EXCLUSIVE: ‘Mob Wives’ Newbie Brittany Fogarty Opens Up About Season 6 & Her Family Mob Ties!

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Brittany Fogarty, 24, is the newest edition to VH1’s “Mob Wives,” season six. Fogarty is a fashion model, who has walked in both New York and LA Fashion Weeks but don’t let this hot blonde bombshell fool you, she’s got mob flowing through her veins.

The leggy blonde makes her debut tonight as the youngest cast member to land a leading role on the VH1’s hit reality series and this spitfire is bringing it!

Brittany Fogarty took time out of her busy schedule to speak with All About the Tea exclusively about the show’s premiere, what we can expect from her this season and her family’s mob ties.

AATT: How did you become involved in MobWives?

“My family is from that lifestyle. My Mom was born and raised in it and my father was involved as well. My dad served 8-years in prison and I was pulled into the show because of my family history and connections to that lifestyle.”

Fogarty’s father, John Fogarty, served time in Arizona alongside Gambino crime boss Sammy “the Bull” Gravano.

AATT: Do you live in Staten Island?

“I actually was living in LA and then moved back to my family in Pennsylvania. I moved back to Pennsylvania to be closer to my family and I go back and forth between Staten Island. I’m currently looking for a spot in New York right now.”

AATT: You don’t have the typical “Staten Island” look or accent.

“I don’t have the accent because I grew up in Pennsylvania. I was raised there. My family relocated to Pennsylvania before I was two-years old. My mom comes from one of ten children — a big Italian family. I was raised in Pennsylvania but I spent my summers in Staten Island.”

AATT: Were you friends with the ladies prior to joining the show?

“No, I wasn’t. There’s such a huge age gap between us. I’m turning 25 this week and you know the women on the show are a lot older. So I hadn’t had any personal relationships with any of them prior to filming but there were past relationships with some of the cast members and my family.”

“Growing up, Ang was really close with a bunch of my aunts and they all grew up together. Karen’s father, Sammy and my father, spent years in prison together so they were very close. So I didn’t know any of the women personally but they knew my family members or had connections with people in my family.”

AATT: How did you adjust to having cameras around?

“I’m comfortable in front of cameras because I model, so it wasn’t too hard for me. My mom has been doing TV and interviews for years. She wrote a book when I was a child so I always went with her to all of her interviews. She’s done Joy Behar, The View, 60 minutes so I was around all these interviews. They would always ask me a couple of questions so it wasn’t totally foreign to me to be in front of cameras. I kind of went into it with the mindset of I’m just going to be who I am, because the cameras are going to be around for six months. It was talking about my family and my personal life that I had to get used to.”

Brittany’s mother, Andrea Giovino, has been called the “real-life Carmela Soprano,” and she penned the 2004 tell-all “Divorced From the Mob.” She writes of washing blood stains from her husband’s clothes and hiding his guns from her young kids. Brittany has three older brothers. 

AATT: Did you and your co-star, Marissa Jade got into a brawl during filming?

“I’m not going to deny that happened but I think when you’re in a situation where it’s a reality show, there’s a lot of drama. I think people try to stir things up for their own motives and we all have a little bit of aggression in our personalities based on where we come from. And if you’re gonna talk about me or talk about my family, you’re not going to like my reaction.”

AATT: Did you become close to anyone on the cast?

“Drita and Ang. I really love them both. I think Ang has a very positive fun-loving way about her. She doesn’t want to deal with any of the bullshit and I really like that about her. I’m not a dramatic person. I’m very easy to get along with but I’m also not going to take sh*t from people. I feel Drita is similar in that sense. If you meet Drita, she’s like the sweetest person but when people talk about her or her family, she turns into a monster.”

AATT: Your thoughts on Karen, Carla and Renee’?

“You have to see how our relationship [with Karen] unfold given that we have history between our fathers. I went into this with an open mindset. Before I started filming the show, I only watched the first season and made the decision not to watch previous seasons because I didn’t want to go in with preconceived opinions. I wanted to give everybody an opportunity to just meet them. See who they were, see if I like them and see if we click. I gave everybody the same opportunities, so if you see me not getting along with someone, it’s usually because something was done for me to respond that way.”

There’s no doubt Fogarty is a firecracker and is going to bring a new flavor to the show. “Mob Wives: The Last Stand” premiers tonight (Wed, Jan 13) on VH1. 


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