allowing Him To See His Children

Posted on Apr 1 2016 - 7:55am by Dani-K


You know the theme song, “He’s got money, he’s in magazines. He’s got more honey, but needs a referee.” We’re talking about Thomas Ravenel, star of Bravo’s Southern Charm, who is already bringing the drama and Season 3 hasn’t even started, y’all.

Thursday night Thomas, 53, aired his dirty laundry in public, tweeting that once again Kathryn C. Dennis, 24, wouldn’t let him see his kids. “It’s been five weeks and Kathryn Dennis will still not allow me to see my children. They are suffering terribly. It breaks my heart,” Thomas tweeted and hours later deleted.

Thomas Ravenel tweets Kathryn-Southern Charm

Ever since these two met it’s been drama, drama, drama. They love each other. They hate each other. They’re moving in together. They’re moving away from each other. Thomas and Kathryn’s relationship has a drink-throwing mentality with zero stability.Unfortunately the often turbulent relationship between two consenting adults now involves two beautiful children, Kensington, 2, and St. Julien, 4-months.

Sugar booger is going to be TWO tomorrow!!!!🙈

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Little Man loves his hands! #4months #momlife

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A few weeks ago, Thomas, was interviewed by the Charleston City Paper. He said,

“I can only see my kids four days per month, and she makes all this fuss just because I put up a picture on Instagram.” Thomas explained, “It all started because someone sent her a picture of me and some girl in D.C. So I’m just not going to post any pictures.”

And let’s not forget the T-Rav incident last August in Florida that All About the Tea reported exclusively about the woman willing to do anything to break into reality television. After Thomas flew into town and picked up the woman, her boyfriend staked out the hotel Thomas had booked and was waiting for them when they arrived. Chaos ensued, as it usually does with Thomas.

Kathryn recently accused Thomas of not paying child support. Thomas defended his position to the paper.

“I don’t have to pay anything, but I’m paying $3,100 a month.” He added, “You have to mention the state law. If you’re not married, the woman could be Godzilla; I could be Jesus Christ. Godzilla calls all the shots. That’s the way it is. If we were married, I’d have control.”

Lord help him. Currently, Thomas would like a 50/50 custody split, but his attorneys have been unsuccessful in setting up mediation with Kathryn. According to Thomas, she’s on her third lawyer.

So far, there hasn’t been a Twitter response from Kathryn, but she did post pictures of herself and fellow Southern Charm castmates at a launch party for Gentry Bourbon on Wednesday night. Noticeably absent from any of the pictures is T-Rav.

Safe to say, this latest round of co-parenting drama between Thomas and Kathryn show no signs of cooling down anytime soon. And there’s a lot of drama to go around for the entire cast this season. Check out the season 3 trailer below to see why Sudler-Smith’s alpha mom Patricia Altschul proclaims, “It’s the end of Western civilization.”

Southern Charm‘s third season premieres April 4 at 9 pm ET on Bravo.


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  • Elizabeth Fisher

    YAY – I love this show!

    • Happy Friday, Elizabeth! 🙂

      • Elizabeth Fisher

        Happy Friday backatcha Seuss!

        • April showers bring May flowers.🌷🌼🌷🌼

  • This is my favorite show. When it first premiered, it was hard for me to get into but after catching up on previous seasons, I grew to love it dearly. One of my favs on Bravo.

    Thomas and Kathryn are both nuts!!

    • darknight

      Me too! I love seeing the gorgeous arquitectural houses. I love the way everyone dresses, it’s classic and timeless. The way they talk makes me swoon, it’s so articulate and the shade is always magnifique. It’s just classy as fuck on the outside, but still a little trashy on the downlow.

      • EXACTLY! You so get it. I also like that they drink mint juleps and Patricia is my FAVORITE!

        • darknight

          Patricia is the best. Love her.

