Shocking! ‘Love & Hip Hop New York’ Tara Wallace is Pregnant With Peter Gunz Baby! Watch Season 6 Preview [VIDEO]

Posted on Dec 11 2015 - 10:41am by Alison


Another baby coming for Peter Gunz and Tara Wallace? According to a new report, The Love & Hip Hop New York ex-couple is expecting a baby!!

According to Fameolous, Tara is now 6-months pregnant! Of course, viewers will see the never-ending love triangle play out on the upcoming season 6, premiering on Monday (Dec 6). Below is an exclusive pic of Tara’s 6-month baby bump. 

Tara Wallace preggers_LHHNY

Just to recap, last season Peter pretended tried to be faithful to his side chick wife Amina but apparently being faithful isn’t in Peter’s vocabulary. Amina and Peter have a one-year-old baby girl, so this newest pregnancy is bound to complicate things. Get ready for the claws to come out!

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In an exclusive preview of the new season, Tara and Amina go for the jugular over Peter! The EPIC battle for the walking STD Peter’s love will play out for the VH1 cameras. Come on ladies, is Peter worth all this stress?

Tara has been posting selfies on Instagram (hiding her baby bump) and has not confirmed or denied her pregnancy.

Amina is also hinting there might be trouble in Pankey Paradise on social media. She posted stuff about “fake people,” and being pretty doesn’t keep a man. Being a good woman keeps a man. She also posted a photo of Peter and herself with the caption,

“When u love your man no matter what and people hate u cause of it and say ugly things about u but you don’t care cause u know he loves u.. You might be special like me.”

Congratulations Peter and Tara! I’m now taking bets on how long it’ll take for Peter to jump back into Amina’s bed.

Take a peek at the first 7-minutes of Love & Hip Hop New York Season 6. The new season premieres Monday at 8|7C on VH1. Don’t miss recaps on All About the Tea.


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  • WaWaWaWHAT!

    Lord have mercy…but somehow I’m not surprised 😕

    • Lord have mercy sums it up! What in the world??

      • RonnieRIB

        Tara has always been dumb and desperate….was with his azz for 12 years and he still married someone else.

        • Yep! And she tries to act like she’s so intelligent and can teach young girls lessons. Smh!

          • Why is this happening to us?

            Oh please! Lol. She is the last one who should be giving anyone etiquette lessons! I wonder if she has a chapter on stealing someone else’s man?

          • Bwahahahaha! Would not surprise me if she got preggers on purpose just to hurt Amina.

          • Why is this happening to us?

            I was thinking that myself. She thinks she “won”! Lmao

  • I’m speechless! Alison, you summed Peter up perfectly…a walking STD he certainty is. What in God’s name does this man have that they all want because I can’t see it.

    • RonnieRIB

      IKR? He is hella fugly, had one monster hit back in the 90s and has aged horribly…even if the “D” is long and strong I would replace it with a toy and keep it pushing..he is horrible and treats all his baby mammas (and he has a few) like crap. He looks like his breath stinks from all that brown liquor…

      • Why is this happening to us?

        8 kids by 6 women. Soon to be 9 kids…smh

      • URRT~princess of pinot


      • ROFLMAO!!! Luv you Ronnie! 🙂

    • Why is this happening to us?

      He’s a damn loser and they are fighting over him like he is some kind of prize!

      • Makes you wonder…. what is this man packing that drives the women to him??

        • Why is this happening to us?

          I have no idea! But I wouldn’t want someone with that kind of baggage! But then again, Tara is already stuck with him because they have 2 other kids together.

  • RonnieRIB

    I will definitely NOT congratulate Tara’s dumb azz and Peter the Frog…Tara was a side chick for years so Amina was her Karma…he even MARRIED Amina after Tara had two of his kids on the side…

    I hope Tara gets what she deserves..Amina deserves so much more and better..gurl run back to Germany and let this low selfesteem heifa Tara have his broke azz..

    • Why is this happening to us?

      I agree. Amina needs to run far far away from his messy ass!

