‘RHOA’ Casting Rumors: Kim Fields Fired & Stacey Dash Hired

Posted on Mar 20 2016 - 2:41pm by Norrth Cafe

Stacey Dash and Kim Fields_RHOA

Before you read this blog, I need you to do several small, but necessary, things for me. 1) Remove all of the sharp objects from the room, 2) make sure your children are out of listening range. And 3) sit down. I do NOT want to be responsible for the emotional damage the words you’re about to spew may cause. 

It has been clear for some time that The Real Housewives of Atlanta branch of the franchise has needed a shake up. As reportedPorsha William’s “play brother” made it clear that Kim Fields has already received a Bravo pink slip after one season, maybe the most quickly issued pink slip in the network’s history. My guess is that producers felt that Fields spent too much time boring the pants off of the fans, and wagging her finger at the cast, rather than giving us insight into who she is as a person. I won’t miss Tootie and think she is better served by other vehicles, anyway.  

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Reportedly, Stacey Dash is in negotiations with Bravo to join the cast of RHOA. According to MediaTakeOut, details are still being hashed out, but allegedly, Dash is demanding a huge paycheck. Her demands may force the rest of the cast to take a pay cut, in order to free up some Bravo cash. We have been told that Stacey might be worth up to $2 million to Bravo—which would make her the highest paid Housewife to date. No deal has been finalized yet—so stay tuned!

If you sat down like I told you to, you wouldn’t have hit the floor so hard, people! Which Stacey Dash could they be talking about? Could there be more than one? SURELY not the Stacey Dash who joined the cast of “Single Ladies,” the same Stacey Dash who has been embraced by African-American writers, directors, and producers when it seemed as if almost no one else in Hollywood was checking for her. Not the Stacey Dash who then trashed African-Americans as isolationists! Surely she wouldn’t be returning to another show with a predominantly black cast, would she?!

If the rumor is accurate, how will Kenya Moore, Kandi Burruss, NeNe Leakes, and Cynthia Bailey respond to working with Dash, whose biggest claim to fame is, arguably, her public trashing of the acknowledgement of African-American contributions to American society.

Would Stacey Dash make a good or bad addition to the RHOA cast? Tell us what you think.


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  • Anne Mckinney-page

    You forgot to mention her Media Whoredom that is her pundit job at Fox News. And how she said there was no need for a Black HIstory Month…. or a BET. She is vile… and will be the final death knell for this show.

    • She’s trash pure and simple.

      • foxy in the VAULT 💩🐛🍋🍈🚿🔑🛌🏃😩


  • Dave

    Stacey would be a bundle of fun. A barrel of laughs. RHOA needs some shaking up.

  • RealitytvJunkie

    Andy has denied this but he’s a liar. Stacey is very outspoken and racist against her own people. Her and Nene could be BFFs. This should be interesting.

  • ScrappieONE

    They need to can Porsha, maybe she can join the crew over at Love & Hip Hop where she’ll fit in better. SMDH

    • chacha1

      Porsha and Phaedra are like the Lucy and Ethel of Atlanta

      • Shelly Jones


  • darknight

    So now, according to Stacy, it’s Obama’s fault that there aren’t many minority roles in Hollywood? Christ on a cracker! How did she not break her neck reaching to such conclusions?

    I haven’t watched this season, and would be even less likely to watch if this crazy bitch is cast.

  • EP

    This should send Kenyuck into meltdown mode, I can hardly wait.

  • Thank God I got my computer fixed so I can post on this site again. #1. I barely watch RHOA now, but if they add Stacey Self Hatred Dash to this show, then I’ll be dashing … dashing away from Bravo. I can’t stand that heffa.

    • foxy in the VAULT 💩🐛🍋🍈🚿🔑🛌🏃😩

      She’s virtually unemployable so she’s perfect for Bravo!

      • Put her on LHHATL. She’d fit right in with the rest of those flightless birds lol

        • foxy in the VAULT 💩🐛🍋🍈🚿🔑🛌🏃😩

          They were tear her ass to shreds! I’d actually watch that show for the first time!

      • Shelly Jones


    • chacha1

      Bravo is stuck on finding these tools in the dumpster or if they are criminals …..

      • Right. It’s the first thing they look for when casting. A previous criminal record, conviction, or a pretty good chance they’ll end up with one. SMH.