      • UndergroundExpress

        The city of Charleston is beautiful. Love the architecture, food and the way people dress

      • equinox2009

        Yes! ITA. I do like to watch this show. Much different than any housewife show, the SUR/Pump 30+ year olds, and all the other Bravo shows. I do like Below Deck also

  • girlie1

    Did anyone ever think that these 2 would work out? Seriously?

  • Jennymckitty

    Katherine and Thomas are perpetually 16. I had some hope that Katherine would grow up, but that hope has died. It’s sad that there are two children in the middle of this mess,

    • Hey Jenny. You know I never liked Kathryn and gave Thomas the benefit of the doubt but now I think they’re both sleazy.

      • Jennymckitty

        I gave Katherine the benefit of the doubt season 2 simply because of her age. I felt Thomas was old enough and had way more life experience. He should have had enough sense to stay away from Katherine if he didn’t think he could be committed to her. He had been around the block quite a few times. He should have had enough street smarts to know that a pregnancy was inevitable. It sounded like they both thought this would be a good idea and actually discussed how it would work. I was pretty disgusted with his behavior both on and off the show…how childish he was on social media. Katherine lost me when she elected to have a second child with him. By this point she should know that Thomas isn’t going to give her what she wants. She should also realize that she isn’t emotionally mature enough to handle two kids. Last season, she still wanted to party like a co-Ed.

  • equinox2009

    Having already experienced having one child with Thomas, why would Kathryn even think of not using birth control when sleeping with this fool! Grow up, Kathryn-he is a sex addict not husband or father material

    • And not to mention, Thomas picks up random women on the internet. Prostitutes also. GROSS!

      • Bryan

        No smart Judge is going to award that old drunk 50 percent custody LOL

        • Hey Bryan! Not one of them is fit to care for their kids. They’re both drunk slores.

          • Bryan

            Hello, No argument there!!!

    • sideof Sour Cream


    • pococolo

      These two have given TWO children a life of war between their parents. Despicable. Kathryn, at least, is young. Ravenel has NO excuse. He’s just demented.

  • Bryan

    What IS the red headed concubine wearing !?!?!?!? LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • BigBrothersMother

      I would love to hear Patricia’s take on that. LOL!

      • aemish

        Hell, Patricia may have been the one to shoot it dead with her pink pistol! :p

        • BigBrothersMother

          OMG! How could I forget about the pink pistol? I LOVE Patricia. Her snark is in a league of its own.

      • Bryan

        I love her, she is the main reason why I watch this show!, regardless of her dork son!

        • Nana to 3

          I do too! Love, Love, Love Patricia!

          I bet the reunion is taped at her house this year so she will attend. Hope so anyway!!

          • Bryan

            Or at least someplace nice in Charleston, its a nice town!

  • Mags

    Yes…..my favorite show is back!

  • RonnieRIB

    Rich people still have baby momma problems lol

    On that photo Kathryn looks like Alicia Keys…..

    • BigBrothersMother

      When T-Rav and Kathryn start drinking it seems like a switch goes off and bad things happen. Two hillbillies as far as I’m concerned.

  • aemish

    Was T-Rav’s tweet about carrying the show so people could get a paycheck a reference to that greaseball.. what’s-his-name, Patricia’s son?

    • BigBrothersMother

      He referred to both, mommy and daddy, so I’m not sure. We never hear about Whitney’s daddy.

      • erb123

        i think he’s out of the picture. maybe passed. patrica’s money came from whitneys step father

  • Nana to 3

    Children, as in plural OMG what an idiot to have a second child w the drama queen

    • Nana to 3

      And I am speaking of the both of them to clarify.

  • Mags

    I think Whitney would have given up on this show, but he’s mother loves it so much. He said it gave his mom new meaning. It also got her on Twitter, which she also loves. I love the entire cast!

  • Madge

    Kathryn and TRav are the Southern equivalent of Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen.

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  • pococolo

    Here’s a guy who couldn’t say “no” and, thus, has condemned TWO children to perpetual war between their parents. What a waste of space. If he wanted to live with his kids, he should have found a woman he wanted to be with and married her.

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