    • Abby_Wabby

      Amina is too pressed for Peter to leave….someone once said to me you lose all leverage in a negotiation IF at some point you are unwilling to walk….

  • Why is this happening to us?

    Disgusting bunch of low lives.
    This man has like 8 kids that he can’t support, he thought it was a good idea to have another one?!
    And wtf is wrong with Tara? Smh.
    The other day I was watching LHH- Yandy & Mendeecees wedding special, which I never got to see when it first aired. I noticed Tara & Peter attended the wedding as a couple and Amina was not there. Now it all makes sense! That was taped live this past Memorial Day. These people are out of their damn minds!

    • I feel so sorry for his kids. Not the stupid mothers tho. They need to be sterilized.

      • Why is this happening to us?

        HE needs to be sterilized! Why the F didn’t he get a damn vasectomy by now? And they don’t know how to use birth control? I have to wonder if this was planned.

        • URRT~princess of pinot

          Preach! What happened to Eight is enough

          • Why is this happening to us?

            After the 4th or 5th, he should have gotten himself “fixed.” He is a dog after all! Lol

    • hanne debre

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  • Trippinhhard

    The women are all crazy, Peter is nothing to fight over.. Didn’t Yandys man bought her a house or was that just for show.. I don’t get it educated women with thugs.. SMDH

    • Abby_Wabby

      Hear Hear

      • Trippinhhard

        IKR never was interested in a man, where I don’t know how he earning his money..

  • Abby_Wabby

    They are both idiots….Tara and Amina with Tara being the bigger fool….that’s ALL I got

    • Bad Barbie

      Funny thing is Amina is the real fool cause she is married to brokeass Peter. If Peter can’t pay his child support they can actually garnish her check in NYS. Tara already had 2 kids with him and Amina knew they were together but she had no problem being with him. Her is the new Tara. #karma

      • Trippinhhard

        She needs that green card badly.. She will leave this walking STD.. what is wrong with women these days, no respect for their self and child… He’s not supporting them now..

        • intelligenceisbeauty

          Actually she doesn’t need to be married to him, she has his baby that was born right here in the US

          • Trippinhhard

            Ok then she needs to stop eating shit with a shovel..

          • intelligenceisbeauty

            I agree. I would stay in a situation like that. No way.

          • shortee

            Amina had that baby thinking Peter would leave Tara,s ass alone. She didn’t even want him around his 2 sons with Tara. She just wanted him to focus on her and her child. The kids have nothing to do with what mistakes us Adults make, so people need to know, …… no matter how good that ass is.,,,,,,, is it worth the pain it brings to a child wondering if daddy loves me any more? Why is someone else having my sister, and not mommy? Hell no ! Amina fucked up, she knew what she was doing was wrong ! She knew they were together, and still kept fuckin with him. So now more children 2 go through the drama, of being reckless with ones actions!

          • intelligenceisbeauty

            You can be with someone for 20 years……no marriage, its just time spent with someone that means nothing. He doesn’t owe Tara nothing except to be there for his kids and help raise them. When he married Amina that should have ended the extra contact. Peter and Tara played games for many years. Amina was just one of the many. Amina was just the one the game changed with. Part of what is wrong today is the world doesn’t respect other people marriage because the people in it don’t either. I wish someone would try me and mines like that, they would be disappointed coming from 2 ends.

      • crysteena cruze

        Again am in a did not know they were together she just knew he had to kids with her but according to Peter he wasn’t with Tara its sad .

      • shortee

        Karma is a bitch! If he was not faithful to Tara what the hell
        made her feel like he would be to her? They both are being played . And they are both very beautiful women .

  • Bad Barbie

    Well.. you do lose them the way you got them. Amina had no problem marrying Peter, knowing that he had a lady and 2 kids he lived with. There you have it. Does it with you, does it to you!

    Tara is an idiot though.

    • Exactly!

      Hey boo! 🙂

    • shortee

      No disrespect. Tara will and could never be nobody’s idiot!
      Remember that Amina was sleeping with her man, went behind her back, and married him, thinking that he was going
      to leave her and her/peters children alone, and focus on
      her and her child. So whose looking like the idiot now?
      Amina! For thinking peter would never be with Tara again.
      Play pussy,, get fucked ! Amina fucked herself, thinking
      she won this man over.