  • foxy in the VAULT 💩🐛🍋🍈🚿🔑🛌🏃😩

    Not this bitch. Well, actually, she belongs on this show with the rest of the crazies. Either this idiot or Raven Symone. LOL enjoy the ratchet, ATL fans!

    • Chloe

      Raven Simone is the racist version of Kim Fields. Homely, broke and boring.

      • foxy in the VAULT 💩🐛🍋🍈🚿🔑🛌🏃😩

        LOL exactly!

  • mared

    Is she a HOUSEWIFE???? If title is HOUSEWIFE…hire Housewives not single ladies. And I definitely won’t be watching anymore with her on.. She is worse than Kenya

    • chacha1


  • Mrs.K

    I do hope they get Stacey. She has an opinion and is not afraid to say it. Some of those ladies need a good kick up the behind since Nene has gone all wholesome suddenly. Kim was a lovely lady but did not fit in with the show at all…it was quite hilarious to watch her on the yacht with her water and reading book earlier in the season.

  • BigBrothersMother

    This would be hilarious! Admittedly, I have not watch RHoA in quite some time, but the reaction of these women to Stacey would be entertaining.

  • Jennymckitty

    Everyone else in the cast that has a brain (maybe someone can clue Porsha in) will band together. It maybe more harmonious. I can’t imagine anyone stupid enough to side with her. She will make an easy villain .

  • Susan Thorne Zavagli

    Kim F was boring…this wasn’t a show centered around family…..she was too good for that group of idiots…..she has a family and a career stick to that….she’ll be on DWTS so the show propelled her career….and nitwit Porcha is on Celeb Apprentice

    • Wimbledonwoman

      I still crack up when I think about Porcha asking questions about the underground railway ..

  • Chloe

    In the words of Gizelle from RHOP “The white people don’t like you!” …have a seat wannabee Stacey.

  • CNN

    Please don’t spoil International Day of Happiness with this crazy lady.

  • foxy in the VAULT 💩🐛🍋🍈🚿🔑🛌🏃😩

    This lady is aging badly, looking at her skin, too. She could use the dreaded botox.

  • Twirl On Them Haters

    Stacey Dash does not represent Black women. She has repeatedly spoke out against her race to gain popularity. She is a modern day Chicken George. I hope these are just rumors. We already have enough stereotyping on rhoa to deal with. Don’t add insult to injury. Bravo knows their highest paid show consist of African American women. Rhoa women need to band together and demand a change for the better.Stop letting Andy Doody run this ship into the ground. Boss up ladies….

    • teri keller

      Lol andy doody lol

      • Twirl On Them Haters

        Yep, Andy Doody 👦 😁😁.

    • Kim’s Lazy Eye

      I can’t even imagine what a disaster this would be especially with all the racial remarks happening on RHOP right now (I’m looking at you, Gizzelle…)

  • Maezeppa

    I appreciate the warning. If it happens… I’m out.

  • Darris

    She’s obviously not joining the show…also mediatakeout is literally the land of false made up stories.

  • cassieM2000

    You definitely can’t believe this site, but Kim should leave, she is too big for this little crazy housewives full of wannabes. Nene is well known now and Porsha because of Dish nation, the other people are not known, not even that washed up beauty queen.

  • Why is this happening to us?

    Why would anyone think this woman is worth $2 million to Bravo? Lol
    Nene was the highest paid at $1 million and I think Bethenny was somewhere around there too. I really doubt they would pay a newbie that kind of money before even seeing how she would be on the show.

    • Wimbledonwoman

      Who is she . I have never heard of her ?

      • Why is this happening to us?

        I don’t know either! Lol
        I have no idea! I have never heard of her before- by reading this, I’m gathering that she is a news correspondent for FOX News?

        • Elizabeth Fisher

          She has a great show called “Outnumbered” on Fox. I can’t see her giving up that gig to film with these ratchet women.

          • Why is this happening to us?

            She would be foolish to do that. I don’t think anyone would take her seriously on FOX if she became a HW.

          • UndergroundExpress

            I remember her from these older movies like “Moving” with Richard Pryor, “Mo Money” with the Wayans brother and “Clueless”

          • Why is this happening to us?

            I only remember her from Clueless. I didn’t realize it was her until someone mentioned it. Wow…she’s come a long way from her Clueless days! Lol

        • Wimbledonwoman

          Oh thankyou for that . I will look her up

    • Sunflower

      They’re saying it – $2 million – to start ruffling Nene’s feathers.
      What will Stacey Dash bring into the RHOA mix??? She’s married and divorced three times. She’s walking around with that BRONX CHIP ON her shoulder…

      I am as clueless … as her movie “Clueless” as to WHY they would hire Stacey Dash for RHOA…


      • Why is this happening to us?

        I’m clueless too! Lol

      • Kim’s Lazy Eye

        Bravo will pay top dollar for big names. I remember when Eileen Davidson joined she got a starting salary of $700k for RHOBH. Pretty good chunk of change for a newbie.

    • rasta

      I think she demands $2mil because Obamacare won’t cover her for damages she may incurr showing up on set. I doubt Bravo will cover it either. She already states that she will sue if offended so why in hell would she try to include her biased idiot ideals and whatever else she could possibly invent as a storyline for this show? Could it be that men of her chosen persuasion prefer a less burnt up and burnt out more youthful version? Shouldn’t she be a better fit on Potomac? Oh, I forgot, she can’t own pretentiousness on that show cuz Katy and Karen wear those crowns, not withstanding Jezell would give her a much needed come to black Jeezus moment. FUX news doesn’t even want her. She was even ignored with that pathetic appearance on the oscars in that ill fittng dress and saggy boobage. She’d fare better trying out for Naked and Afraid. The snakes and crocs wouldn’t touch her.

      • Why is this happening to us?

        She sounds like she would fit in more with the ladies in Potomac than ATL, but she would be a perfect fit for Naked & Afraid like you mentioned! Lmao
        I don’t really know anything about her, other than seeing her on Clueless- I had no idea she was so controversial.

  • 📉 Snarky in Hoboken📈

    Hmmm…looks like Dina Manzo to me.


    • Wimbledonwoman

      Omg the spitting image

      • aemish

        It’s almost like Zolciak and Sheree!

        • Wimbledonwoman

          Aye?? Not getting that one !

    • Wimbledonwoman

      ..and unrelated but what about Caitlin Jenner and cindy Crawford?

  • Elizabeth Fisher

    I don’t see Stacey Dash joining these ratchet women on the ATL. She has a pretty good gig going with Outnumbered (which I believe is in NYC).

  • Bobbi

    That would put an end to this show for sre. Bravo can get it twisted if they want to.

  • UndergroundExpress

    I don’t know about Stacy Dash joining but Kim Fields confirmed that she was not returning on the Ricky Smiley morning show today

    • Bobbi

      Good news. Besides, I’m sure one closet cleaning was enough for those two.

      • Wimbledonwoman

        So may I ask is there a general consensus that the rumours are true ?

        • Bobbi

          I’d hate to be presumptuous about a general consensus but, there are many who believe it, as the rumor has been out there long before RHOA and it never went away. Kim’s husband was “very active” on his and his wife’s social media during the season, getting into knock down drag outs with the female and male viewers. However, when someone threatened to out him, over a particularly offensive post he not only refused to address the threat but immediately offered another name as the recipient of that post. Big red flag, imo after so many other things that gave him away during the season. I’m going on my own gut, but the fact that it the rumor is out there just supports my feelings.

          • Wimbledonwoman

            Wow, thankyou so much for the background info, I need to rematch the season ( not yet I find I am exhausted at the end of each season ) and also read up. I love that you all know so much , it adds so much to my enjoyment . No one I know here watches it so I am on my own . My friends think it’s v amusing that I am so into these USA RT shows and that I post on here but it is my secret pleasure x

          • Bobbi

            You’re welcome Ww. I hear ya, lol. It is my guilty pleasure as well. Up until a bit ago, no one I knew watched it either. I consider it my Sunday night football game. Lol. I keep up with the “stats” and the “score” via social media etc. It’s fun when you find a buddy or two or three to post with. Lol They can fill you in on things you may miss or not know about.

  • Atlanta Girl

    These women are an embarrassment to Atlanta, especially since none like in Atlanta.

  • Winnie McGoogin

    Stacy Dash is hated in the black community. Not only because she’s the idiot fox news hired to trash the black community but because she supports the hate towards the gay community. Now throw her into this group of women and add a side of pissed off gay stylists, makeup and hair besties and watch her get eaten alive.

    • Kim’s Lazy Eye

      Actually, that might be entertaining. “Throw me to the gay wolves, and I will have shitty hair, makeup, and skin all season.”