      • Bad Barbie


      • Mrs.J

        Both of them are dumb.All of them including Peter.Tara is the biggest dummy though because when she got with him he already had like 5 kids with multiple women and didn’t marry any of them.I believe he was also in a relationship.She should of ran for the hills but instead she sat on it.

        • shortee

          Ok.,..I get that, but Tara mentioned the fact that she found out about the other woman, when Amina tried bringing that up when they were arguing in her apartment, that she found out when carrying her child, that he was in a relationship with someone else. But there it is, The relationship was having major problems, so it seems like what he does, is move on, without telling who he is with, that he had. Amina knew that Peter and Tara, whether problems were occurring in their life or not, were a couple, but her conniving ass still set it off with him, while smiling in Tara, s face . And let’s not forget that Amina had a man too!

  • equinox2009

    The only thing I can come up with when it comes to Tara and Amina is lack of self respect! This man has 8 children, one more coming. How will he support, does he support now? The fact of 8 children alone should be reason enough to avoid this man It’s not like he has any money or make any money! Tara got pregnant on purpose to push Amina out and Amina already has a child and a marriage certificate and that is making Tara crazy.

  • nn

    What a mess. I really wanted Tara to win. A new child with Gunz makes that more difficult and in so many ways.

  • Wait, Tara and Amina live in the same building? Messy!!!

  • crysteena cruze

    This is sad amina did not know about him still being with Tara .Tara looks real crazy having this baby by peter amina needs to move on she truly doesn’t deserve this she looks crazii right now that bum ass nigga ain’t worth it.smh # team amina # you can do way better Tara is a bird no self respect.

    • johanna

      Peter is a sorry ass excuse charity case for a man!! Anima you are too beautiful n a talented woman. Wake up sweety ur soooo special n God is with you.. Leave Peter alone and move on for better. Do it for ur daughter she should be your strength n ur everything.. Don’t let this less if a man do this to you.. You have a baby girl make her proud and look up to you so when she gets older she would never settle for a man like Peter. You wouldn’t want ur daughter to repeat the same cycle cause it hurt.. When I watch the show it hurts me as a woman to see you allowing this man played you n dogged you like he does. Come on Amina don’t let noone take ur self esteem. STOP looking desperate like Tara. Tara is used to peters behavior and shes not going no where… You are beautiful, intelligent, stop making ur self look like a fool, you dont need noones left overs.. Get out off this triangle and let it go…before is to late… Its gonna hurt you but i guarantee you that if you put God first he would take the man away from you n you would see better… You can do it God gave you ur talent n blessed you with a baby girl that should make you stronger than Ever girl!!

      • MariaBaja

        Very nice and true!

    • shortee

      Amina knew they were together, and Tara aint never looked crazy. The bitch that fucked her man behind her back, and smiled in her face looks crazy. And Peter needs to stop playing with both these women, actually, they both need to get it together, know that you need no man to bring you to the extent that they are at, and move the fuck on. Peter needs to grow up, and kill the noise, messing with the emotions of both these women, is unhealthy, for not just them, but the kids too. Oh and by the way Tara is nobody’s bird, and has more respect for herself than you could ever know! Know we gonna chirp on that!

      • shortee


  • justatwist

    Peter gunz needs to get his gun fixed! This man is no prize he don’t got no money & two dumb woman keep having children by him! Geez, ladies you both act like he is the only man in the world open your eyes they is all kinds of dicks in the world!

  • MariaBaja

    The women deserve what they get with Peter…….the kids don`t!!!

    • shortee

      Damn straight on that! Now that’s what um talking about ! The kids are going to have a tough time with trying to bond, because Amina said, I felt weird when Tara was holding my child .stop acting like she done something wrong to you, you did her ass dirty. Do people not understand that she smiled in this woman’s face, but was settin it off with Peter, every chance she got ! It would have never been me, I would’ve brought down the fuckin house! Just because you acted like you were just trying to get your music off the ground, but was really hittin on Peter ! Foul shit!

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  • Opinions Count

    If Tara is pregnant, hopefully, she doesn’t think that her pregnancy is going to change Peter’s cheating ways.

    Tara knows that Peter was cheating on her before Amina, and he will continue to cheat after Amina.

    I think I read an article stating that Peter already has eight children. How is adding more children into the middle of his disastrous life, going to change everybody’s life for the better?

  • Amber

    Well well……. One thing I will never understand is how adult women believe that another woman actually has the power to “steal” a man…..??? Huh..? By using the term “man”… I’m assuming that the man would be a full grown adult, who has a brain and can make decisions about what he will or will not do. So… If an adult male is involved in a committed romantic relationship and then still chooses to deal with other individuals outside of or “on the side” of a current relationship, than its probably safe to say that the other woman didn’t steal him, he simply chose to be nasty and mess with all kinds of people… At the same time!

    Rather then pick sides and say who is better or who is prettier between Amina and Tara, I personally believe that they are both unique and special in their own ways. Neither should continue to subject themselves to Peter Gunz. He is literally ruining their lives and sitting back enjoying all of it. He doesn’t love one more than the other, men like him make victims out of the women that are in their lives and view the offspring from said women as some kind of rewards …..

    I can recognize pain and struggle in both of them, there are issues within these women that likely involve abandonment, the obvious insecurities, and so much more and that is why I can’t negatively judge the two.

    And why isn’t anyone discussing how Peter may have low self esteem..? He is obviously insecure as well and that can explain why he is the way he is with women…..smh.

  • Sherri

    Wow! Tara talked all that BS about Peter…I thought her lame ass wasn’t dealing with him anymore??? She is no better than Peter because she knows that he is married but yet still sleeps with him. These are some bogus, insecure, weak, ass women period! Makes me very thankful for the mother and father I have.

    • Lanae1225


    • Shayla Jones

      You are so right about that one and I looked back at when Monique hosted the reunion, Peter Gunz told Monique that Tara knew he was with someone he was engaged to along with a baby so Monique quoted to Tara it was just her turn to reap what she sow. I know what goes around comes around but to be honest Peter wasn’t married to Tara and also he said at one time he wasn’t going to propose to Tara because he didn’t felt it was necessary so my thing is why is Tara so angry with Amina when Peter is will always be the problem and Amina was the solution for her to be done with him and move on so Amina can have her problems. To be honest he seems like he really cares for Amina and he said to Monique that Amina is the first that really cares about on the outside of him and Tara. I have nothing against Tara but this time she made the wrong move but she needs to seek counseling because she is going about it the wrong way and its going to drain her emotionally.

      • Sherri

        I couldn’t have said it any better Shayla.You are so right! It really disturbs me to see just how far Tara is willing to go. I believe she got pregnant on purpose which makes me feel very sorry for her children. Both of their parents are a hott mess and are very disfunctional. I am at a point to where I am so over watching black women degraded themselves on tv…..It’s embarrassing!

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  • norfolkgirl723

    I don’t care how you slice it, Tara is the bigest fool! If Peter wanted to marry her he had 13 years to do so but he married Amina instead. WHAT self-respecting woman would take his sorry behind back after THAT humiliation? And she talked about him like the dog that he is and then laid down with him AND actually BRAGGED that she would and could sit on him whenever she wanted. I don’t know that Amina knew Peter had a steady woman when she and he got together. Seems as though he was a loose cannon “petering” any and every body he could. I hope Amina gains some strength and a backbone and leaves Peter all-the-way-alone!

  • RealLifeShrink

    STD’s for all.

  • FulaniyiraSpeaks!

    Glad Amina aborted Peter’s baby.

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  • shortygrape

    They all stink! They are what I call “The Dirty Three”! No protection, most likely sleeping with both women in the same day, hours apart, if that and none of them bathe! All those juices flowing between the three- GROSS! I heard comments stating Peter had dirty feet, well, I bet his penis is dripping and these two dingbats will still give it to him- raw at that! They aren’t nothing but a bunch of BIG DUMMIES!